USA: Donald Trump signs decree against election influence

The US government is strengthening the ability of the secret services to act against foreign influence of elections. It is not just about Russia.

USA: Donald Trump signs decree against election influence

US President Donald Trump has signed a decree to increase his Government's ability to interfere with foreign interference in US elections. The secret services are refore stopped for a continuous examination. In addition, ir findings could henceforth be directly translated into sanctions within a given time frame. They should

It is not exclusively about Russia's interference, said Secret Service director Dan Coats. He cited countries like China, North Korea and Iran as furr examples. However, before interim elections for Senate and House of Representatives this autumn, overall intensity of foreign interference attempts was not established as before presidential election of 2016.

The new measures are "an important step by president," said national security adviser John Bolton. However, one is willing to talk about legal measures with Congress.

The US intelligence services were of opinion that Russia or Russian government had attempted to influence US elections 2016. Special investigator Robert Mueller has now accused several alleged Russian agents. He also investigates wher Trump's campaign camp was aware of interference attempts.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2018, 12:00

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