USA: Israel supports US exit from the Human Rights Council

The withdrawal of the United States from the UN panel is triggering criticism worldwide. Israel, on the other hand, commends the move: the Council is 34; anti-Israel and Feindelig 34; said Benjamin Netanyahu.

USA: Israel supports US exit from the Human Rights Council

Israel considers US exit from UN Human Rights Council to be right. This step is a "courageous decision against hypocrisy of so-called Human Rights Council," said Prime Minister Benajamin Netanyahu. The international organization has proven for years that it is "hostile and Antiisraeli".

Netanyahu also accused council of missing its actual tasks. "Instead of taking care of regimes that systematically violate human rights, UN Human Rights Council is obsessively concentrating on Israel," he said. The country is a true democracy in Middle East.

The government of President Donald Trump had previously announced withdrawal of United States from UN Human Rights Council. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley accused panel of hypocrisy and an anti-Israel stance. They described council as a "slurry of political bias".

Withdrawal hits world on criticism

However, criticism of US exit comes from United Nations. The work of Council plays a very important role in protection of human rights worldwide, un-gene real secretary Antonio Guterres shared in New York. UN Human Rights commissioner said Raad al-Hussein also described withdrawal of United States as "disappointing". Given current human rights situation around world, US should step up its commitment instead of going back, said al-Hussein.

Human Rights Watch described withdrawal as a "sad reflection of United States ' one-dimensional human rights policy", which is all about defending Israel against any criticism. In this way, United States has not only turned its back on United Nations, but has been sacrificing human rights violations worldwide.

The UN Human Rights Council is observing observance of human right. It has 47 member countries elected by UN General Assembly for three years each. Many of current members are criticized for human rights violations, including Venezuela, Burundi, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and China.

Date Of Update: 20 June 2018, 12:01

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