USA: Tens of thousands demonstrating against family separations at US border

In Washington, around 50,000 people have the motto 34; families belong Together 34; protested against Donald Trump. People also came together in other US cities.

USA: Tens of thousands demonstrating against family separations at US border

In US, tens of thousands of people have protested against Donald Trump's immigration policy. Under motto "Families Belong Toger", demonstrators, among which were also numerous politicians of opposition Democrats, mainly opposed separation of refugee families on US border.

The demonstrations started on US east Coast, and later people also wanted to protest on West Coast, Beispielsweisein Los Angeles. In Washington, about 50,000 people went to streets. There was also a major rally in Boston, where Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, among ors, spoke. She called for a new task description for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Police Department. Their officials were repeatedly noticed by inadmissible crackdown on migrants. Near White House, a small group of demonstrators, who supported White House policy, also came toger.

In recent weeks, border officials on sourn border of Mexico had separated families of refugees from South and Central America. More than 2,500 children had to be imprisoned in care facilities, ir parents because of illegal border crossing. The reunification of parents and children, which was forced in court, is sluggish.

The measures are part of Trump's asylum policy, with which US authorities want to hold back illegal immigrants on sourn border with Mexico. The US president had temporarily terminated practice — but only to imprison parents and children toger. However, according to a decree of 1997, it is not readily possible for children to be held toger with ir parents in order to keep families toger. A new immigration law last failed to resist opposition in Parliament.

Date Of Update: 01 July 2018, 12:01

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