USA: Trump returns family break to border

The US president has ordered that refugees and their children at the border with Mexico no longer be separated from each other. He signed a decree on this.

USA: Trump returns family break to border
2/16 The border guards finally find this group of women and children. They arrest migrants and bring m to a reception center. There you may be disconnected. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 3/16 A woman from Honduras keeps her girl in her arms while D He border Patrol checked ir papers. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 4/16 The girl cries when cops durchsu her mor and arrested. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 5/16 US President Donald Trump had a zero tolerance political K to unregistered immigrants. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 6/16 A migrant sits on a sugar cane field after di E Border police have arrested you. © John Moore/Getty Images 7/16 US Attorney General Jeff Sessions had decided that H Äusliche violence or clashes between gangs in home countries are no longer a sufficient reason for political asylum in United States. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 8/16 Despite Trump's zero tolerance policy continue to reach TA Usende migrants United States. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 9/16 The border police are calling for a group of migrants with Telamerika to give up your wedding rings and hair bands before you take m down. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 10/16 The Border Patrol takes a boy from Honduras and His far. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 11/16 Migrants in chains reach Federal Supreme Court in T Exanischen McAllen. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 12/16 In Chains people leave federal Court also Again. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 13/16 A migrant leaves authority responsible for immigration for Uständig. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 14/16 Wher you are allowed to stay in USA will only Hearings in court. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 15/16 The US government leaves many children of ir parents Tre Can. The parents come to prison, children are brought to ir homes or foster families. More than 11,000 children are currently in state custody. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images 16/16 after being dismissed by authorities, search for ESE people from Central America resort to a center of a Catholic charity. (copyright) John Moore/Getty Images

US President Donald Trump has ended controversial separation of illegally-found people from ir children at border with Mexico. He wanted to sign a temporary settlement. It should n be replaced by a law, president said. "We have to keep families toger", he founded end of separation of families when parents have to be arrested for illegal border crossing. At same time, he said that "zero tolerance policy" of criminal prosecution of illegally immigrated remains.

In recent weeks, border officials on sourn border of Mexico had separated families of refugees from South and Central America. About 2,300 children had to be detented according to ministry information in care facilities, ir parents. According to a decree of 1997, it is not readily possible to arrest children toger with ir parents, so that families stay toger. Several draft laws to change this have not yet found a parliamentary majority. A vote in House of Representatives is now scheduled for Thursday.

The Democrats blamed

The US president's zero tolerance policy against migrants from Mexico has turned family into a separate issue. The practice had triggered international criticism, most recently, Pope Francis had joined opinion of Catholic US Bishops ' conference that practice of US border authorities was inhumane and unacceptable.

Trump had so far blamed opposition Democrats for not having come to a legal settlement. "The Democrats are to blame," president still tweeted on Wednesday. However, Republican majority group could not establish a clear majority for a corresponding law.

Date Of Update: 21 June 2018, 12:02

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