Venezuela: Juan Manuel Santos denies attack plan on Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accused Colombia's head of state that he wanted to kill him. Juan Manuel Santos spoke of a crazy assertion.

Venezuela: Juan Manuel Santos denies attack plan on Maduro

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos has been involved in possible assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. "To President Maduro: do not worry," Twittered Santos. "I had more important things to do on Saturday. We baptized my granddaughter Celeste. "

Santos also said on a forum in Bogotá that accusations of Venezuelan head of state were "crazy". He is accused not only of "sticking with US intelligence service under a blanket", but also of Venezuelan right. "For God's sake," said Santos. On Tuesday he passes presidency on to extreme right politician Iván Duque, who accuses Maduro of being a dictator and wanting to make Venezuela a "second Cuba".

The Venezuelan government's statements that on Saturday, during a military parade, assassins attempted to carry out a strike with drones on Maduro, cannot be independently verified. Politicians and former military officials from Venezuela also expressed doubts about official presentation.

The state television broadcasted on Saturday moment when an explosion was heard, while Maduro held a speech. However, transmission was canceled after a bang was heard and soldiers fleeing in panic were seen. Venezuela's head of state survived and accused Santos of being stuck behind assassination. "I have no doubt that re are ultra-extreme right circles in Venezuela toger with forces of Colombia and Juan Manuel Santos," said authoritarian socialist.

According to Interior and Justice Minister Néstor Reverol, two drones with explosives exploded near head of state. The drones were each equipped with a kilogram of C4 plastic explosive, whose explosive power was sufficient for damage within a radius of 50 meters. The first drone flew over Tribune, but was deflected by a "signal-inhibiting equipment" from trajectory and exploded elsewhere than planned. The second drone crashed into a nearby building due to loss of control. Seven members of National Guard were injured according to government, and three of m are in danger of life.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López told left-wing nationalist leader "unconditional solidarity" of Army. The army general added that Saturday incident was an "aggression against military" with aim of bringing about a change of government "with unconstitutional means".

With hardness against "conspirators against peace"

Six suspected perpetrators had already been arrested on weekend. The perpetrators and helpers as well as international connections were identified, said prosecutor General Tarek William Saab. The names would be announced on Monday. The judiciary will also act against all "conspirators against peace" in future.

After presumed assassination of Saturday, re are still many open questions. The tweet of previously unknown resistance group Soldados de Franelas (flannel soldiers) contributed to ambiguity. It was said that she had perpetrated attack. Members are "patriotic military and civilians". Those who wrote communication and wher this group really exists could not be checked.

In addition, former military officials were astonished by circumstances of incident. Thus, in street of Avenida Bolívar, a military parade had never been held before, because place was badly protected. The reaction of security forces after detonations was also unprofessional, said former general Gonzalo García Ordóñez of El Nacional newspaper. These had partly fled in panic.

However, Edgar Zambrano, Vice-president of opposition party AD, believes in a distraction: "The government wants to divert attention from problems of country, humanitarian tragedy and economic catastrophe." The country with world's largest oil reserves is struggling with hyperinflation, which means that prices are rising explosively and money is losing its value rapidly. Lastly, International Monetary Fund predicted an inflation rate of one million percent for current year. Economic performance could also break by 18 percent.

Maduro regularly accuses opposition and US of planning a coup against him. His country's economic misery is due to his portrayal of an "economic war" abroad against Venezuela. Critics accuse Maduro, however, that he wants to build a dictatorship. In May, socialist was confirmed for a furr five-year term of office in a controversial election.

Date Of Update: 07 August 2018, 12:00

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