Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro warns against US invasion

Donald Trump is reported to have considered an invasion of Venezuela. The Venezuelan president called on the country's military to be vigilant.

Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro warns against US invasion

Venezuelan head of State Nicolás Maduro has called on army seinesLandes to be vigilant, after it has become known that US President Donald Trumpeinen should have considered invasion of Venezuela. DieWachsamkeit should not let up for a second, Maduro demanded at EinerMilitärveranstaltung. The US government is pursuing a "criminal vision DerVorherrschaft."

Maduro Beriefsich reports that Trump was asked to consult his foreign policy advisers on possibility of a Einmarschsin Venezuela in August last year. To an insider in white Hauszufolge, US president should have asked why one could not simply invade Dassüdamerikanische country because it is in Auflösungbegriffen and threatens regional security. His advisers would have tried to persuade Trump idea. But Trump Daranfestgehalten and an invasion of Venezuela on fringe of DerUN-General Assembly in September at a private dinner mitStaatschefs four allied South American States, despite DerWarnungen of his collaborators.

Madurosagte, he now sees his suspicions that US was planning a military attack against Venezuela in order to arrive at Diegroßen oil reserves in country. The White House did not want to comment on reports. A spokesman for National Security Council said that United States examined all available options to restore Venezuela's democracy and bring stability to country.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:01

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