War in Syria: D He last enormous concern is Idlib

The UN warns the Syrian government of a military deployment in the rebel area of Idlib. Activists meanwhile report that the attack has already begun.

War in Syria:  D He last enormous concern is Idlib

The United Nations has strongly warned Syrian government to launch an attack on Idlib region in south of country. The Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad had announced such an offensive to one of last major rebel areas. On Thursday, activists reported army's preparations.

"We are entering a new chapter in this very long, very bloody, very cruel, very bitter war in Syria. Hopefully we are seeing beginning of end to big war ". Watch @NRC_Egeland, Special advisor to @UN special Envoy for Syria at @UNGeneva Press Stakeout on Idlib ⬇ ️ Pic.twitter.com/iTxJTTcFWG

— UN Geneva (@UNGeneva) August 9, 2018

The UN called for immediate negotiations to prevent such an attack. "The last enormous concern is Idlib," said UN's coordinator for Syria, Jan Egeland. It must not be allowed that " war will reach Idlib". It is already bad, but it could still come "a hundred times worse".

Egeland expressed hope that it will be possible to conclude a reconciliation agreement, as in or areas. "This region is crying out for a diplomatic solution," Egeland said. He still has hope, as Turkey, as well as Assad's allies, Russia and Iran, have determined to prevent an offensive.

But activists report that an attack by Syrian army is already underway. The Syrian Human Rights Observatory – whose information cannot be independently examined, but which is related to its data from Syria and which also frequently correspond to facts – reported on Thursday that army bombed positions of Rebels. Artillery projectiles and missiles were thus settled in area around city of Dschisr al-Schughur in south of region. The bombardment should prepare an offensive, but re would not have been any advance of ground troops yet.

It was also said that Assad is pulling his troops toger: Since Tuesday, more soldiers, ammunition and vehicles would arrive on fronts west of Dschisr al-Schughur, on plain of Sahl al-Ghab in south of Idlib and on souast edge of province, shared Centre.

Activists report leaflets about Idlib

The local inhabitants of region were also warned of an offensive, Observatory reported. According to this, helicopter leaflets about villages in east should have thrown off Idlibs in which inhabitants were called to surrender. "The war is nearing its end," it called it. "We call you to join local reconciliation agreements like many people of Syria." This decision will "depend on fate of your family, children and future," according to government's warning.

After taking Homs, East Ghuta and Daraa, Idlib is last large area under control of rebels. Around 2.5 million people live in province on border with Turkey, including hundreds of thousands who had fled from or parts of country in past months and years. Tens of thousands of rebels have been brought to Idlib in course of agreements with government in recent months.

In past, governments in Russia, Iran and Turkey had declared Idlib a so-called deescalation Zone and agreed to a ceasefire for region. Assad, however, has left no doubt that he also wants to recapture this region. In July, he announced that Idlib would be next target. He is justified in his fight against "terrorists", who are exempt from ceasefire.

Turkey wants to prevent offensive

Turkey, which is responsible for monitoring ceasefire in Idlib region and has set up control posts re, is keen to prevent an offensive by Syrian Army. The government in Ankara fears that hundreds of thousands of refugees would orwise want to enter neighbouring country. The UN has urged Turkey to keep borders open in event of an attack.

Internationally, re is also concern, because most fighters are members of Idlib radical Islamist groups. Around 60 percent of province are in hands of Dschihadistenallianz Hajat Tahrir al-Shame, which is dominated by former Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot. The remainder is controlled by Islamist rebels. Since Idlib is last rebel region in north, re is hardly any question of deduction into or areas.

Updated Date: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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