War in Syria: what threatens returnees in Assad's Syria

Russia propagates the homecoming of Syrian refugees. But experience so far shows that many people would experience harassment and persecution.

War in Syria: what threatens returnees in Assad's Syria

Vladimir Putin knows how to play tricky issue: "We help those Syrian territories return refugees from abroad." This is not only about refugees from Europe, but also about millions of Syrians in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, said on Saturday at meeting with Angela Merkel in Meseberg. Putin added ambiguous: "This is potentially a big burden for Europe."

After all, hardly any political Materiedie European Union has been more involved in recent times than dispute over DieFlüchtlingspolitik. Conversely, in Syria, Putin can only diemachtstrategische dividend for three-year Russian military deployment if Europe pays for five million fled Möglichstrasch to travel back to Syria. Already at Helsinki Summit MitUS president Donald Trump, Putin had conjured up a first phase with 1.7 million returnees, including 890,000 from Lebanon.

Settlement with opponents of regime?

On September 7th in Istanbul, a four-nation summit in Turkey, Russia, Germany and France wants to ask a Wiederaufbausbeschäftigen. "People want to go home," said Russian Sondergesandtefür Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev. Therefore, it is in interest of EuropäischenNationen to assist in return of those refugees who would have nothing to fear in ir homeland vonPräsident Assad.

But doubts about Russian affirmations are great. Affected suspect, Syrian regime is not about reintegration UndVersöhnung, but mainly about settling with its opponents. And Sonahm General Jamil Hassan, head of dreaded Air Force intelligence, recently did not have a hand at a meeting with 33 commanders. Syria, with "ten million trustworthy people who obey leadership", is better than a country with "30 million vandals", general, however, has been tortured to death by thousands of millions, according to website Syrian reporter said.

Three million Syrians are on DenFahndungslisten after Hassan's words. Your indictment is ready in drawers. "After ir return, we will treat m like sheep. We will use Schlechtenaussortieren and good, "threatened 64-year-old, who had already served AssadsVater Hafez al-Assad as an officer. Also from 150,000 business people Undwohlhabenden Syrians, "who have helped terrorists", exist demnachGeheimdossiers. They will put se people under house arrest and force m to ihrVermögen out, "so that y can reconstruct what y zerstörthaben".

The list of names of secret services

Similarly, dictator Bashar al-Assad thinks. By eight Years War a "healthier and more homogeneous society" arose, Behaupteteder learned physician at head of state – it is said that for regime critics esin This society has no place. Zaman al-Wasl, a website of opposition, proves that se are not empty threats. It put a Namenslistevon 1.5 million citizens on net, Gesuchtwerden by Assad's intelligence services. Many Syrians living abroad have found ir names re – right place of birth to ir grandparents ' personal data.

Furr evidence is experience with so-called Versöhnungsabkommenin former enclaves of now defeated rebels, in Ostghuta and Daraa. Sobalddie insurgents had laid down ir weapons, guarantees of regime did not count any more. Doctors, nurses, White Helmets, well-known activists were arrested and tortured, men under 43 years forcibly recruited Undsofort sent to front.

The first returnees from Jordan, DemLibanon, Turkey and Europe report similar reports. First, y were tested for weeks by DieSicherheitsdienste. Then y had to sign declarations of loyalty income contracted regime, orwise y would not have allowed back to ir früherenWohnviertel. But y are also threatened at home, Schikaniertund are constantly being ordered to interrogate. Ors, passports were taken off. Lot had to hand over ir access data for Facebook and Twitter.

No schools, no hospitals

Anor problem: Residential districts and villages of fled Sindoft destroyed and plundered. There is no water or electricity, no schools or hospitals. The World Bank estimates cost of reconstruction to more than 320 billion euros, of which Assad and his defense forces can raise Iran UndRussland at most five percent.

Therefore, UN refugee EinerMassenheimkehr warns against undeterred as propagated by Russia. The preconditions for EineRückkehr in a safe and dignified life are not given, DerUNHCR judged. This attitude is shared in European capitals. Therefore, könneman return of refugees at moment does not promote or support – a clear contradiction to Putin's wishful scenario for Syria.

Updated Date: 20 August 2018, 12:00

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