Zimbabwe: Six deaths in protests by elections

After the announcement of the provisional election results in Zimbabwe, violent riots with several deaths occurred. There should be investigations against the opposition.

Zimbabwe: Six deaths in protests by elections

In Zimbabwe, number of deaths in protests against suspected electoral manipulation has risen to six. After police confirmed three deaths on Wednesday, three more demonstrators died on Thursday, according to a spokeswoman, on injuries y had suffered in clashes with military. Zimbabwe's president Emmerson Mnangagwa called for independent investigations. "Those responsible should be identified and held accountable," he wrote on Twitter.

The news agency AP reports, citing lawyer Kumbirai Mafunda, that re are investigations against opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa. In addition, or opposition politicians such as Tendai Biti were also affected. They're accused of incitement to violence, said Mafunda. A search command was issued.

Police storms headquarters of opposition party

In addition, police have stormed headquarters of opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). The police came with a search and seizure decision, said MDC lawyer Denford Halimani. The police said that re was umstürzlerisches material and wanted to seize this as well as several computers. 16 people were taken out of process. Wher y were detained is still unclear. The head office is now sealed off. MDC Secretary-General Douglas Mwonzora had already fought before raid. "We will not accept search warrant because y want to place loading material," Mwonzora said.

On Monday, parliament and presidential elections were held in Zimbabwe. According to preliminary results, long-standing government party Zanu-PF obtained a two-thirds majority in Parliament. The Electoral Commission wants to announce first exact results from late Thursday evening.

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Due to electoral victory of Zanu-PF and delayed results for presidential election, many government-critical people had gone to streets. In capital city of Harare re were violent clashes between military and demonstrators, where soldiers were to be shot. President Mnangagwa accused supporters of MDC for riots. The party wanted to interfere with electoral process, he declared on state television. He challenged demonstrators to "patience and maturity."

Police speak of ban on assembly

Interior Minister Mpofu also expressed his criticism of protests. "We will tolerate none of actions we have seen today," Mpofu said on Wednesday. "I think opposition is testing our resolve", this is "a big mistake". The military should remain stationed in Harare for time being. This applies until "This situation is over". The police spoke of a ban on assembly. According to her own information, she had requested help of military because she could not respond to riots alone.

The accused opposition party MDC stated that challenger Nelson Chamisa was "shocked" by events in Harare. The opposition condemns violence of any kind. The 40-year-old Chamisa is a pastor and came to election with promise of a new beginning, many of whom he regarded as hopefuls. Chamisa accuses electoral commission of deliberately delaying announcement of presidential results in order to steal election victory for opposition. "We have won most votes and will defend victory," wrote Chamisa on Twitter. The MDC was successful mainly in cities, Zanu-PF in country.

International observers were also concerned about delayed announcement of election results and protests. Britain, EU and Commonwealth of States called for moderation. The German head of EU election observer, Elmar Brok, described in Northwest newspaper action of military as "completely disproportionate". The army was shooting with sharp ammunition. "It was deliberately escalated to suppress resistance." The Government must urgently make result public. The election results would have to be traced back to polling premises.

Date Of Update: 03 August 2018, 12:00

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