A mines path for the stability of the PSOE-UNIDA Coalition can be in full field of electoral battle

The coalition government turns two years. Ecuador of a legislature that both Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz intend to exhaust. "Stability" and "four-year

A mines path for the stability of the PSOE-UNIDA Coalition can be in full field of electoral battle

The coalition government turns two years. Ecuador of a legislature that both Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz intend to exhaust. "Stability" and "four-year legislatures", proclaim in the Moncloa.

But that transit up to 2023 will not be easy within the coalition. As it progresses in the calendar, PSOE and united we can accentuate its dispute over the paternity of the measures, while looking to prioritize their initiatives to capitalize on the government's action. United We can, in a context in which socialists have bet on economic measures, requires their standards to take momentum.

The purple formation wants his social agenda to copper dynamism. It is touched "Advance in the Social, Territorial and Democratic Agenda," was the announcement launched already before New Year's Eve by Jaume Asens, President of the United Kingdom Group. We can. The purple slides that the processes are slowing down, circumstance that the socialists deny.

In addition to the laws for which this training demands agility or that the PSOE does not put obstacles-LEY of housing, animal welfare law or the Law of Families - the rise of the minimum wage, the repeal of the Jordaza law, the new law Official secrets or the possible return of Don Juan Carlos emerge as possible points of friction, among others.

The pretension of Vice President Yolanda Díaz and Unidas may be entered into force since January 1, but the Agenda marked by the Moncloa did not place it among the priorities for these weeks. From work to give for discounted that "he will return again in January" with retroactive effect and hope that, after labor reform, it is another point where they can highlight before the PSOE. The commitment of the coalition is that at the end of the legislature reach 60% of the average salary, but each time a rise has been addressed there have been differences between the partners.

It will be the first set of friction in a context, in addition, of electoral struggle, with an appointment already fixed in Castilla y León (February 13) and with foreseeable advances in Andalusia and Valencia. Any slip in Moncloa will have effects on campaign. It has already happened with Alberto Garzón's statements on macrogranjas, who have forced the president himself to mark differentiated profile.

And as also derived from the electoral scenario, Yolanda Díaz seems to postpone his broad front. The "Listening Process" that was going to start this month is probably applazed to spring, when the path of dating with the polls has been cleared. However, in we can and IU they have been discouraged that she will be involved in the elections. "She is now Pablo Iglesias," they remember. Diaz is immersed in carrying out labor reform and built a Presidentialist image, plan that does not stop. After her appointment with the Pope, she this week she stars an act with the French economist Thomas Piketty. As the generals approach, the partners will mark profile, which in the coalition assume will create tension.

Before, the Vice President is committed by the processing of labor reform in Congress. A hard trance. In this case, by government partners, who does not want to touch the agreement agreed with unions and entrepreneurs, but ERC, Bildu, PNV ... reject the rule as it is written. In the PSOE open the door to the CS wildcard to save this stack, an option that does not contemplate in the United States. That is, neither in this front you can discard a shock to the stability of the coalition.

Approve the labor reform with CS would be a blow for the purple, an option that would legitimize the criticisms or reproaches that the text does not comply with the progressive postulates, hence they have rolled into convincing the partners. They immediately announced a round of contacts to negotiate their support that pilots the Diaz itself.

Another stone that is already on the road is the seat of Alberto Rodríguez in Congress. The former purple deputy has requested the chamber president to be returned, something that does not support the PSOE. Socialists close their partners to replace Rodríguez for another deputy as the only solution. "Once the condition is removed, the seat, you must enter the next person on the list," defends Héctor Gómez, Socialist spokesperson.

PSOE and united we can maintain different positions also in two social issues that generate controversy: prostitution and cannabis. In the first case, and despite being a matter that would fall within the competences of the Ministry of Equality of Irene Montero, the PSOE presented in the Solitaire amendments the Organic Act of Guarantee of Sexual Freedom aimed at pursuing any form of Prosenetism in our country.

Specifically, socialist sources pointed out that after the last Federal Congress of the Party, the idea that this legislature is that of the abolition of prostitution, these amendments to the Law promoted by equality are "a legislative step" for The abolition of prostitution in Spain. They believe in the PSOE that the following steps will be given in the future trafficking law where they already work in proposals to eradicate prostitution by guaranteeing the protection and socio-labor insertion of prostituted women and victims of sexual exploitation.

It is not the first time that the PSOE is unchecked from your partner or takes the lead in proposals that are equal competence. They already registered a law of equal treatment in Congress, which caused the united anger we can, because, among other things, it did not have its approval.

In any case, prostitution is a complex and sensitive theme can we can. In training there are different positions. The Common, their Catalan sector, amended that of sexual freedom so that it is not penalized who exercises "non-coercive" procurement (non-violent) or benefits from the rental of flats to exercise prostitution - the locative third, a totally contrary position He defends the Ministry of Irene Montero.

As for cannabis, united we can bet by regularizing their consumption, something that rejects the PSOE. That division has already been seen in Congress, when the Socialists together with the right matches grabbed a dwelling initiative. However, they have transferred the Socialists their desire to return the proposal in 2022 and have asked them to make a didactic effort to support them.

And at the beginning of 2022, it is when the Committee of Experts promoted by Finance to address tax reform must submit its conclusions to the Executive. Here, united we can maintain its position that there is a tax for high income. That those who have more paid more to contribute to the maintenance of public services, laundry. The PSOE has already braked this tax on the rich on one occasion. Nadia Calviño and María Jesús Montero opposed the pretension of Pablo Iglesias, and Sánchez endorsed the ministers of him.

The scope of this fiscal reform, which is a commitment of the coalition government, will also be object, as has been in past stages, negotiating, friction and exchange of positions among partners.

In the Government, there is not only crashes for the draft of the measures, but also by the capitalization of them, something that has already been appreciated with labor reform, where the PSOE has wanted to vindicate the paternity of the same in the figure of Nadia Calviño. Something that will be accentuated as the legislature progresses.

The importance given to the media agenda was patent when in mid-December since the Secretariat of State of Communication was cited to all ministries to translate their plans and strategies for the first quarter of 2022. Already before the order was transferred to inform in advance of the interviews of the ministers. The pretext is to work with greater "coordination", but in some departments you did not like because it has been interpreted as an action aimed at having more control over the ministers. Knowing with margin the media agendas of the ministries grants the Moncloa a remarkable margin of maneuver to make or undo, argue in the coalition.

Updated Date: 09 January 2022, 02:31

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