Ana Julia, guilty of murder for the death of little Gabriel

Ana Julia: the forgiveness of God with a Sworn The jury which has tried to Ana Julia Quezada do not see venom in the death of Gabriel Cross, but treachery. U

Ana Julia, guilty of murder for the death of little Gabriel
Ana Julia: the forgiveness of God with a Sworn

The jury which has tried to Ana Julia Quezada do not see venom in the death of Gabriel Cross, but treachery. Unanimously, 've tested that the accused killed the child of eight years of deliberate and sudden. It is, therefore, murder, which opens the door to a condemnation to permanent prison revisable .

The jury accepts the thesis of the Prosecution and not of the particular charge and, in addition, convicted of the injury psychic caused to the parents, as well as moral damages. In the specific case of the mother, believes that he was humiliated, demeaned and vilified deliberately.

For the two offenses of injury-psychic, the office of the Prosecutor requested sentences of individual 5 years imprisonment. The jury is not considered proven that Ana Julia is under the effects of medication anxiolytic to take her to hide the crime of the child until his arrest.

The verdict has been read with Quezada in the room, who, sitting next to his lawyers, he has shown calm and without tears that has been shed on several occasions throughout the trial, almost oblivious to the doom that the verdict may lead. The defense asked for 15 years for manslaughter reckless, but the indictment for murder implies the permanent prison revisable.

In the presence of Angel Cruz and Patricia Ramirez, a parent of the child, and during the public hearing, the seven women and two men who make up the jury have proven unanimously that, in accordance with the forensic Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) that they practiced the autopsy, "after the impact" the accused "proceeded with their own hands," the occlusion of the holes breathing "with force, to overcome its resistance and cause his death" by mechanical asphyxia by suffocation, according to reports, Ep.

The jury has ruled that Ana Julia Quezada, as it has kept the private prosecution exercised, would increase in a manner deliberate and inhumane suffering of the child when put him to death and rejects that there is evidence to support him to give him "hits, leaving him stunned" between 45 and 90 minutes for later "to cover the mouth and nose to lead him to the death."

In line with this, the act read in the afternoon of this Thursday, sets out that there has been "more accuracy" to "reports" contained in the cause, and the "statements" made by coroners to the closed door to the court on the last day 16 and notes that these experts participated in the autopsy "in the foreground, testing with more accuracy final causes" of death.

Object to the verdict

The jury received on Wednesday the object of the verdict, 22 pages and is divided into five parts , with different facts favourable or unfavourable to the accused. The first need five votes to be considered to be tested, the second of seven of the nine votes possible, and should be properly justified according to the evidence of the cause.

The magistrate Dodero explained the different types of premeditation in the murder, and defined the crackdown as an "added plus and unnecessary, to take pleasure in the pain" , highlighting the qualifications of the medical examiners who "saw directly every one of the injury" and had before them the corpse of Gabriel, and of the medical part "specialized in saving lives," that made its "interpretation" from the work of these.

On the mitigating circumstances of confession and madness or obsession to the death that claims the defence, recalled that for the first there must be a cooperation, "effective and relevant", and does not occur when there is no possibility of hiding the face of a "immediate discovery".

On the snatched , pointed out that it must be a "commotion psychic with a lot of emotional charge," not stimulus ""minimal" to which a person would act normally" or a response "angry".

Regarding the crimes of injury psychic , stated that they had to assess if I was just trying to divert the attention on her, and on the crime against moral integrity (that only appreciate the accusation), has reiterated that he is violating a "degrading" treatment with a "plus of wickedness, a scorn and humiliation".

Regarding the dimmable in these last crimes act under the effect of drugs, which appreciates the defense, assured that it must be a specialist that determined by the situation in which he was, and that it is precisely their lawyer who "has the obligation to prove it."

Date Of Update: 20 September 2019, 01:01

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