At Six: the Hotel's restaurant, out on thin ice

Ah, Brunkebergstorg! This is a dark spot, which has long been as a place of residence for the tyrant, Katla, as Darth Vader has slowly begun to change the natur

At Six: the Hotel's restaurant, out on thin ice

Ah, Brunkebergstorg! This is a dark spot, which has long been as a place of residence for the tyrant, Katla, as Darth Vader has slowly begun to change the nature of the. Not least because of the bizarre Norwegian hotellmogulen Peter He, who join forces with their lifestyle, and boutique hotel, with restaurants, bars, and restaurants. So far, the restaurant has the Ceiling been the main cod-end.

as a Competitor, At Six in the five-star hotel and does not have the same staggering view over Stockholm's skyline, but also a high level of ambition. He is getting on a comparative analysis of the views of the Roof begins At the Six of us. Sit by the large picture window towards the dull-lit and deserted stenöknen outside, it feels like work to sit in-it's the control room of the cctv surveillance.
the View from the restaurant. Photo credit: Krogkommissionen

In the Dining-room at Six, and the mood and style of the välkammad, and a little travel-weary. The kitchen, which is, of course, have the insight, it radiates no energy, and the lighting is unimaginative, and the service personnel newly hatched, very nice and a touching enthusiasm.

the Menu certainly has an american twist but can be found in almost any luxury hotel, anywhere in the western world. However, it is unlikely that the pursuit would pass by, for example, in Copenhagen, Berlin, London, or Paris, france.

to tell the tester that had powered the prawns (195 euros) on the tongue. Sea food is a sad thing too, which is more than a shame that the right has a nice, smoky tone, and a pleasant tartness from the tomatbuljong, in addition to a little fänkålskräm and the invisible, lardo (Italian-seasoned, seasoned pig fat).

the Blackened kalvtartar (160 usd) is a finely-chopped tender fillet of veal mixed with a notch of the smoked almonds and pickled jerusalem artichokes. Unfortunately, the tartaren are hidden in the sliced and raw, the champignon, and the piles of toothless summer truffles, and an anonymous rivost. The smooth svartkålsmajonnäsen at the bottom is a nice addition.
Powered least. In 195 b.c., Photo: Krogkommissionen
butter fried flounder (335 ad) is a as well as the norway lobster brain tumor is treated, överlagad, to the extent that it is delicious, the fish is not at all is to be familiar with. That plate is filled with a really big dollop champinjonkräm with an unpleasant color, and texture, as well as deep-fried, roasted, and fermented cabbages savoy cabbages with a bitter taste in the mouth, don't make things any better. Clearly failed the test.

but that's not all the way.

the Glazed duck breast (295 usd) will be served roasted with a creamy and mild morotspuré, but no trace of the promised Sichuanpepparen.

Kryddstekt deer (355 usd) this is a beautiful dish with the rich, the award of the tender, perfectly roasted meat, covered with of some of the best chips of the rödbetsjuice, but the enhancements are lost in the cooking process.

< Kryddstekt of roe deer with potato chips, of rödbetsjuice, 355 b.c., Photo: Krogkommissionen

the real Fun of the ingredients, but poorly executed is a theme that continues into the dessert menu.

Lingonsorbet (130 usd) with a enbärsmaräng, saltkola and granolja is a festival, in the English taste, as not to become a self-evident success. Äppelsorbet (130 usd) is lättglass, which, unfortunately, has melted, and when it comes in, and a little kaneldoftande soggy donut, and mjölkchokladkräm merges with the ice-cream.

the Wines by the glass, is a classic with a great druvspridning, but is not in line with the centre of vinaficionados or naturvinsdyrkare. The French chefssommeliern based on a series of equally well-known and excellent French producers from the Rhone valley-the Chapoutier to The (d)’Henry of Burgundy. A good thing. For those who want to fan the credit card, there are many goodies available in the bottle at the extensive menu, which also stands on the solid ground of the ancient world with a trip to the united states.

at the Hotel at Six, and betting on a safe bet such as red deer, duck, and halibut. Here, people of many different nationalities come together, and you probably have a menu to suit the taste buds of both China and north America, while at the same time to create the variety of flavors.

< Äppelsorbet, and 130£. of Photography: Krogkommissionen
Unfortunately, dealing with kitchen ingredients, oproffsigt to go out on the thin ice of the strange flavor combinations that fall pretty flat. Sometimes flashes of it, but all too often it is carried out on plates prepared with a lack of precision and care. That price is ridiculously high, makes it even better.

in A sign of the times is that only the ingredients listed on the menu is ”the right thing” and have the certification, it seems to play less of a role in how they are handled and the taste. Having said this, I do At Six, and still work for the hotel, which has a fat krogkonto, the chronic lack of time and reluctant to go out in public.

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Date Of Update: 21 February 2020, 01:35

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