Coronavirus today, last hour live | Madrid confirms the first case of the omicron variant in Spain

The world remains pending the progress of the omicron variant of the COVID-19, detected in South Africa and already extended by several European countries, amon

Coronavirus today, last hour live |
 Madrid confirms the first case of the omicron variant in Spain

The world remains pending the progress of the omicron variant of the COVID-19, detected in South Africa and already extended by several European countries, among which is already Spain. Gregorio Marañón Hospital has announced the first confirmed case in Spain: a 51-year-old patient who returned this Sunday of the African country with a scale in Amsterdam.

The G7 health ministers, after an emergency meeting convened by London, have warned that the omicron variant is "highly transmitted" and requires an "urgent action", as well as praising "the exemplary work of South Africa" and recognize "the importance Strategic to guarantee access to vaccines ".

The Scientific Committee that advises the Government of the United Kingdom has asked that the reinforcement dose is vaccinated to all over 18 years and only three months after the second dose, despite the delegate counseling of the regulatory agency of medicines and healing British, June Raine, has ensured that there is no "evidence at this time that the vaccines we have been using so far do not work against the new omictern".

Total figures: 5,131,012 cases of coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 87,955 dead with positive test to November 26, 2021.

The Health Conseller of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Argimon, has explained that the Covid passport will be mandatory within the restoration, gyms, sports centers and residences on Friday.

He has said it this Monday afternoon at the press conference since the Palau de la Generalitat after the meeting of the Delegate Commission on Covid-19 of Government. The Govern decided to suspend the application of said certificate last Friday before the collapse of the Web by increasing requests for download.

The group of Eleven Spaniards trapped in South African Republic for the restriction of flights due to the variant of the omicron pandemia has managed to book a flight with which they will return tomorrow, Tuesday to their homes.

In the group of affected there is a person from Mallorca and another from Barcelona, five from Madrid, two from Zaragoza and two from Seville, according to Efe the Sevillian Fran Mallén, who has said that shortly before 6:00 pm he has been achieved That your agency reserves a flight with the Airline KLM, where everyone can return.

The eleven are part of a multi-day excursion for African natural tourist destinations, and planned to return on a scale with scale in Istanbul that has been suspended.

The Autonomous Communities have notified the Ministry of Health 22,911 new cases of Covid-19, 2,877 of them diagnosed in the last 24 hours. The total number of contagion in Spain is already raised to 5,152,923 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to official statistics.

The incidence accumulated in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants is located in 199,02 compared to 171.98 on Friday. In the past two weeks a total of 94,438 positive has been recorded.

In the report of this Monday, 53 new deaths have been added. Up to 88,008 people with positive diagnostic test have died since the virus arrived in Spain, according to the data collected by the ministry.

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The president of the United States, Joe Biden, considered this Monday that the new variant of the Covid-19, called omicron, "is a cause for concern, but not panic"; For this, he said that experts do not consider that "additional measures" are necessary in the country. This was asserted by Biden in an intervention from the White House accompanied by the Chief Epidemiologist of the US Government, Antony Fauca.

The president remarked that the country is in "best situation" than Christmas last year, and urged citizens to look for the reinforcement dose of vaccines available in the US.

The director of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), Cristóbal Belda, has reported on Monday that the Institute's respiratory virus team works since last Friday in the omicron variant, once it already has the sequence, and study if It is or not more than transmissible, as some theories point.

Belda has made these considerations in Congress, in its appearance in the Research Commission that addresses the management of vaccines, while the first case of omicron in Spain was known, communicated by the microbiology service of Gregorio Marañón in Madrid .

The director of the ISCIII has admitted that "a lot of information" on omicron, once "was revealed on November 24," and has stressed that what this new variant is that vaccination has to be globally "and if We are not all protected, you will not be any ".

The microbiology service of Gregorio Marañón de Madrid hospital communicates the first confirmation of variant omicron in Spain. It is a 51-year-old traveler who returned from South Africa this Sunday with a scale in Amsterdam and is isolated and with mild symptoms.

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The omicron variant is "highly transmissible" and requires an "urgent action," the G7 health ministers called on Monday after an emergency meeting convened by London.

"The ministers praised the exemplary work of South Africa to detect the variant and alert others," they added in a joint statement, underlining "strategic relevance to guarantee access to vaccines".

The scientists who advise the British government in their vaccination campaign recommended this Monday that a third dose of the vaccine is offered to all over 18 years in an effort to increase the protection of the population against the omicron variant.

The third dose, previously reserved for those over 40, should now be offered three months, instead of six, after the second dose of the vaccine, as advised by the Committee's experts, JCVI, at a press conference.

The Italian authorities have confirmed the first four cases of the omicron variant in the country after a man who traveled to Mozambique gave positive the weekend.

The Government of the Campania region, in the southwest of the country, has indicated that man had subsequently contaged his wife and two children, with whom he lives in the area.

All of them have been subjected to the relevant tests and have given positive, although they do not present "significant symptoms" since they are vaccinated against the COVID-19.

The reputed scientist of the US government Anthony Fauca said on Monday that his country is in "alert" by the new variant of Covid-19 and urged people to get vaccinated after Canada confirmed its first cases of omicron.

"There are no confirmed cases (of omicron) but obviously we are at a high level of alert," said Fauci in the ABC 'Good Morning America' chain program.

The scientist also motivated people to vaccinate against the coronavirus or obtain immune reinforcements soon, instead of waiting for pharmaceutical companies to adapt doses specifically to the omicron variant. "Faced with a variant like this, although there is a lot we do not know about it, one thing we know is that vaccinated people are very much, much better than those not vaccinated, and particularly when you have a reinforcement," he said.

A new case of the omicron variant has been detected among the passengers who left South Africa and gave positive in the Test of Covid-19 on Friday upon arrival in Amsterdam, increased up to 14 carriers of the variant, the minister reported on Monday of Dutch health. "Thanks to sequencing, it has now been confirmed that in the positives of 14 people it is the variant omicron," said Minister Hugo de Jonge in a letter to the Dutch parliament.

The South African health minister on Monday requested the uprising of the "discriminatory" travel prohibitions imposed on South African countries because of the Omicron variant of Coronavirus. "We consider that these travel prohibitions are discriminatory in light of the fact that the same travel prohibitions have been imposed in other countries where this variant has been found," said Joe Phaahla in a speech before the World Health Organization ( WHO).

Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health of the USA, assured at the WHO meeting that "US health authorities are working closely with South African counterparts to better understand this new variant and mobilize it to contain it."

The Health Counselor of Castilla y León, Verónica Married, does not rule out applying new restrictions for Christmas and has reported that no case of South African omicron variant has been recorded. She married has stressed that she "obviously" study all the possible measures that could be adopted for Christmas holidays, but she has said that she has no record of sanitary indicators that oblige to impose new restrictions.

Added that "it is very soon" to know "transmissibility, infectivity, lethality and ability to reaction to immunity" that can have the new variant in Spain, so it has ensured being "relatively quiet" thanks to the vaccination of the population. In this sense, Married has pointed out that the impact of omicron in South Africa with Spain can not be compared, in allusion to the vaccination rates of both countries.

A group of Eleven Spaniards trapped in South African Republic for the restriction of flights due to the omicron variant have requested help from the central government to return to Spain, since they believe they will have to be several more days in the African country without resources to continue in he.

In the group of affected there is a person from Mallorca and another from Barcelona, five from Madrid, two from Zaragoza and two from Seville, according to Efe the Sevillian Fran Mallén, which has specified that the efforts they have made through the Spanish Embassy has not resulted, and "they have been limited to tell us which companies make flights at this time."

The eleven are part of a multi-day tour of African natural tourist destinations, and had planned to return on a scale flight in Istanbul (Turkey) that has been suspended. Thus, they have been at Johannesburg Airport nearly 24 hours, "where nobody has helped us for not being Swiss," and they have only been able to "prepare a flight for December 4 with KLM."

Three people have died in Asturias throughout the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) by the Covid-19, as reported on Monday the Health Ministry of the Principality. The deaths correspond to a 90-year-old woman who died on Friday and two men, 76 and 82, who died on Sunday.

In addition, 598 new cases have been recorded throughout the weekend. Of that amount, 262 were diagnosed on Friday, 204 on Saturday and 132 on Sunday. According to the information of the Asturian Government, the occupation by Covid-19 in hospitals rises to 2.84% and in the case of the UCI is 5.75%.

The Region of Murcia has registered 112 new positive cases by Covid-19 in recent 24 hours, in the third consecutive day without deceased by this cause, according to sources of health counseling. Thus, the number of decheses notified is maintained at 1,768, while the number of affected from the start of the pandemic amounts to 146,560.

In the hospitals of the Region of Murcia there are 76 people entered, 61 of them on the floor, aged between 21 and 69, and the rest - a fortnight - in ICU. The latter are between 25 and 61 years old and 65% are unstifted.

The General Directorate of Health (DGS) of Portugal has requested the population that he has recently traveled to Austral Africa or countries where cases of the omicron variant have been detected in a greater self-control in case he has symptoms and that he contacts the health authorities in that case .

The Director of the Entity, Graça Freitas, has highlighted this Monday that the population must maintain the caution measures disseminated since the pandemic was declared, after the National Institute of Health (INSA) confirmed that the thirteen samples of Covid of Belenenses' players are of the omicron variant, the first cases detected in the country. "We have always said that the pandemic had not finished," she has emphasized her, so she has defended that you have to be more extensive and control these first cases so that this new variant is not spreading.

In that line, foresee three tests to Belenenses players (the first, fifth and tenth day) and, "by principle of caution," they will control that there are no cases in Benfica, since both clubs faced this weekend . 17 positives have already been confirmed, including the coach and the assistant of him and two members of the technical body, in addition to the 13 footballers.

The Government of Argentina set Monday the mandatory quarantine for any person who has been in Africa in the 14 days prior to admission to the South American country, while maintaining the suspension of direct flights from that continent to reinforce epidemiological surveillance before the appearance of The new variant omicron.

According to a standard published in the Official Gazette, any person who comes or has been on the African continent in the last 14 days prior to their entry into Argentina must inform it in an affidavit and must have completed the vaccination scheme two weeks before the Entrance to the country.

In addition, it must have a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before admission to Argentina and an antigen test when arriving at the South American country. Then you must perform a quarantine and perform a PCR test on the tenth day of the PCR test at source, which must be negative to finalize mandatory isolation.

Non-resident foreigners should add a Covid-19 health insurance, with coverage of hospitalization services, isolation and sanitary transfers.

Andalusia Registers this Monday a total of 883 contagions of Coronavirus in 48 hours, more than those on Saturday (877) and that last Monday (782), and accounts for a new deceased, same figure as Saturday.

This has been reported in statements to the press, the counselor of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesús Aguirre, who has specified that the incidence in 14 days increases 4.5 points in 48 hours and is in 99.5 cases by Every 100,000 inhabitants, also superior at 71.1 of the same day last week. It is the highest data since September 13 (102.2).

The 883 cases of this Monday and Sunday are notified after 741 on Saturday, on Friday, 983 on Thursday, 783 on Wednesday, 425 on Tuesday and 782 on Monday and last Sunday.

Aguirre has pointed out that "there is disparity" on incidence increase and its proportionality with care pressure, which is "the important point in order to address what is happening." Thus, he has affirmed that "the incidence increases mostly in vaccinated people who suffer as any of us infection, but clinical evolution is not as malevolent as before."

The Health Counsel of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has reiterated this Monday in the need to establish access controls through the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport with a negative test requirement at origin and the principle of reciprocity before the appearance of the variant omicron.

In declarations to the media, it has explained that in the more than 700 screening tests performed during the weekend, no case of the new variant has been detected. "We remain expectant" and in case of their detection, the contact, contagion mechanism will be launched and established the corresponding quarantines, "he explained.

In this line, the head of Madrid's healing has recalled that since last May the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has warning that Barajas is the "main place of entry" in Spain for all the variants and asking for measures for a "Control situation" in the accesses to the country by the Madrid airport.

"It is a good opportunity to establish those controls in a ferrous and serious way," has defended the counselor, who has emphasized that, as in previous occasions, it would be convenient "the realization of control test at source so that with that negativity can travel. That this is a global crisis. "

Biontech told himself on Monday that he had begun to work in a vaccine adapted to omicron, the new and worrying variant of the Coronavirus detected in South Africa, although it was still not clear if he would have to release his vaccine established Covid-19.

The development of an adapted vaccine is part of the usual procedure of the company for the new variants, said Biontech, which manufactures vaccines along with Pfizer, in a communiqué collected by Reuters.

"The first steps of the development of a possible new vaccine are overlapped with the necessary research to evaluate whether a new injection will be necessary," he added.

Biontech had said Friday that he expects more laboratory data in the next two weeks to help determine if a specific vaccine for omicron is necessary. The rival of her, modern, has said that she is working on a redesign of her Vaccine Covid-19 for future reinforcement injections.

The General Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros ADHANOM GHEBREYESUS, today stressed that the global emergency by the new variant omicron of Coronavirus reveals that the global health crisis "has not ended" and the situation "remains dangerous and precarious ".

"It's a more memory that although some think that the Covid is over, it is not like that, we continue to live in panic and forgetting cycles in which progress achieved with great effort can be lost," said Tedros at the opening of an extraordinary assembly of the WHO to negotiate a preparation treaty before pandemics.

All epidemic indicators continue to get worse in this sixth wave of Coronavirus, which advances without control and is already approaching the risk of maximum renovation of the fourth, while hospitals have duplicated the number of revenue by Covid in the last fifteen days, with an increase. of mortality.

Today there are 656 people hospitalized by Covid, 35 more than yesterday, of which 143, eight more than the eve, are at the UCI, according to EFE of the updated incidence data on Monday by the Department of Health.

Primary Assistance Services attended 1,913 Covid patients yesterday, almost 600 more than Sunday last week, while vaccination is slightly up to 75% of the inhabitants of Catalonia with full guideline, 84.1% If only those over 12 are counted.

The epidemiologist at the Clion Hospital of Barcelona Antoni Threck considers that "It is always possible that ÓMICRO .

In an interview in the program more than one of Zero Onda, collected by EFE, the medical epidemiologist and medicine of the University of Barcelona believes that "the suspension of flights with South Africa is the typical measure that is called excess of prudence."

"We have not yet reached group immunity, it is an academic goal, two circumstances are given that make it very difficult to reach it. First, current vaccines do not protect well from contagion and, second, the introduction of variants, such as omicron".

The Ministry of Health has notified the death of a woman by Covid-19 on Baleares on Monday, which amounts to 1.024 the official death figure since the pandemic began; And it has detected 648 more SARS-COV-2 contagions during the weekend.

The cumulative incidence is located in the Balearic Islands in 248 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, and has uploaded 32 points from Friday. In Menorca, the IA14 is 444, the highest; In Mallorca of 240, in Ibiza of 187 and in Formentera of 33, reports EFE.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Líen, has called for "preparing for the worst" by the emergence of the variant omicron of the Coronavirus detected in South Africa and several European countries.

"We take this variant omicon very seriously and we know that we are in a race against time," said Von Der Limen during his visit to Latvia.

Von Der Leyen has underlined that everything is not known about the new variant and that scientists and pharmaceuticals need between two and three weeks to achieve a complete perspective of the omicron's strength.

"In general, it is best to have hope, but prepare for the worst," has riveted the head of the Community Executive. Now the main priority is to guarantee social distancing, reduce contacts and vaccinate and revive as much as possible. We have to get time, "she said at a press conference from Riga.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, has claimed on Monday South Africa as an example of transparency for analysis and communication work with respect to the new variant of the Coronavirus, omicron, first detected in its territory, which has Contributed to save many lives.

On the occasion of the meeting of the Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO), the leader of the European Executive has had words of recognition for South African President, Cyril Ramophosa, for his leadership at the last mutation of Coronavirus.

"The analytical work of South Africa and its transparency when sharing the results has been indispensable to allow a rapid global response," Von Der Limen insured in a recorded message before the WHO session, collected by Europe Press .

Poland will announce new restrictions on Monday to protect the country against the omicron variant of the Virus Covid-19, said its prime minister.

"We will present today some additional restrictions so that it is possible to protect us better from the countries where this virus is," said Mateusz Morawiecki at a press conference, reports Reuters.

Norway will try to limit any possible propagation of the variant of Coronavirus ÓMicron, even imposing a longer isolation to those who discovered that have been infected, the government said on Monday, reports Reuters.

It is likely that omicron is extended to Norway, although the variant of the virus has not yet been detected in the country, according to the health authorities.

In addition to a longer insulation for infected, the members of the same household must also be in quarantine, while the tests are mandatory for other close contacts, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, he said.

The Transport Safety Administration (TSA) of the United States (USA) controlled 2.45 million airline passengers on Sunday, the largest number of passengers per day since the beginning of the Virus Covid-19 pandemic, reports Reuters of Data from the agency this Monday.

The total Sunday was the highest figure in a single day since mid-February 2020. The volume of the 10 days of thanksgiving was 20.9 million, approximately 89% of the previous trips to the pandemic , added the TSA.

The European Commission (EC) indicated this Monday that the countries of the European Union (EU) should not apply additional travel restrictions on citizens who have a rule vaccination certificate.

"In principle, Member States have to contain it to impose travel restrictions to those who have the Covid digital certificate and must inform the Commission and the rest of Member States if they intend to introduce new restrictions," spokesperson said at a press conference Community of Justice, Christian Wigand, reports EFE.

The Europe Commission presented last week a recommendation for the certificate to be valid for nine months since the last injection of the vaccine, with the aim of raising vaccination rates and opening the door that countries administer reinforcement doses at all the population.

The patients for Coronavirus have more than duplicated in the last month in Basque hospitals and are already 261, of which 47 are admitted to the UCIS, very close to the limit established by the Department of Health to implement more restrictive measures in converging The increase of other indicators.

The worsening of the situation has led the health counselor, Gotzone Sagardui, to warn that Euskadi could activate the health emergency before the figure of 50 patients admitted to the UCIS be reached as the rest of the bars that They measure the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic are getting worse. Here the complete information

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has pointed out this Monday that the Government will approve tomorrow in the Council of Ministers measures to restrict flights from the countries of South Africa affected by the variant omicron of Coronavirus.

"Tomorrow we will take the Council of Ministers, an agreement of the Council to restrict flights from the southern cone of Africa, they know that it is a measure that is not new, that we have already adopted in previous occasions and has resulted. Therefore prevention, vaccination and anticipation "He has indicated Darias, reports Europa Press.

Darias has confirmed that the Government will approve this type measures on Tuesday, after this Monday an order that obliges travelers from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe will enter into force on Tuesday. days.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will charter a special airplane to Mozambique to repatriate tourists and Spanish entrepreneurs who have been stranded because of the closure of flights to avoid contagion of the variant of the coronavirus omicron, detected in South Africa.

This is this Monday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, who estimates that there are about 200 blocked Spaniards, of which 150 would be in South Africa, a country from which several commercial airlines are still flying, reports EFE.

The Ministers of Health of the Group of Seven (G7, most developed economies) meet this Monday, at the convocation of the British Presidency, to analyze strategies before the variant ÓMicron del Coronavirus, has indicated the British ministry of the branch.

The meeting is expected to start at 12.30 GMT, after which it is possible that a statement is issued in the afternoon, a spokesman for that portfolio told Efe.

The G7 is formed by the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, as well as the European Union as a guest.

The Director of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, has informed that this Monday was referred to the High Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), information on the proposal of the Junta de Andalucía to request Vaccination or Recovery Certificate or Negative test -PCR In 72 hours or test of antigens in 48 hours - carried out by authorized center for those who perform visits or accompaniment to patients admitted to hospitals or perform visits to residents of Sociosanitary Center.

As for installments, Aguirre has indicated that, according to its estimates, "in three or four days" the TSDA would communicate its decision once analyze "all the information" that has been referred about, and that, to ratify its proposal, In that same day or the next one would be published in the Official Bulletin of the Junta de Andalucía to be "effective" to the "next day" of its publication, reports Europa Press.

The Scottish government said on Monday that six cases of the variant Ócomricron del Coronavirus had been detected for the first time in Scotland, some of them without relation to trips abroad.

The local executive pointed out that the health authorities would trace the contacts of each of the six positive cases "to establish the origin of the virus," reports AFP.

Four cases were found in the Lanarkshire area and two in the Gran Glasgow area. Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney said that some did not have links with people who had traveled to Africa.

This means that "there must be a community transmission degree of this particular strain of the virus in the absence of a direct link with trips to the southern area of Africa," he said in Declarations to the BBC.

Pakistan announced this Monday that he will accelerate his vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus in response to the new omicron variant, from which there have not been contagious in the country for now, after prohibiting the arrival of travelers from six African countries and Hong Kong.

"The most important thing to stop the variant is vaccination," said planning minister, Asad Umar, at the head of the country's response against Covid, during a press conference in Islamabad, reports EFE.

"As we have seen before, when a variant appears, it extends all over the world," Umar said, who said that according to the information received by the Asian country, it is "a very dangerous variant" but against which vaccination can be effective. .

The Minister indicated that the Government will launch a special vaccination program in all the provinces of the country to inoculate as many people as possible.

The Czech Republic has accounted for 9,292 new contagions of Coronavirus, the highest recorded figure since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, while detected the first confirmed case of infection with the omicron variant, reports EFE from the Czech Ministry of Health.

The Central European Country, which last Thursday declared the state of emergency, records an accumulated rate of daily contagions of 1,231 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last week, according to British observer Our World in Data.

It is thus maintained with the second highest incidence of the world after Slovakia (1,455 cases / 100,000 inhabitants), which on Thursday has imposed a two-week confinement to stop the rapid expansion of SARS-COV-2, following the example of neighboring Austria.

The new numbers of daily contagions exceeds the registered one year before.

The Czech Republic today confirmed its first case of infection with the omicron variant of the Coronavirus, detected in a woman who visited Namibia, the Liberec hospital informed the Liberec hospital where the tests were performed.

"We have it confirmed, it has helped us the National Reference Laboratory and we have also cotened it with experts from the Academy of Sciences," said VAT Dolinova, head of the Department of Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis of the Citated Clinic, reports EFE.

The woman contagious, 60, and vaccinated against the Covid, returned to the Czech Republic of Namibia through South Africa and Dubai, and is currently in isolation.

The contentious room considers that the measure is "suitable, necessary and proportionate" to recover the transmission and before the "sustained and generalized" boom of the pandemic curve, and to avoid "greater restrictions". Here the complete information

The Official Bulletin of the State (BOE) published an order of the Ministry of Health on Monday establishing the quarantine conditions to which people arriving in flight from any airport located in South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe at any airport located in Spain, with or without intermediate scales.

The order produces effects from 00.00 hours on November 29, 2021 for an initial period of 14 calendar days, and may be extended to maintain the circumstances that motivate it. It establishes the obligation that these travelers make a ten-day quarantine upon arrival, or from all the period that are in Spain if it is lower; And it allows them to finish it if an active infection test is carried out on the seventh day and is negative.

It is too early to know how many deaths by Covid-19 in South Africa are due to the new omicron variant, the health authorities said on Monday, Reports Reuters.

"We collect information on all revenues by Covid-19. However, we do not perform the genomic typification of all patients diagnosed, so we do not know if they have the deelta variant or omicron," said Waasila Jassat, from the Institute National of Transmissible Diseases from South Africa.

The variant omicron of Coronavirus has been detected for the first time in Austria, in the Tirol region, in a person who had recently traveled to South Africa, the government reported Monday.

"Now we have the results we need to be able to confirm" that the suspect case detected on Saturday "is safely" this variant B.1.1.529, the Ministry of Health told the Austrian APA Agency that collects AFP.

The regional health authorities of Tirol had said on Saturday that suspected a case of the omicron variant in a person without symptoms.

On Friday, Austria closed its borders to travelers from seven countries from southern Africa due to the detection in South Africa of the omicron variant, "very high risk" according to the World Health Organization (WHO), although until now not It has been attributed "no death".

The Dutch Gendarmerie stopped a Spanish citizen and a Portuguese at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam when they tried to run away from the country aboard a plane to Barcelona, after escaping the hotel where they were quarantine with the other travelers who arrived from South Africa with 13 Contages of the omicron variant.

A spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Martechaussee explained this Monday that the Gendarmerie received yesterday "Information that claimed that two people had left the hotel where they were quarantine near Schiphol and they intended to leave the country, so they started a Research to locate them "Before they managed to leave the Netherlands.

The couple, a 30-year-old boy and a girl of 28, had acquired two airplane tickets for a flight that came out yesterday Sunday late in the afternoon to Barcelona and had even managed to embark, passing all the previous controls "apparently" with His Covid pass that collects that both are completely vaccinated.

"They were trying to leave the Netherlands on a plane. The boarding process was already finished, so we had to enter the plane, take them out of there and be delivered to the health authorities, which put them at the disposal of the prosecutor's office to decide how it is It will come from now, "explained the spokesman.

The Prosecutor's Office could present throughout Monday the charges that will be charged to the couple for "violating the mandatory quarantine", which in the Netherlands is considered a "crime" and can lead to fines to income in prison, depending on the Accommodated charges, which could include the high risk of contagion from other people.

One of the arrested had given positive in Coronavirus, along with other sixty passengers who arrived last Friday on two flights from South Africa and which were subjected to a test at the same airport to determine if they were infected. Here the complete information

Something more than 150 Spanish travelers try to return currently to Spain after the new international restrictions on the detection of the omicron variant surprised them in South Africa or in the neighboring nations, diplomatic sources reported.

"There are more than 100, but we calculate that many more than 160 or 180. We refer to tourists or people who were in passing, not residents," said Efe Sources of the Embassy of Spain in South Africa, based on the data that They could collect to date.

The conservative Petr Fiala, the winner of the past legislative elections at the front of Spolu (Together), a coalition of five games, was appointed this Sunday in Prague New Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

Due to his infection with Covid-19, the Czech president, Milos Zeman, had to preside over the ceremony isolated on a Plexiglas cabin, reports EFE.

According to the live retransmission of the act by the Established CT24, two health uniform transferred to Zeman in a wheelchair and Fiala did before him his oath and signed the Act, which had been previously disinfected.

The South African Government is doing everything possible to prepare its sanitary facilities to deal with the newly identified omicron variant, the Minister of Health of Health, Joe Phaahla said on Monday at a press conference.

Minister Phaahla added that officials were talking to countries that imposed travel restrictions on South Africa countries to try to revert.

The new cases of Covid-19 have experienced this Sunday in Navarra a remarkable descent, until 201 positive, according to EFE of the provisional data provided by the Forum Government.

This number of positives represents an important descent over 309 cases on Saturday and 405 on Friday.

From health areas, which more cases recorded were those of ARSILLA, NOÁIN, VASCO OLD, ENJANCHE and TXANTREA, with 8 positives each.

What we know about the new variant omicron of the coronavirus: According to experts, it is likely that the protection of vaccines in the most serious cases remains high. Here the complete information

The President of the Community of Madrid Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has advanced that the regional government will present this same week extraordinary measures for Christmas "especially on vaccination and test".

This has been advanced, in declarations to the media, upon arrival at the Palace Hotel, where it will receive the Change 16 prize in the category for the best politician of the year, reports Europa Press.

"For now," according to the President, it is not necessary to establish new restrictions but this week coinciding with the anniversary of the Isabel Zendal Hospital will present new vaccination measures and test for Christmas holidays.

"We believe that it is the most sensible policy at this time," he said, while he has argued that what will be asked when precautions at airports, ports and railway stations are extreme, that is, "in all places of transit Exceptional "where you can start" to have episodes of the past ". Here the complete information

The Government has made an appeal on the tranquility of the population on Monday, which has requested, however, that extreme precautionary measures against Coronavirus, after emphasizing that "Spain is a safe country today."

This has said the Minister Spokesman of the Government, Isabel Rodríguez, in an interview in TVE, collected by EFE, in which he pointed out that, "At this time, there is no confirmed case" in Spain of omicron, the new variant of the Coronavirus detected in South Africa.

After emphasizing that Spain is the country "with less acceptance" of the coronavirus by the high vaccination rates and by the precautionary measures that have been adopted, it has been required to continue maintaining that rigor in the use of the mask and prevention.

On how the next Bridge of December and Christmas should be faced, the Minister has said that the situation has nothing to do with that a year ago because, among other things, there was no vaccine and, therefore, had not begun The process of immunization of the population.

On the return of Spaniards who are trapped in South Africa, it has indicated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working so that they can return with total normality, complying with all safety protocols.

The National Institute of Health 'Ricardo Jorge' (INSA) of Portugal today confirmed the detection of three COVID cases of the omicron variant, after the respective analyzes.

It is thirteen soccer players of the Belenenses team, who militates in the First Lusa division, confirmed EFE Sources from INSA today.

It is from the circumstance that South African footballer Cafú Phete, who belongs to this staff, returned last Sunday, November 22 to Portugal after playing two games with the selection of his country.

According to the National Institute of Health, the samples of the 13 footballers were analyzed this Sunday, November 28, since among the positives was the international player for South Africa who had just returned to Portugal.

In the first results obtained there are clear samples that thirteen cases are "related to the omicron variant".

It is likely that the omicron variant extends internationally, which represents a global risk "very high" in which the waves of Covid-19 could have "serious consequences" in some areas, the World Organization of the World Organization said on Monday. Health (WHO), Reports Reuters.

The UN agency, in a technical council to its 194 Member States, urged them to accelerate vaccination of high-priority groups and to "ensure that mitigation plans are applied" to maintain essential health services.

"Oomicron has an unprecedented number of peak mutations, some of which are worrisome for their potential impact on the trajectory of the pandemic," said WHO. "The general global risk related to the new worrying OMICRON variant is evaluated as very high".

It is necessary to continue investigating to better understand the potential of OMICRON to escape protection against immunity induced by vaccines and previous infections, he said, adding that more data was expected in the coming weeks.

"COVID -19 cases are expected and infections in vaccinated people, although in a small and predictable proportion," he added. Here the complete information

The incidence of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Cantabria has exceeded 150 on Sunday, although it remains at average, although for those over 65 has entered at risk high at 14 and 7 days, according to Europe Press of the latest data from health counseling.

Thus, this November 28 cases have been registered in Cantabria, 93 new cases of Coronavirus - are more than the eve - and the number of hospitalized has grown, which is already 33, and in intensive care units, which ascend to seven.

The incidence has reached 153 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days -Iez more- and 93 cases at 7 days-are more-, both at the middle risk level. However, for those over 65, he has entered at risk high at both 14 and 7 days with 158 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days -147 on the day before - and 92 to 7 days -89 on the eve.

Six cases of the worrisome Variant Covid-19 Omicron have been identified in Scotland, the Scottish Government reported on Monday, which he added that public health officials were working to establish the circumstances of the cases.

"Public Health of Scotland will carry out a greater tracking of contacts in all cases," said Health Secretary of Scotland, Humace Yusaf. "This will help establish the origin of the virus and any other individual with which they have been in contact in recent weeks," reports Reuters.

After a statement by the Israeli Minister of Health, Nitzán Horowitz, anticipating the possible need for a fourth dose of the coreavirus vaccine, expert government advisers insist that it is still "premature" to think about that reinforcement, even after the appearance of The variant omicron.

"It is reasonable that we need a fourth vaccine," the minister said last Wednesday, before what some specialists clarified EFE that it is not an advance of a new dose of the vaccine but simply one of the possible scenarios.

"It's a possibility but it's too early to know," said Cyrille Cohen, director of the Immunotherapy Laboratory of the Bar Ilán University and Government Advisor in the fight against Covid-19, who killed that "vaccines are not the only tool In the fight against the pandemic. "

According to him, a second reinforcement of the vaccine could be necessary in case the effectiveness of the third dose decreases over time or in case a new variant appears.

Consulted about the possibility that omicron is that new strain that obliges to apply a fourth dose, Cohen expressed that it is too early to know and that will probably take two weeks to have the answer to that question.

Singapore and Malaysia alleviated travel restrictions by Coronavirus on one of the busiest terrestrial borders in the world, by allowing the passage of vaccinated people without quarantine after almost two years.

Before the pandemic, some 300,000 people crossed daily from Malaysia to the city-State to work in areas such as public transport and electronic manufacturing.

But most of the trips were suspended in March of last year, leaving many trapped in Singapore because they needed to continue working.

Since Monday, Singaporens and Malaysians, people with permanent residence or work permit that are vaccinated will be able to cross the bridge of a km that separates the two countries without quarantine.

"I am happy to be able to see my family again after two years," said AFP Eunice Teoh, a Malaysia before taking a bus in Singapore.

The National Health Commission of China today announced the detection of 41 new positives of the Coronavirus Sars-COV-2 this Sunday, of which 21 occurred by local contagion in the northern province of Interior Mongolia (20) and southern Yunnan ( 1).

As for the other 20 cases, they were diagnosed with travelers from abroad in the municipality of Shanghai (East, 6), and in the provinces of Yunnan (South, 5), canton (southeast, 4), Shandong (East, 3), Shanxi (center, 1) and Guangxi (South, 1).

It is a slight rebound regarding the data of the last days, since 23 new cases were reported this Sunday, for the 25th of Saturday, reports EFE.

According to the accounts of the National Health Commission, 98,672 people have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, among which 93,249 have managed to heal and 4,636 died.

The Border Police of the Netherlands said this Sunday that arrested a couple on a plane after they fled from a hotel where they kept passenger quarantine with Covid-19 from South Africa.

The drama occurred after the Dutch authorities determined that 13 people from 61 detected with the Coronavirus who arrived on Friday on two flights to Amsterdam had been infected with the variant omicron.

Schiphol Airport Police "has stopped a couple tonight that fled a quarantine hotel," police spokesman Stan Verberkt told AFP.

"The arrests occurred on a plane that was about to take off. They were on a plane that went from Spain," he added.

The couple was made available to the Public Health Authority, the police said.

The advisor for medical issues in the US, Anthony Fauca, informed the president of the United States, Joe Biden, that the scientific community plans to take another two weeks to achieve definitive information on the transmissibility, severity and other characteristics of the omictern strain.

The White House indicated that BIDEN will offer more data on the new variant and the response of the US government this Monday.

In addition, Fauci reiterated his position that the reinforcement doses of vaccines are the best protection against COVID-19 and that all adults should receive one as soon as possible if they were vaccinated with Pfizer or modern six months ago or if it is They vaccinated with Johson & Johnson two months or more, reports EFE.

President Joe Biden met this Sunday at the return of his vacation with Fauca and with the White House Response Team to the COVID-19 to treat the situation derived from the omicron variant.

Biden was on vacation from Tuesday in the Luxurious Island of Nantucket (Massachusetts), where he spent the festival of thanksgiving surrounded by his family in the mansion of a multi-millionaire friend of his.

During these last days, the president was in permanent virtual contact with Fauca and the rest of his advisers on the variant identified in South Africa, and once he returned to Washington this Sunday personally met with them, informed the White House in a release.

Scientists try to determine the level of threat of the new variant, a South African doctor pointed out that dozens of their patients suspected of carrying the omicron variant showed mild symptoms, such as fatigue.

Angelique Coetzee, president of the South African Medical Association, told AFP that he saw 30 patients in the last 10 days they gave positive to Covid-19 and recovered without hospitalization.

Scientists in South Africa announced last week the new variant with many more mutations than beta or delta variants, the latter affected the global economic recovery and sent millions of people to confine.

Japan decided on Monday to close its borders again, except for the return of its citizens and foreign residents, an "urgent" measure taken in response to the new omicron strain, of which there have not been detected in the country in the country, informs EFE .

Japan was the last country to re-implant strict border controls, something that many considered a thing of the past, by preventing the arrival of foreigners.

"We will prohibit the (new) entry of foreigners from all over the world as of November 30," said Japanese Prime Minister Kishida to journalists, collects AFP.

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to study the new variant omicron and its expansion by different countries, but has not warned that there are still no indications that it causes more serious cases of Covid-19 or with symptoms different from previous strains , INFORMA EFE.

The G-7 health ministers meet emergency this Monday to discuss the variant omicron of the coronavirus that extends around the world, while experts seek to know the impact they will have in the struggle to eradicate the pandemic, informs AFP.

The meeting was convened by the Group's presidency, in charge of the United Kingdom, one of the countries that registered cases of the variant.

ÓMICRON, initially detected in southern Africa, raised a new challenge to the global effort to combat the pandemic. Several countries reimposed restrictions that they expected were a thing of the past.

"We know we are in a race against time," said the head of the European Commission, Ursula von Der Leyen, adding that vaccine manufacturers need two to three weeks "to have a complete picture of the quality of mutations" .

Several countries imposed travel restrictions south of Africa, including Tasting, United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Holland.

Japan announced on Monday the closure of its borders to foreign visitors, weeks after alleviating their strict measures of entry into the country.

The modern American pharmacist, creator of one of the most used vaccines against the COVID-19, placed this Sunday the hypothetical development of a new injection adapted to the omicron variant for early 2022.

"If we have to create a completely new vaccine, that will be at the beginning of 2022," reports Efe from the BBC chain interview with Modern's Medical Chief Paul Burton.

Burton also pointed out in the Andrew Marr program on British television that the pharmacist has hundreds of people working on this new strain since Thursday and explained that in the coming weeks they foresee have been able to determine the effectiveness of the existing vaccine against omicron.

Since the new variant was identified in mid-week, the main vaccine manufacturers against COVID-19 in the West, including Americans Pfizer, modern and Johnson & Johnson, began to prove the effectiveness of their products against this strain .

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