Decapitation of a woman Aviva debates in Iran

The images of a man walking Ufano down the street, carrying his wife's head in one hand, and brandishing a knife in the other, were the trigger of public horro

Decapitation of a woman Aviva debates in Iran

The images of a man walking Ufano down the street, carrying his wife's head in one hand, and brandishing a knife in the other, were the trigger of public horror. It occurred in Ahvaz, in the southern province of Jukestan, an area where the clans impose their own laws, where marriages arranged from childhood are common and where, consequently, children and women lack capacity to enforce their decisions. This happened to Mona Heydari.

The young woman was killed last weekend, with 17 years, in one of the ill-called honor crimes. According to the Emioficial Agency Ilna, citing Colonel Police Soohrab Hosseinejad, the two "defendants confessed the murder during the investigation and were made available to the judge." The authority did not cite the name of the culprits. Other media have indicated that the killer was her husband, paternal cousin of her at the same time, and that he could have acted with the help of her brother.

According to the versions published so far, the young, mother of a three-year-old boy, and who had been married by having 12, had tried to flee from that marriage traveling to neighboring Turkey. In one way or another, allegedly convinced by her father, she agreed to return to Ahvaz, where she awaited her fatal destiny. According to the Ahvaz prosecutor, Abbas Hosseini Pouya, the killer argued that a photo that she sent him from Turkish floor had unleashed "negative emotions" in him.

But if in social networks the controversy has revolted mostly around how some media have presented the crime-not in vain, a reformist newspaper tells the event under the holder 'love blind'-, and between criticism of the lack of laws against Children's marriage or for sufficient protection of women, another official line has focused on the fact of the publication of scabber crime images. The authorities closed the website of the Middle Roka after issuing the images of the culprit by "undermining public morality".

At the beginning of last year, the Iranian Machlés, still with a majority of center and reformist, approved the law for protection, dignity and safety for women against violence. The package criminalized the "physical or psychological damage" of women as "vulnerable sex", and declared criminal acts denial of legal rights and established freedoms. Although the norm cost for years and efforts, and it was well received by the feminist collectives, these themselves alerted their insufficiency.

Iranian legislation states that the legal age for marriage is 13 years - agreed with menstruation - in the case of girls, and 15 for children. And although in recent years there have been features and deputies that have tried to increase that age until 18, there is another underlying reality and barely combated with the law: that of regions such as Ahvaz, where marriages are the result of complex agreements between clans and Where every decision outside the script of the covenant is paid with life. In April last year, a 50-year-old man was accused of killing him nine years and seven relatives more also in Ahvaz.

However, the trace of categorized as a crime of honor is difficult to measure, because it is possible that they are not notified as such to avoid judicial reprisals, and instead become suicide or accidents. According to a study published by The Lancet, between 2010 and 2014, the 8,000 of these crimes commission was estimated. Most are produced in rural, more conservative areas. In urban environments, such actions generate a greater and more remarkable repulse.

This happened when, in 2020, the Iranians were shocked by the murder of the young Romina Ashrafi, 13, at the hands of his own father. The progenitor of her slaughtered her daughter knowing that, as a guardian of her -figure recognized by the law- of her, the grief that could fall by this type of crime was going to be reduced. Roman was allegedly fled from home along with her boyfriend, who was subsequently sentenced to lashes for "exhibitionism". The author of the murder was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Date Of Update: 08 February 2022, 16:13

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