Eladio Carrión: My love for the sport changed for love to money

Eladio Carrión imposes when he enters through the door with his height, his voice grave and his pose would be. Then he relaxes, he begins to speak of his coll

Eladio Carrión: My love for the sport changed for love to money

Eladio Carrión imposes when he enters through the door with his height, his voice grave and his pose would be. Then he relaxes, he begins to speak of his collection of Pokemon letters - "one of the best of Latin America" -, of his military "daddy" or what he loves to discover new restaurants, and everything changes.

Nominated to the Latin Grammy to the best album of Urban Music by Monarch, the trapemoon is carrying all over the world his love for Puerto Rico. The funny thing is that he was not born there.

It was in Kansas City, in 1994, but it would be a decade by changing from home and college dragged through the new destinations of his father.

"The first twice was strong. Afterwards when I got to a site, I was ready to leave, I knew I did not have to tie up a lot to people," he confesses, "I think there is still a little bit of that in me."

By fulfilling the 18 it seemed that he was going to dedicate his life to professional swimming. She came to represent Puerto Rico in several competitions and was among the best in short pool. However, one day he decides to leave it.

"I did it for money, swimming is a sport that, to be the elite you have to give it as if it were a job, I started working and that love to the sport changed for love for money, I fell in love with money," he says.

He alternated "normal works" with videos in Vine, where he began to gain popularity parodying songs from other artists. And it was during this time when Eladio himself discovered Also Puerto Rican Bad Bunny to his company, rhymes entertainment.

QUESTION. How do you take the jump to professional music?

ANSWER. Everything happened organically. In my comedies imitated the voices of artists and made songs like them. The artists began to seek me to write them and I sent them references. I was not sorry to fix commercial issues that do not make sense. They have many repetitive words and things like that.

I was not sorry to fix commercial issues that do not make sense

But already when I was selling letters that were very mine, songs with rhythms that I know that maybe another person will not have, because my musical background is very different from the ordinary artists of urban music Spanish-speaking, I said: pussy, let me do something. And I put a time limit. I said: If in two years I do not hit a song, I take myself out.

Q. How long did you take?

A. I was a time when I was delayed myself so as not to be in the public eye. I do not like that everyone is aware of everything it does, everything that you write. They always take it out of context. So I always had that fear of "giving my everything" just so as not to reach the level. I loved being in the underground.

Q. Have you had bad experiences?

A. I really do not care what people talk while my parents think well of me. It is simply knowing that there are so many people who have bad intentions and that they can pass you a bad day.

Q. You had written for others and knew what kind of songs they triumphed, were not you tempted to make a topic for you looking for you to stick fast?

A. I have never thought so because I prefer to take 10 years to hit my music, to take one and paste a music that does not fill me. Repetitive music is temporary. People remember you for a song and when you are going to do a concert they will not consume because you only have that song. Right now I have a two-hour and average trap show nothing more. They are songs that I look at the public and sing word by word. You see your faces and feel what I am writing. Not like others, who are singing for the air. They tell me: "Look at me, crazy, I went through that too. Look at me!" It is something very satisfactory.

Q. Why do you choose the trap instead of the regune?

A. I feel that in a reguetón I could not express myself that way. The reguetón is more than vibrated. Something that flows, commercial, talking about things by hunting. It is not very deep. People when you do not want to think a lot, listen to regurres. They want to hear a very good choir to learn and easily cradle. Although, like everything, it has its complexity and its magic. But I'm rapper, huh. The trap is by the base, the rhythm and that, but I am really rapping on top of these rhythms. So, I like to tell stories and it does not come out in regue. I could do it, but do not listen to the same, the feeling is not the same.

Q. What future do you adapt to the trap? Are you going to end up with the regundet one day?

A. I feel that a point that is going to be like in the USA now, at the Billboard Latino it is very difficult to see a trap with all those who are dating. Pop songs predominate. But in the USA it's the other way around. There are Lil Baby or Drake the first and then maybe ranked 7 see Justin Bieber. I think he can get to that. But the reguetón is never going to die, he will be for life. It is the root of everything. It is impossible for the region to die. IMPOSSIBLE.

Q. Have you felt prejudice towards your music?

R. Yes, of course. That I care is something else, but of course I felt them. I know that since I started I have matured much musically. It is very strange that I promote the drug and to speak ill of a woman. I understood very early that maybe you like for the beginning, but it satisfies more when one connects with people, not talking about that if the pistols, drugs ... when you connect with your audience those songs are already for life.

Q. But do you regret something?

R. No, no, no. Everything has made me what I am today. Any error, anything good. I do not regret anything.

Q. Have you done before other things and you have finished by leaving them, do you ever think about retiring from music?

R. Yes, but later. This is what has been passionate about and, besides, it gives me money, that is a super plus.

P. ¿Give well?

R. It is very difficult to live from music, but when you do it you can live well. You also have to know how to move your money, it's not all about music. You have to know how to put it here, put it here ...

Updated Date: 16 October 2021, 07:16

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