Elton John: I'm more excited about music now than ever before

Elton John sounds again on all radios and streaming lists with his Cold Heart, an instant hit that launched in August next to one of the pop stars of the moment

Elton John: I'm more excited about music now than ever before

Elton John sounds again on all radios and streaming lists with his Cold Heart, an instant hit that launched in August next to one of the pop stars of the moment, Dua Lipa. Thanks to this elegant and catchy Single, Sir Elton John has returned to number 1 in the United Kingdom after 16 years (then it was with his tribute to Tupac in Ghetto Gospel) and the US Billboard Chart after 20 years. And they come more: 15 themes a duo with 22 fashion artists like Nicki Minaj, the Renaison Miley Cyrus, the rapper Lil Nas, the Gorillaz electronics or legends like Stevie Wonder. Neither the age (74 years) nor the ailments of him (he has just undergoes a hip replacement operation) slow down Elton John, who lives one of the best professional moments of him.

"I never believed that I would record a record during confinement. I had no plans to make music at all. Everything has been like an accident, "explained Elton John from the Metropolis studios in London, in a brief world press conference with journalists from Russia, Brazil or Poland. This was how the virtual promotion of The Lockdown Sessions, an album of collaborations (some unusuals, such as that of the young singer of Country Jimmie Allen) that Universal Music will launch this Friday.

"It all started in March 2020, when I found Charlie Puth in a restaurant in Los Angeles. We did not know each other but in reality we live on four doors ... He told me that he went to the studio and that if he wanted to accompany him to make four mixtures. And I went, "he recalls. Thus, the first single of the album, after all, was born, a classic ballad very in the style Elton John and with the Romanticón touch of Charlie Puth. Then came a collaboration to the piano with Gorillaz and another with Miley Cyrus in the reversal of her classic Metallica, Nothing Else matters. From a dinner in Los Angeles with Dua Lipa, another collaboration emerged. "Gradually an album was born," says Elton John, who pulled the contact list and friends to create a disc in which he touches all the sticks and styles. "Topicians have come out completely different from anything I am known, things that took me out of my comfort zone," he admits. "I realized that there was something strangely familiar to work like that. At the beginning of my career, at the end of the 60, I worked as a session musician before being Elton. He played themes of other singers. He had closed a circle, "he adds.

A circle that closes with the younger and promising artists. "I would love to do something with Billie Erish someday, but not yet. She is still forging her path. She is formidable, responsible for her own successes her. And it is wonderful to see how a small flower becomes a beautiful tree, "says Elton John, erected in a symbolic godfather of a new generation, who has sounded or interviewed in his six years of radio program in the BBC. "When I came to America for the first time, Neil Diamond, the Beach Boys or Leon Russell supported me. I felt very happy that they would like my music and that they will validate what I was doing. I try to do the same with young musicians, because help, "he says.

And it is that Sir Elton does not want to say goodbye, as much as he announced in 2018 which would be his last tour, that of goodbye to the scenarios, Farewell Yellow Brick Road. A three-year macrotour with more than 300 concerts (in June 2019 passed through the Wizink de Madrid) that had to be postponed by the pandemic and, then, due to its hip problems. It does not seem that this is going to be Elton's goodbye. "I have learned something from all the artists with whom I have worked. At my age, 74, keep learning from other musicians is the greatest gift I can ask for. You can never stop learning. If you close your mind and say: "I have enough, I can do what I want, I do not need anyone" is death as an artist. I am more enthusiastic about music than ever, "he recognizes. And for Christmas he promises another song, the christmas de rigor, with the colleague of him Ed Sheeran.

Updated Date: 17 October 2021, 19:57

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