False myths that surround car insurance for young people

Two coverages of the insurance that you must use yes or yes, if you are looking for a car eléctricoCuánto would be willing to pay more for a car less contaminan

False myths that surround car insurance for young people
Two coverages of the insurance that you must use yes or yes, if you are looking for a car eléctricoCuánto would be willing to pay more for a car less contaminanteConsejos to drive safe in the midst of a storm

When you are between 18 and 25 years, the insurers do not want to know anything about it. Why? These are governed by a single word: loss ratio. And is that the data show that the impetus and the inexperience typical of the youth are closely linked with a higher number of accidents on the road and, therefore, greater expense for the insurance.

But the car insurance is mandatory and, although the insurers put remolonas, are the ones who will have to provide. However, everything is rather more simple, and to prove it, the insurance comparator Acierto.com it details some myths about car insurance for young people:

1. It doesn't matter what car you buy, the price of the insurance will always be prohibitive.

The price of the policy may be very different depending on the vehicle you purchase. The acquisition of the right coach is the first step to achieve the goal of getting a car insurance cheaper. The displacement, the fuel type, if you have three or five doors, whether it is new or second-hand... all of these factors will affect the price of insurance.

2. Already payment enough for being young, so contrataré the cheapest insurance.

in The same way that the model of your car will affect the price of insurance, form of insurance you obtain will have to be adjusted to the characteristics of the car that you have purchased. If it is a new car, an Third party coverage for Basic (it only covers the civil liability compulsory) may prove to be insufficient. And is that despite being the cheapest, in case of theft, fire or breakage of glass will not be covered by insurance. Of course, neither are the repairs that you need your vehicle after an accident in which you are guilty. So, the coverages that best fit your situation are the Third Expanded and All Risk with tax exemption.

on the other hand, if the car that you are going to ensure that you have a certain age, it makes little sense to secure to All Risk or Third-party Expanded, as the value of the vehicle since it is not very high and, therefore, the compensation that will be given to the insurer in case of total loss (theft, fire, or car unusable after accident) will be small. In this case, the most advisable thing would be insurance at Third Base.

3. I can fool the insurance company to get a better price.

the contract specifies outright that there is to declare the driver real. And don't try to fool the insurance companies, because the know it all:

-Trick 1: "My father, or my mother will be the owners of the policy. I don't show up, so do the price to them, that will be cheaper because they have experience". This that first it may seem a viable option, in reality it is not, because it is a failure to clear the contract on your part. In the event of an accident, the insurer can interpret deception as bad faith, and to wash the hands, so that all expenses are to be paid on your part (or that of your parents). Of course, you can forget about bonuses for good driving, as if not figures as the owner, the insurance companies don't count the bonuses that could be accumulated towards a possible change of company.

-Trick 2: "Ok, I appear in the policy but as an occasional driver even if you will take the car whenever I do." The majority of companies, faced with the risk of including a young driver on the policy even if it is by way of occasional increase of throw-the price of the same. In addition, in the event of an incident you still hurting on the history of claims of the holder, and, of course, you still can't collect bonus in your history as an insured.

4. Any insurance company think of young people.

Each time there are more companies interested in recruiting younger drivers despite the risk that this entails according to the statistics of accidents they handle. The main examples are those of Ycar Mapfre and "Pay as I drive" of Generali, two products focused on young people that analyze the driving habits of the user to determine the final price. For example, a driver of 19 years, a resident in the centre of Madrid and holder of a Seat Ibiza petrol new 3-door, Acierto.com highlights deals as of Balumba and Qualitas Auto, for 305 euros and 362 euros, respectively, will ensure to this type of profile, a price pretty tight.

5. No, no one wants me.

it Is curious that the Law forces you to hire a car insurance and no one wants to sell, but it can happen, because by law the entities are not obliged to make sure. But if this happens to you, you should know that there is the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which belongs to the State, and welcomes all those who are not admitted in any private insurer. To enter in the Consortium, you must prove that you have requested at least two entities that will ensure and that both have been rejected. If so, the Consortium will provide insurance, which will cover only what was contained in the Law, the Civil Liability Mandatory.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2019, 07:00

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