How (not) Raising a child who will be a murderer

Many years before Ethan crumbley perpetrated a massacre at the Institute of Michigan in which he studied, a neighbor warned the authorities that the situation a

How (not) Raising a child who will be a murderer

Many years before Ethan crumbley perpetrated a massacre at the Institute of Michigan in which he studied, a neighbor warned the authorities that the situation at the minor's house was not normal. The child, then 8 or 9 years old, used to knock on her door when she left her parents of her, who was often. He liked to travel bars and toned with a few glasses without worrying about anything else.

Kayla Lemieux, who lives near James and Jennifer Crumbley, opened the door and received him. "They did not even leave a phone," she explained to 'Detroit Free Press'. She says that she was soon, she notified the authorities, not knowing if they came to intervene because the panorama did not change at all. She also warned the parents of the complaint, but her mother defended himself saying that the child "was fine", which was already old enough to stay alone from time to time.

They did not do anything when the morning of the shooting, on November 30, received the notice of the authorities after finding a worried drawing of his son, already 15 years old. He had painted a smiling companion, with a bullet shot and the weapon he later used to kill four companions, all teenagers, and hurt seven people.

A day before, a teacher caught him looking for ammunition for his gun on the Internet. Neither parents nor the school's address decided to take letters in the matter. They suggested their parents to take Ethan back home that morning. They refused. The young man, armed with a semiautomatic weapon who had given him at home as an advance of Christmas, unloaded 30 rounds of ammunition and altered the life of four families forever.

Despite completely ignoring the warnings and not feeling responsible for what happened, they went to the escape as soon as it began to sound in the media the possibility of facing charges for their child's barbarism. Hours later, the District Attorney of the Oakland District, Karen McDonald, confirmed four charges for each one for involuntary homicide, as well as accusing the author of the massacre of a first-degree murder, terrorism and assault with intention to assassinate in his deployment Violent at the Oxford Institute.

The Attorney General of Michigan, Dana Nessel, told CNN that he does not rule out that the flight of the parents raise punishment if convicted. "They are more likely to receive higher sentences," she said. Jennifer and James disappeared on Friday and were arrested by the police on Saturday in the study of an artist, Andrzej Sikora, 65 years old. Sikora is being questioned to find out if he helped hide the crumbley on the outskirts of Detroit.

The three members of the family are detained in the same center, isolated and under permanent surveillance to avoid suicides. Although there is no communication between them, the young man knows that his parents are detained on a bail of half a million dollars each. They have declared not guilty of any crime in relation to the shooting.

The young man could not help the tears when hearing the charges that now weigh on her and her husband. Both were raised and met in Detroit, she, 43, working until recently as marketing director at a real estate agency, and he, from 45, employed in small software and technology companies. From the latter, a headquarters based in San Francisco, fired him in July for reasons not linked to the incident with her son, as confirmed one of the members of the company.

Both have had problems with the authorities for driving under the effects of alcohol, but otherwise their file is clean, according to their lawyer. For James Crumbley, Jennifer's is second marriage. With Michelle Cobb, 39, he has a son of 18, Elijah, whom the mother of her has tried to maintain the margin of this crisis.

Cobb has indicated several US media that what happened does not fit with the profile or with the image he has from his son's father. "He loved him to death," he said. "We had a fantastic relationship," he interrupted after meeting the second wife of him, with whom he married three months later.

The District Prosecutor has indicated that he does not rule out on presenting charges against school members that, being able to have registered the student backpack and ticket off before the massacre, opted for not doing so. "We have not ruled out anything." On the other hand, the Superintendent of the School District, Tim Throne, has defended himself in a statement claiming that "the parents of the student never warned the school district that (Ethan) had direct access to a firearm or who had bought him a Weapon recently ".

Apparently, the student attributed his search for ammunition into networks to a family hobby and explained that his macabre and violent drawings were for a videogame. "At no time do the teachers understood that the student wanted to hurt others based on their behavior, their answers and the behavior of it, in apparent calm". Crasso error.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2021, 20:39

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