How to make family food for Thanksgiving surrounded by 'Antivacunas'

Many employees in the United States of the largest private enterprise in the world by business volume, Walmart, owe to Covid-19, for the second consecutive year

How to make family food for Thanksgiving surrounded by 'Antivacunas'

Many employees in the United States of the largest private enterprise in the world by business volume, Walmart, owe to Covid-19, for the second consecutive year, to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Because Walmart is a chain of supermarkets and, like many other companies in that sector, always opens Thanksgiving.

The reason is that the day after thanksgiving, at twelve and a minute of the night, begins the 'black Friday', that is, the oldest day of the country's rebates, which owes its name, precisely, to It supposes that it is on that day when the stores come out of the 'red numbers' and enter 'black numbers', that is, in benefits. And, to have everything ready, you have to open before. Or, better, do not close. Because the 'Black Friday' is something so incredible that almost every year there is a deadman for crushing.

But, with just 59% of the population vaccinated - less than in Morocco or in Sri Lanka - the deaths of 'Black Friday' (or, in English, 'Black Friday') would not be crushing while looking for a washing machine or some Cheap pants They would be by Covid-19. So Walmart and other retail giants have decided to send employees home, to celebrate the pantagrowal food of thanksgiving. The problem is that, in that house, workers will be found, almost with total security, with family members who are unstifted. And that they also do not want them to get vaccinated them, because, it is already known, the vaccine has a microchip, makes men women and women men, kills more than the Covid, or, according to some other versions, attacks the soul.

And that poses several problems of a practical nature. The first How to eat next to Uncle Frank (and, in this case, the author of these lines is talking about a very real person), a firm follower of the conspiratory theory Qanon, who is not only not going to be vaccinated, but Do not just be very convinced that Rothschild do not control the world, as they do with the rest of the land media?

Obviously, with a mask you do not eat, nor turkey or anything. So the US media have suggested some possible solutions. The most obvious, the casting "that runs the air". That is, dine in the garden, something that have many houses in the US. And, if you live in an apartment, open the windows and there is current.

The problem is that November 25 that strategy can save from Covid at the cost of provoking another respiratory disease, known as pneumonia. In Tampa at 2:00 pm he was 23 degrees Celsius, but in Washington, only 9, and Denver, at 6. That guarantees a family dinner with the same joy as those that are sometimes celebrated when, after the Death of a loved one, the distribution of the inheritance is discussed. Other options, such as separating the diners - on the one hand, the vaccinated, on the other, those who are not - are viable from the sanitary point of view, but not for someone who has done 3,000 or 4,000 kilometers to go to dinner with the family.

The second problem is what to talk about. There, the Americans, who used to be entrusted by nature, have demonstrated an adaptability that would make it proud of Darwin himself: more than half of the population states that he has stopped playing political issues in family. With the middle of the country calling In the other half "fascists" or "communists" consensus is problematic.

Some suggest trying to bring positions with innocuous ideas, such as showing interest in how the interlocutor makes decisions, what events have marked him in life and, from there, trying to understand what his mental mechanism is and try to explain that the same pfizer who is He makes the Viagra that has not been read the prospect is that of the vaccine. It is a line of acting perhaps effective in theory, but problematic when stuffing turkey that has a capacity to cause sontolence similar to that of a valium (for continuing with the pharmacopoeia). And, in addition, if one is reported by a telegram channel, and thinks that the one at its side works for Rothschild (or Soros), the capacity for conviction is scarce. The best this Thanksgiving Day is eating little, not talking anything and trying to breathe as little as possible. And go as soon as possible to the waves of the Walmart.

Updated Date: 24 November 2021, 20:12

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