Jaime Ostos, the bullfighter who could not fulfill his dream of reaching 100 years

The illusion of Jaime Ostos was to reach 100 years, a figure that he fulfilled his father and his grandfather, but this time he has not been able to submit to t

Jaime Ostos, the bullfighter who could not fulfill his dream of reaching 100 years

The illusion of Jaime Ostos was to reach 100 years, a figure that he fulfilled his father and his grandfather, but this time he has not been able to submit to that "old well known" to which he affirmed, he did not fear, because many times already He had faced her.

"It does not scare me death, I've seen it face to face several times after suffering 25 cranches in my bullfighter," the Matador confessed in the tribute that last October he canal south at 90 years.

The first time he was given for dead he was in Tarazona, in 1963, when he was 32 years old and suffered a very serious caught for which he needed to transfuse 10 liters of blood and gave him extremely.

Recently, in the year 2020, he was admitted to a Madrid hospital two months. He became seriously operated a couple of times and heard a doctor say "tonight, maybe it does not happen." To make up, he was infected by Coronavirus, stayed in less than 45 kilos, but managed to recover and even with great willpower to walk after a wheelchair time.

And it is that if something characterized this unrepeatable character that was the bullfighter Jaime Ostos, born in the Sevillian town of Écija on April 8, 1931, they were his desire to enjoy life, his courage because he did not become achatened before anything Neither anyone, and the great sense of humor with which adversities faced.

It was a great figure of bullfighting in the 60s and 70s, until it was definitively withdrawn from the wheels in 2003 in its Écija Square, so much that I became a 'courageous' movie, directed by Luis Marquina, and the Master Quiroga composed a pasodoble that premiered Empire of Triana.

But, outside of the Taurine chronicles he was also in the focus of the news especially for his agitated love life. He married twice: the first one in the Basilica of La Macarena in October 1960 with Consuelo Alcalá, a pretty lawyer Jienense with whom he had his two older children: Gabriela, currently married to Bertrand Nouuel and mother of two children, and Jaime , married with Yolanda García López.

Beans and consolation separated after nine years of marriage and obtained the ecclesiastical nullity, but the relationship between them did not end well, and even their ex-wife came to some television set to relate the infidelities of Jaime, who was also the father of a daughter of Your relationship with Aurora Díaz.

Already separated from consolation, the skill gave the bell for its romance with an ancient Hollywood actress Lita Trujillo, the beautiful and wealthy widow of the Son of the Dominican dictator Leonidas Trujillo. It was a lasting passion, as they lived together many years together in the luxurious chalet of Lita in Madrid, in the exclusive urbanization La Moraleja, although Jaime, Genius and Figure, did not give up other conquests.

He was even crossed by the way an attractive Zamoranian doctor named María Ángeles Grajal, at that time married to the son of a famous Livestock Salmantina, Mercedes Pérez Tabernero.

Ostos often tempted on that farm and thus arose his crush with María Ángeles, who broke his marriage for the love of the skill, with which he married himself civilly in March 1987 El El Escorial, being his witnesses dew jurado and the prestigious Attorney Antonio Garrigues Walker.

From his union was born a son, Jacobo in 1984, but the shadow of Lita Trujillo, who could not forget his ancient love, was one of the reasons why the couple spent a long separate season.

By then a wealthy character called Alfonso García Montalvo, famous for the flamenco journeys that organized in his luxurious penthouse of the Madrid Street San Bernardo, began to throw the yews to Dr. and Jaime, crazy of jealousy, he failed to recover Mari Angeles , with which he was married again in 2014, this time by the church in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid).

The couple would never be separated and together they went everywhere, enjoying an intense social life: they both loved flamenco and were fixed in the dew and the Fair of Seville. Ostos devoted many to what was the great hobby of him, the painting, in the study of the villa of the campodón urbanization, located on the Highway of Extremadura, where the marriage resided.

Destro has died as a result of an infarction this January 8, 2022 in Colombia, where he had traveled this Christmas with his wife, his great love and also lately his best doctor. "She has saved her life, although I think nobody dies on the eve but the day she touches her," the Master recently recognized.

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