Kate Middleton turns 40 with her popularity at the top

The Duchess of Cambridge and Futura Queen of England, Kate Middleton, celebrates her 40 years, at the top of her popularity and with an increasingly important r

Kate Middleton turns 40 with her popularity at the top

The Duchess of Cambridge and Futura Queen of England, Kate Middleton, celebrates her 40 years, at the top of her popularity and with an increasingly important role within the British royal family.

Born Catherine Middleton and nicknamed Kate, this former art student, plebeian, entered the most observed family in the United Kingdom in 2011. For many, Prince Guillermo's wife, the eldest son of the heir to the throne, symbolizes the future of the monarchy .

Brown hair and always impeccable appearance, Kate always fulfills a smile with her official commitments, sending a confidence image at a difficult time for a monarchy that has no choice but close rows in front of the scandals and various divisions.

Recently, he was again pleased his followers and an enthusiastic press during a Christmas concert at Westminster's abbey, retransmitted on television and dedicated to those who worked during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Duchess of Cambridge accompanied the piano to singer Tom Walker, who played his theme "for these who can not here" (for those who can not be present).

Both Kate Middleton and her husband, Guillermo, who will turn 40 in June, have gained visibility since the health crisis began, performing videoconferences with health workers or counting his confined life with his children Jorge, Carlota and Luis - in a great Country house-- and the avatars of home education.

As the restrictions have been softening and that Queen Isabel II, 95, has been reducing activities on his agenda, the couple has multiplied official appearances, from the world premiere of the new delivery of the James Bond saga Until the summit on climate COP26.

Kate, in addition, has been involved more in his favorite themes, such as childhood and, along with Guillermo, mental health and environmental protection.

The deprived private of marriage, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, cited among his virtues that he has his feet on earth and his imperturbable character.

"Take time to talk to people," explained Lowther-Pinkerton to the Times, comparing it with the mother of Queen Isabel II, a symbol of British resistance during World War II: "When you have to do something, she does it".

In the dawn of his relationship with Guillermo, at the Scottish University of Saint Andrews, the social origins of Kate, who ran into a middle class family, gave a lot to talk, as well as his ability to integrate into the world of royalty , full of traditions and conventions.

But she, at least in public, has given the impression of perfectly adapting to her obligations related to her role in the royal family, unlike her sister-in-law Meghan, little dear by the tabloids and quite unpopular among the British.

With Kate Middleton, the media have been quite benevolent, especially since Meghan and her husband, Prince Enrique, popularly known as Harry, decided to get away from the royal family and move to the United States.

Some attribute the difference of the treatment granted by the media to Kate and Meghan to a contempt towards those who leave easily, something that goes against British phlegm.

And, even so, Kate has also been criticized, especially because of her irreproachable appearance. The writer Hilary Mante came even to compare it with a "showcase mannequin, without personality".

However, Kate sees her, within the royal family, as someone with whom you can count at a delicate moment, among the explosive confidences of Enrique and Meghan and the accusations of sexual assault dramatically against the second son of the Sovereign, Prince Andrés.

In the middle of the storm, the royal family has closed ranks around a few members. And, like Guillermo, the father of him, Prince Charles, has gained more importance, preparing to succeed his mother.

Given the age of Prince Charles (73 years) and its low popularity, many commentators point out that their reign will be rather a transition before the arrival of Guillermo and Kate to the throne.

"Surely, they will give the monarchy, after some old monarchs, a sense of modernity that is probably necessary to help their continuity," said Specialist Robert Jobson.

Updated Date: 09 January 2022, 15:44

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