MasterChef Celebrity 6: Miki Nadal and Terelu, expelled in the sixth gala

The Gala 6 of MasterChef Celebrity 2021 has had as invited to its kitchens to the humorist and Showman Carlos Latre. The exterior test has been held in Menor

MasterChef Celebrity 6: Miki Nadal and Terelu, expelled in the sixth gala

The Gala 6 of MasterChef Celebrity 2021 has had as invited to its kitchens to the humorist and Showman Carlos Latre.

The exterior test has been held in Menorca, named European Gastronomic Region. Specifically, on the small island of Lazareto, where aspirants have prepared a menu for 100 diners with proximity products, designed by the chefs Collado frame and Oriol Castell.

After the expulsion of Tamara, Samantha Hudson, Vanesa Romero, Yotuel and Julianiantzi today cooking will return to test the contestants. Today, the expelled have been two: Miki Nadal and Terelu Fields, for their failed elaborations of the sea and mountain that the judges had asked them in the elimination test.

They have not managed to convince the judges and both leave expelled from the sixth Gala of MasterChef Celebrity. Miki has not been able to integrate all the necessary ingredients into the plate and Terelu, who has never recognized not having cooked a sea and mountain, he has not been able to prepare a plate according to the demands of a talent gala.

The judges have valued their dish very well, in which it has integrated the four ingredients of the previous test. That is, what they have asked for aspirants, no more or less. Arkano continues, instead, dejected. Samantha, after the tasting, has not seen him as bad as the rapper considered.

Terelu tells him without further, shrivences: "This is not a sea and mountain." Miki, who is the last to present, does not make a good dish and, in addition, has not included the Espardente, that is, the four ingredients are not integrated.

The Chef Oriol Castro (two Michelin stars) proposes a dish to the four aspirants played by the permanence: Arkano, Terelu, Miki and Juanma. They will have to make a sea and mountain with the chicken, the golden, the Espardensman and the hedges of the previous test. Arkano recognizes that he sees it ... more black than ever.

In the second turn compens Terelu, Arkano and Verónica Forqué. Terellu is enraps with the coquette and not atin with the boning of chicken. He recognizes that he does not feel like it. The thing paints badly for the presenter. Veronica Forqué is the one who saves and up the stairs very excited.

Before the elimination test, two teams are made. The first, with Bustamante, Miki and Juanma, has to clean a coquelet chicken, a golden, a hedgehog and an Espardensman, but in a hurry. The fastest, David Bustamante. Therefore, he finally saves from the elimination test.

MasterChef has decided that on each team are three applicants who adjust the black apron. The captains of both, Miki and Juanma Castaño, have been volunteers. Terelu and Arkano, too. The third parties have been more played: in the blue team, Victoria and Veronica are measured and finally, it is the latter that takes it.

In the blue team, an ugly gesture of Eduardo Navarrete, which appropriates unilaterally from the white apron, leaves Bustamante and Bethlehem in the Brete to hang it. It is David Bustamante who does it, although Pepe Rodríguez slopes the behavior of Navarrete and names Bustamante better aspirant of the test.

The chef Collado Marco and Judge Pepe Rodríguez read the primer to the aspirants. If it is not for them, "does not come out or the porcelain dish," says the designer Eduardo Navarrete, of the red team. In all the baskets there are three black aprons and the captains will have to distribute them between their team. Who will it touch?

Jordi Cruz was preparing the mayonnaise but Verónica Forqué has taken over and at the end ... he has cut it. Terelu complains that she has not been in charge of doing it, since she has been doing it for many years and embroidered. Second mayonnaise attempt: it came out! To Miki, Captain of the Red Team, is also costing the sauce. It is Belén López who in the end resolves the ballot.

Chefs who have designed the menu, collado frame and Oriol Castell, and Jordi Cruz and Pepe Rodríguez judges, are going to enter the cooked because the dishes are not advancing. Samantha, in fact, has entered a basilisk, whipping the teams, but the thing goes ... regular.

The actress always stars memorable moments, but most, for the moment, constitute moments of tension. Eduardo Navarrete, without a lot of modesty, asks "how the Vero is", in allusion to the tone departures; She has already had some rifirrafe with Terelu and with Victoria April, who says out of camera that she "she is a free neutron and that she is no longer in this world." However, the one that plunged her most, carmina, has recognized that, compared to other galas, "Gertrudis is not being bad."

Carmina has not disguised her reluctance to cook with Veronica Forqué, because she says, she "becomes very nervous". But the forqué, although she has stayed the last one in the delivery of aspirants, has ended on the blue team, with carmina. "Today I am good, I changed," said Veronica. We will see.

Lazareto Island is the stage for the test in which Miki and Juanma Castaño are the captains. In the team of Miki, red, are Bethlehem, Bustamante, Eduardo Navarrete and Arkano. Theyharán a cabrah and a torrija. Juanma Castaño, the blue team, has a carmina, Ivan, Terelu, Victoria and Verónica Forqué. It will be a mantou with tomato tartar and a plate of octopus with aubergine.

They have 150 minutes to prepare the menu, based on fish and local product, designed by the chefs Collado frame and Oriol Castell

Carmina Barrios receives good rating. The dishes, Jordi Cruz has said, were rich and she had even put the hairs on tip. Verónica Forqué, on the other hand, is not applauded: "There has been a time when I did not know how to distinguish the hamburger, from the tartar, the tiramisu," said Pepe Rodríguez. In addition, the judges give it the dirt of it in the kitchen. Miki Nadal receives good assessments, finally, as Juanma Castaño. Both have been the best valued.

Verónica Forqué Itches everything ... a lot. One of the dishes, the Steak Tartar, she has touched him to Pepe, with whom the actress makes good crumbs and with whom she shares, in addition, meditation and yoga exercises. In the valuation of the recipe, the chef has not been around the branches: "This is a guarry." But eye, that the next plate he presents is the particular tiramisu of him. The appearance, of course, is disastrous. She herself recognizes that she is not tiramisu, but "an approximation."

Verónica Forqué is excused that her daughter is vegan to explain that she does not know how to make hamburgers. She has prepared one with all the chopped ingredients. Original.

Pepe Rodríguez approaches Victoria April because he is delayed in the preparation of the dishes. The hamburger, for example, one of the dishes commissioned by the judges, she is not even going to cook her. "I do not have time, I prefer to do two things, but well," he recognizes.

David Bustamante recognizes that he does not usually use the home delivery service, except in the confinement, a time when he was spent, according to his own words. Both he used it, that he has recognized having lost the form: he grew up 26 kilos.

The actress presents his first Delivery dish and is excused because he advances walking with some slowness: "I have a contracture, I go a little at idle." The dishes continue to enter the Tablet and the contestants today go to sweat the fat drop. Victoria April: "This test is a fright."

Pepe Rodríguez asks the comedian if he does not want to be a future contestant from MasterChef Celebrity. Latre answers: "I would love it, to see if I find a hole."

Aspirants uncover the boxes and underneath there ... a tablet. So that? To see what orders have to attend. Those orders, of course, the judges, Samantha, Jordi and Pepe. They warn them that they will enter several simultaneously, as in any restaurant that offers home delivery. Carlos Latre recommends them "organization". They have 90 minutes ahead to complete the test. The first order: vegetable chips and 10 minutes to elaborate it. To run.

Just before the start of the first test, which will be attended by a food service at home, Terel Fields confesses to the judges that has a problem in the denture, but that will try to be 100 percent.

The actress, who has starred at times in the program for his tone departures, his authoritarianism and his uptire, is already on Twitter:

This week, the aspirants of MasterChef Celebrity 6 will have to attend a food service at home, a practice that during the pandemic had to carry out many restaurants so that customers could enjoy their dishes. The judges and the humorist Carlos Latre, guest of the program, will be those who value how the service has gone. Through some tablets, contestants will receive the commands with what they want to take and the time they should elaborate.

Abel Arana usually advances some spoiler on Instagram program bait mode. One of them is like a redouble of drums. He has said: "Today you are not going to believe who is going to be expelled, it will be the most beast expulsion of the whole season, do not go to bed." Quinielas are served.

Last week he expelled was Julian Iantzi. The presenter of Navarro origin explained to Arana that he was born in California because his parents emigrated to the US to seek a future for his family. When they could, they returned. He has also remembered with emotion the detail of David Bustamante with his mother, who died during the recording of the program: the singer sent him a very affectionate video that gave him a smile in his last days. A gesture that neither Julian nor the family of him will forget.

Iantzi has only had words of thanks for his colleagues and about Verónica Forqué and his controversial reactions, he said: "It's a cramp, yes, but it's wonderful."

Yotuel's expulsion was very commented by the entire audience. Therefore, Arana has advanced that many fans of the program expect him to be the chosen one to rejoin the contest when the Repepping arrives, next week. Also the singer has shared with the followers of the Instagram Inst of MasterChef Celebrity that although he already knew David busbustly, among them a great and sincere friendship has emerged.

The Cuban singer, who was expelled at the fourth Gala, has confessed Abel Arana, the presenter who performs the direct prior to Masterchef Celebrity on Instagram, which was not the talent with intention to compete. He has also reported the personal history of his struggle when leaving Cuba and his activism in favor of the freedom he wants for his country.

Updated Date: 19 October 2021, 20:26

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