Matteo Renzi announces his abandonment of the PD to form a party

Italian politics does not stop sorprenderMacron uses an application to control minute-to-minute their ministrosEl new Italian government changes immigration pol

Matteo Renzi announces his abandonment of the PD to form a party
Italian politics does not stop sorprenderMacron uses an application to control minute-to-minute their ministrosEl new Italian government changes immigration policy and allows the landing of immigrants in Lampedusa

Italy is living today a new political earthquake in the left and in the newly born government Conte. Matteo Renzi has abandoned the Democratic Party and create their own training policy. This was confirmed by own former prime minister and ex-secretary of the PD, now a senator, in a telephone call to the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, confirming that it will maintain its support to the government. In a long interview to the newspaper "La Repubblica", Renzi stated that it will continue to thirty parliamentarians that will form autonomous groups in the Chamber of deputies and in the Senate: "What pushes me to leave the PD is the lack of a vision of the future". The new party of Renzi will be centrist, and could be called "Italy itself", in contrast with the Movement 5 Stars, which, according to him, represents the "Italy of the not". "I think that there is space for a new thing -says Renzi-. This is not center or left, but occupies less space used by the Italian politics: the space of the future". "It will not be a traditional match, it will be a house -adds - And it will be feminist with a lot of women of level in the guide. Teresa Bellanova -minister of Agriculture - will be the head of the delegation in the government." Against those who argue that it runs the risk of political irrelevance and strengthen the right, while weakening the PD and the government Conte who has been born with a certain fragility, the former mayor of Florence says that he will make the "war" the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini: "I want to go to war against those who sow hatred. The next few years I want to pass on opposed front against the populism of Salvini. I want to wait for that also the PD is worry about him and not Matteo Renzi. The war I want to do to Salvini. Build a new model of political community, innovative, not tied to the schemes of the last century. I will try to do so with enthusiasm and determination. We will be many."

Operation power

The cleavage of Renzi's PD is typical of the operation of power, known in Italy as an action of "Palazzo" (Palace). The leads maturing a long time. In a first moment, she was inclined to put in practice also in Italy a match like LREM the French president, Emmanuel Macron. The split now comes with the rebellion of the former prime minister against the current direction of PD, because each day had less in the party. Matteo Renzi wants to be decisive and influence the government's agenda and also nominations. In the first quarter of next year will choose the presidents and directors of hundreds of companies, some of them multinational companies of first level world, as the energy company ENEL and ENI, very influential in the architecture of power in Italy. Renzi was instrumental in the appointment of many of those leaders who are about to complete their mandate and want to continue to be. This is a key action for power, an operation of "Palazzo".

Renzi, furious

The cleavage of Renzi is also motivated in good measure by his irritation at the view that is pushed around long in the PD. Matteo Renzi, 40, a former prime minister between February 2014 and December of 2016, was the great inspirer of the current coalition government of Giuseppe Conte. Renzi considered, after the crisis of open government by the leader of the League on the 8th of August, that Italy could not go to the elections with immediate it was Matteo Salvini, because that meant running the risk that the former minister of the Interior was done with all the power. After a tough fight with the secretary of the PD, Nicola Zingaretti, won the strategy of Matteo Renzi , who preferred to agree with his adversaries, as always, to the founder of the M5E Beppe Grillo and his grillinos, before you see the far-right Matteo Salvini seize power after an election in which it had been swept: The surveys were given to Salvini, the 37-38 per 100 in intention of vote. Hence the decision of the leader of the League of breaking the coalition to capitalize on this consensus.

The chagrin of Matteo Renzi has been growing after the formation of the government. The former mayor of Florence, still retains great influence in the PD, because he prepared the electoral lists of the last elections of march 2018. Obviously, not all will. In the Senate it had a couple of dozens of senators faithful to your current, and almost fifty in the Chamber of deputies. At the moment, around thirty parliamentarians approve the decision of Renzi. Here also there has been an uphill battle policy: The current secretary, Nicola Zingaretti, would have wanted to go to new elections, as requested by Salvini, to remove that power and influence to Renzi developing some electoral lists without the followers of the former prime minister. In fact, the composition of the new government created deep unease in Renzi, on the grounds that his power was not sufficiently represented on the list of ministers and under-secretaries. Furious, the ex-secretary of the PD came to this conclusion: "they Want me to go, I'm going".

thus Comes the umpteenth spin-off of the Italian left, whose historical constant is the divide. One of the governments of the centre-left headed by the prime minister Romano Prodi, founder of the Olive tree, was made up of a dozen parties . Nor the power prevented the fragmentation. With of Renzi, this is the fourth split suffered by the PD since its foundation in October 2007.


Until the last moment, Renzi has received very strong pressures to avoid the cleavage. The minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, very influential in a stream of the match, he has made a plea to not abandon it: "The PD is your home and ours, let us not separate". The former prime minister, Enrico Letta, was perplexed: "When there are spin-offs, ruptures are dramatic . At this time there is need for unity and humility". Meanwhile, the secretary of the PD Zingaretti tried to mediate: "to be Divided would be very serious, Italy wouldn't understand".

The PD-lived this Monday a day of dramatic. The majority of its militants were with the soul in suspense pending the decision of Matteo Renzi, without hiding a fear: the march of the former mayor of Florence may have as a result the new government to Conte last few months. It would be a gift to Matteo Salvini. Some analysts, and even politicians of the Democratic Party, believe that the decision of Renzi can be disastrous for the PD, to the government and Renzi. Anyway, today senator has wanted to transmit calm to the government Conte, which is taking its first steps and it would be very serious be weakened by serious internal problems of one of the two parties of the coalition. The ex-secretary of the PD ensures that, “paradoxically”, the government will be reinforced. Hopes that his party is the third leg in which it can support the government Conte, other than those in the PD and the M5E.

A party of 7 per cent

For a moment, with the former mayor of Florence will make two women ministers (the owners of Farming and Family), about five senators and at least 20 deputies. The new party will be already in this week's a parliamentary group at the Congress. You will have more difficulties in the Senate, because the rules of this camera prevents it from forming groups to parties that do not present themselves with their stands on the election. But Renzi hopes to have some flexibility to have their own group also in the Senate.

Your goal is very clear: to have a decisive Influence in the new parliamentary majority of the PD-M5E supports the government and condition the agenda of the executive. Electorally, the polls give a party of Renzi around 7 per 100 in intention of vote. Your aspiration is to also host in its bosom some politicians dissatisfied with the party of Berlusconi, Forza Italia, every day more and more weak due to lack of leadership.

Date Of Update: 17 September 2019, 15:00

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