New Clio: the fifth generation ready to re-validate your success

The new, and more stylized Renault Clio, you will arrive in septiembreNuevo exterior design and interior upgrades for the Renault KoleosRenault Capture, ambassa

New Clio: the fifth generation ready to re-validate your success
The new, and more stylized Renault Clio, you will arrive in septiembreNuevo exterior design and interior upgrades for the Renault KoleosRenault Capture, ambassador of the Spain Brand in Frankfurt

Makes 30 years that the Renault Clio came on the market in substitution of an icon of the automotive, the Renault 5 and the Supercinco. Since 1990, it's been four generations , two awards of car of the Year in Europe, and the Best Car ABC in 1991 (the Renault 5 also won the most prestigious award of the motor in Spain in 1973) . We have sold about 15 million of Clio, mainly in Europe, arriving in the year 2018 to overcome its historical record. The Clio's fourth generation makes way for the Clio V in the top of the podium, being the best selling car in Europe, so from the brand ensure that they have prepared a substitute of height, with a best quality real and perceived, with an evolution in the design, and that has changed absolutely everything but their essence.

According to research conducted by Renault, the criterion of purchase of the Clio has as main argument the exterior design (45%), followed by price (29%). This is the reason why the designers of the new model, which in this week is made the first deliveries in the dealers earlier, retains the outward appearance of the Clio IV, but in reality it has been changed and designed absolutely all its parts.

The new Clio uses a new platform, is 12 millimeters shorter, you have 4 mm less in width and 8 high, but would still get increase your livability , especially in regard to the space available for the rear seats (you now have 2 more cm to the knee) and trunk, which now he comes to 391 litres of capacity.

It has noticeably improved the aerodynamics, weight and handling, that thanks to the new platform CMF-B is precise and agile, with a more responsive steering, better ride brake pedal, and with better rolling resistance . During the testing of the first units that arrived in Spain, in particular the variant of petrol with 100 HP, we have noticed a remarkable reduction of the noise, thanks to the chassis but also to the improvement of the soundproofing and the reduction of the aerodynamic coefficient, this last thanks to the ground plane and the design of the mirrors.

On the inside the change is more radical , virtually has nothing to do with the Clio today. Attention is called to the board to board, which is digital, and the large-type screen "tablet" that boasts of being the largest market in its segment.

This multimedia screen of 9.3 inches vertical and slightly wide bend visually on the dashboard, brings a lot of modernity to the interior and improves the readability. offers, through its new connected system EASY LINK, all the multimedia features, navigation and "infotainment", in addition to the settings MULTI-SENSE, which may be accessed quite easily. We also have numerous holes to allow objects inside the vehicle that come to add 26 liters.

In terms of technology, it comes equipped with the latest in terms of connectivity and with the novel system of driving, “Highway & Traffic Jam Companion”, which represents the first step towards driving autonomously, as well as with a complete series of 12 ADAS (driver assistance).

In terms of the offer mechanics, of time are available in spain, variants of gasoline of 100 and 130 HP and 85 HP diesel , although in the next few months will be added to the offer the basic engine of petrol with 75 HP, a diesel of 115, and as a great novelty, from the early months of 2020, the hybrid version Clio E-Tech. It is the first hybrid car of Renault, and has developed thanks to the experience achieved with their models 100% electric, as the Zoe. By the time the price of the Clio part of 15,600 euros, in anticipation of the arrival of the basic versions of petrol and 75 BHP of power .

This Clio Hybrid will have 130 HP of power, thanks to a gasoline engine and two electric. As main features, the car will boot always in electric-only mode , being able to get to circular, in urban commuting, 80% of the time in electric-only mode, which would result in a saving of 40% in fuel.

The new Clio has several package customization to the central console, the dashboard, the door panels, steering wheel and armrests, among others. There are more than eight indoor and ambient lighting available in a palette of eight colors.

Date Of Update: 19 September 2019, 04:01

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