New live government: ICETA leaves territorial policy: & quot; I feel a lot to leave this ministry, what

The new Ministers of the Government of Pedro Sánchez today assume their positions, in an exchange of portfolios that began with their promise before the king at

New live government: ICETA leaves territorial policy: & quot; I feel a lot to leave this ministry, what
The new Ministers of the Government of Pedro Sánchez today assume their positions, in an exchange of portfolios that began with their promise before the king at the Palace of La Zarzuela and that later he is leading them to give relief to his predecessors in their respective ministries. Diana Morant: & amp; quot; science requires a stable political commitment & amp; quot; After swearing the position of it before the King in La Zarzuela, the until now Mayor of Gandia, Diana Morant, has received from Pedro Duque the portfolio of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Teresa Guerrero reports. & amp; quot; The most important thing is that this relay comes at a very positive moment for science and innovation in Spain. [Our country] has decided to put a lot of recovery funds for science. We have approved the largest budget in history for science and innovation and the one next year promises to be even higher & amp; quot; has said Pedro Duque, who has reproached that & amp; there are people who still wondering that We have done in these years & amp; quot; And he has reviewed some of the measures he has taken during his three years in front of the Ministry of Science. & amp; quot; I have a little bit too long & amp; quot; He has affirmed him. For the part of it, Diana Morant has expressed the gratitude of her & amp; quot; for confidence & amp; quot; And she has moved that of her & amp; quot; commitment for a vital commitment: that science and innovation are a lever for the recovery of Spain & amp; quot; For this, she & amp; quot; science requires a stable political commitment & amp; quot; & amp; quot; I arrive at this portfolio at a key moment by the pandemic & amp; Quot;, the new minister said, which has underlined that & amp; quot; science is the answer and vaccination is the first step for recovery. Society entrusts increasingly in science & amp; quot; she added she. The new Minister has shown her will to make more visible the role of women involved in the world of science and to encourage them to devote themselves more to this area. So, she has remembered when she was & amp; quot; a telecommunications student in a male and amp; quot; & amp; quot; I want my daily interlocutor to be citizenship. Technology and innovation are only instruments available to their needs & amp; quot;, she said Morant. Isabel Celaá, at the relay of her portfolio to Pilar Alegría.Luca Piergiovanniefe Pilar Alegría: & amp; quot; I will find me dialoguego & amp; quot; The new Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, has taken possession with the priority of & amp; quot; reinforce & amp; quot; To the teachers of rural schools, promote artistic teachings and promote science and technology studies, grouped under the acronym Stem, reports Olga R. Sanmartín. Nothing else to pick up the portfolio of it, she has taken a picture with all the members of the educational community, those of the concerted and the private included. & amp; quot; they will find me dialogue, in a continuous listening and looking for the consensus & amp; quot; she has promised her. Precisely the lack of agreement is what is best reproached to the predecessor of it by the educational community. Isabel Celaá, who did not want to leave, as they have counted in her surroundings, has left her charge of her talking & amp; quot; from the excitement & amp; quot; and joy has collected the witness of her also with & amp; quot; emotion & amp; quot;. In the ministry they say that it will follow a policy & amp; quot; of continuity & amp; quot; In the regulations he has left the Hooting Minister. & amp; quot; the Legacy of Celaá says we left with a clear roadmap and priorities & AMP; Quot; has advanced the former government delegate in Aragon, who has promised & amp; quot; complete & amp; quot; The process initiated with the Law of FP and continue with a policy & amp; quot; inclusive & amp; quot; Que & AMP; Quot; Do not leave anyone behind & amp; quot; and promote the & amp; quot; equal opportunities & amp; quot; That is, few changes are expected regarding crossing with suspense or the new curriculum based on competences. ARTHA GONZÁLEZ LAYA pouring the portfolio of it to José Manuel Albares.Ballesterosefe González Laya: & amp; quot; Errors are just mine & amp; quot; Former President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Vice President Second Yolanda Díaz, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, New Minister of Presidency, Felix Bolaños, and three former Foreign Ministers -Marcelino Ear, Josep Piqué and Ana Palace- in the Transfer of Portfolio of Arancha González Laya to José Manuel Albares, reports Marisol Hernández. Without any surrender of resentment and with a long list of gratitude, the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, and the team of Him, has been dismissed this morning Arancha González Laya of the Foreign Ministry. Without mentioning also to the crisis with Morocco, QEU is the cause of your relay by José Manuel Albares, but assuming the failures that could make. & amp; quot; errors are just mine & amp; quot;, he said, and the & amp; quot; success of my team & amp; quot; Laya has recognized that she leaves the position & amp; quot; with a sour sensation & amp; quot; And she has taken advantage of her last intervention in the exchange of portfolios to claim the work done this long year and a half, with an unexpected pandemic between hands. Among the achievements of him has included the & amp; quot; control of immigration & amp; quot;. The Minister has lamented & amp; quot; the poverty and emptiness of the political debate & amp; quot; and defended the trajectory of it of & amp; quot; public service & amp; quot;. At the end of her speech she has pointed out that she & amp; I am sure that our ways will cross soon & amp; quot;. It is not disposable that the departure of it now, after being sacrificed by the rupture of diplomatic relations with Rabat after the welcome in Spain of the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, is an international position in the European Commission or at the UN. She is an expert European official in international trade that has occupied different responsibilities in the World Trade Organization. Sánchez signed her down this resume. José Luis Ábalos delivers the transport portfolio to Raquel Sánchez.ángel Díazefe Ábalos: & amp; one is the head on which the blows fall & amp; quot; José Luis Ábalos has pierced the transport portfolio, mobility and urban agenda to Raquel Sánchez. In the farewell he has pointed out: & amp; quot; I have pride remains not to be part of the government but to serve Spain. One is the head on which the blows fall but without a great team behind nothing would have been possible & amp; quot;, inform César Urrutia. We may have favorably received the appointment of Raquel Sánchez as a new Minister of Transportation in relation to the future of the Housing Law, says Vicente Coll. This has been expressed this Monday the Morada spokeswoman, Isa Serra: & amp; quot; the fact that the minister has considered that the regulation of rentals is something positive for his municipality when it was mayor is good news & amp; quot; Serra referred to Sánchez, who until now has been mayor of Gavà, was in favor of regulating the rent in tensioned areas, as it allows the law of Catalan housing and as proposed we can within the government, a measure That he does not convince the Socialists, who prefer to increase tax incentives to limit prices. However, and despite celebrating the appointment of it, in we can remember to comply with the Executive Covenant is an & amp; quot; responsibility of the group of government & amp; quot; Y & AMP; quot; not a minister in particular & amp; quot; Carmen Calvo embraces her successor in the Ministry of Presidency, Felix Bolaños.Javier Lizónefe Bolaños: & amp; Quot; Being a minister should not be requested or can be rejected & amp; quot; Emotion. Up to 10 members of the government, including the three vice presidenties. Also the new cabinet head of Pedro Sánchez, Óscar López. Carmen Calvo, until now Vice President First of Government, says goodbye to the Executive by meeting her witness to Felix Bolaños, reports Raúl Piña. & amp; quot; It is the most loving transfer of Spanish politics & amp; quot;, he has assured Calvo, who has dedicated great praise to her successor. & amp; quot; I have felt the voice of many people and particularly many women & amp; quot; The importance of the figure that Felix Bolaños acquires, the new Minister of the Presidency, relations with the courts and democratic memory, is evident in the representation that came to the taking of him. One of the strong men of the executive, manager of the machine room and the coordination between ministries, wanted to leave a message in the possession of him: & amp; quot; to be minister should not be requested nor can it be rejected & amp; quot; The Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, receives the ministerial portfolio of the predecessor of her Miquel Iceta.j.j. Guilénefe Territorial Policy, the first transfer The relay in territorial policy has been the first transfer of portfolios of this remodeling carried out on the socialist branch of the government, reports Vicente Coll. Miquel Iceta, who will become a minister of culture and sport, has given the witness to Isabel Rodríguez. & amp; quot; I'm sorry to leave this ministry, I want to say so of Claro & AMP; Quot; He has declared aniceta, who leaves ministry less than six months after taking possession. He has said to have & amp; quot; consolation & amp; quot; In which he replaces him a very local profile minister in addition to the position of Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez will be the new spokesman of the Executive, replacing María Jesús Montero. Visibly excited - likeThis Sunday, when he resigned his position as Mayor of Puertollano-Rodríguez has expressed that, based on & amp; quot; delivery and work & amp; Quot;, coordinate a ministry in which he hopes to capture his localist profile and approach the municipalities. The objective, she has said, is & amp; quot; recover and strengthen the proximity of politics with the municipalities & amp; quot; The new minister spokesman has grateful to Rosa Conde, spokesman for the executive between 1988 and 1993, the influence of her and inspiration from her when she was a child, and she remembered Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, whom she has admitted, she had Order advice today. Yolanda Díaz sees possible changes in the United Area We can the Minister of Work, Yolanda Díaz, has considered that the new design of the Council of Ministers is & amp; quot; closer to the people & amp; quot; And she will work for & amp; quot; recompose the social structure & amp; quot; Once the sanitary emergency is over, reports Vicente Coll. Díaz, which becomes a second vice president, has expressed in the chain to be that the new remodeling must contribute & amp; debate, cohesion and loyalty & amp; quot; to the relationship between government partners and has grateful to the outgoing ministers their work during the tough crisis that our country has suffered. The Minister of Working has not closed the door to make changes in the Government's abode wing, but has recently remembered that recently, with the departure of Pablo Iglesias and the entrance of Ione Belarra, United Can Already restructured its team in the government: & amp ; Quot; We'll see what happens from here on, but we handle each other from the parts & amp; quot; Pilar Llop promises his position before Felipe Vi as Minister of Justice and is already the Greater Notary of the Kingdom.BALLESTEROSAP The new ministers promise his position before the king King Felipe VI has received this morning the twelve politicians who from today occupy a new position In the government of Pedro Sánchez, Reports Marina Pina. In a short ceremony without religious symbols, as is usual for some years, the members of the Executive have promised his position and loyalty to the king in the audience hall of the Palace of La Zarzuela. At 9 o'clock in the morning Don Felipe has received the new ministers accompanied by the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez; The head of the house of him, Jaime Alfonsín; The Secretary General, Domingo Martínez Palomo; And the head of the military room of the King's house, Emilio Juan García. There was also the General Director of Legal Security and Public Faith, Sofia Bridge Santiago, who has been the witness of the possession of Pilar Llop as Minister of Justice. She has been the first to pose her right hand on a facsimile of the Constitution edited by the General Courts in 1980, opened by Title IV, which deals with the Government and the Administration, article 100, which establishes that & amp; quot; others Members of the Government will be appointed and separated by the king at the proposal of his president. Once promised the position of it, the new minister has exerted as a major notary of the kingdom to give faith of the taking of possession of the rest of the executive members. She has followed him, in order: Nadia Calviño, first vice president of the government; Yolanda Díaz, second vice president of the government; Teresa Ribera, Vice President; José Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation; María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance and Public Function; Raquel Sánchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; Pilar Joy, Minister of Education and Vocational Training; Felix Bolaños, Minister of Presidency, Relationships with Cortes and Democratic Memory; Isabel Rodríguez, Minister of Territorial Policy; Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture and Sport; Diana Morant, Minister of Science and Innovation. The new ministers today will take place relay among the new Ministers of Pedro Sánchez and those who were relieved from the government in the deep remodel announced last Saturday. The head of the Executive ceased to seven ministers, including heavy weights, such as Carmen Calvo (former first vice president), José Luis Ábalos (former Minister of Transport and Number 3 of the PSOE) and Round Ivan (so far director of the Presidency Cabinet). Pedro Sánchez thus tries to reset the legislature, glimpse the end of the pandemic, renewing an executive who was exhausted and already gave samples of uncoordination as evidenced the crisis of the flesh last week. After the overwhelming victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, and the Suffp of Madrid to the PSOE, the surveys do not stop giving notice to the Government on his weakness in front of a rising PP. To conjure them, the president has placed Nadia Calviño as First Vice President, Felix Bolaños, as Minister of Presidency, and Oscar López, as head of cabinet.

Date Of Update: 12 July 2021, 07:26

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