Pedro Sánchez raises the pressure on Alberto Garzón before the impossibility of Cesar a United Minister. We can

Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias sat the bases of the coalition government at the end of 2019 and implanted the chains that now attach the relations between the

Pedro Sánchez raises the pressure on Alberto Garzón before the impossibility of Cesar a United Minister. We can

Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias sat the bases of the coalition government at the end of 2019 and implanted the chains that now attach the relations between the partners. One of the commitments was the parcelling of decisions: the PSOE commanded in its ministries and united we can in its. Each party decided on his ministers and there were no interference.

This key explains the new shock that removes the coalition. Socialists are very upset with Alberto Garzón, avoid supporting it publicly, but on the cessation of it can only decide together we can, not contemplate this way.

The controversy generated as a result of the statements of the consumer minister on macrogranjas and meat have become angry in the Moncloa and the socialist sector, whose members disabust their colleague day. This Tuesday, in a convincing way, Luis Flat, Minister of Agriculture: "I am the Minister of Food and if someone talks about food, the normal thing is to call me" or "this controversy is regrettable because it calls into question the activity of honest people For which I am working since 2018 "were some of the darts that showed the discomfort that runs through the coalition.

The Moncloa and the PSOE ministers avoid ruling on the continuity of Garzón in the government. Even about the suitability of him. Neither did Pedro Sánchez did in the interview in the chain, where he said: "I am very sorry about the controversy and I think that with that I am saying everything."

"Everything" is that the discomfort is such that before unauthorizations like those who are starring PSOE members, leaving Isolated Garzón and exhibiting that authority is flat and not, it suggests that they could expect greater political consequences. But Sánchez can not dismiss Garzón, that power corresponds to Yolanda Diaz as a leader of the United States.

The PSOE avoids asking the cessation of Garzón but also avoids backing it or protein it. The Socialists refuse to answer when they are questioned about the continuity or suitability of the consumption holder: "No comments", remarked flat, eviding that the wound bleed still, and much. In UNIDAS we can regret that the PSOE bets for "burning" a minister "believing that he will win with it four votes."

Díaz, who has already ruled out changing to any purple minister in the deep crisis of government that he undertook in July and only involved the socialist sector, does not contemplate it and gives his endorsement to Garzón. Moreover, since united we can explain that Sánchez's position in this matter, "assuming a bulo on the right," has not done anything other than ratifying Garzón.

The owner of consumption has been ratified in his words and says he did not feel disavowed by Sánchez. Although it recognizes that the continuity of him "does not depend" and confesses that he does not believe that "Right now he is in danger" the position of him, he explained in an interview on Tuesday in the sixth.

Diaz, as united we can, remember that the government is committed "in writing" with a sustainable livestock, with a bet on the extensive versus macrogranjas. "I do not know where the debate is," was the dart of Vice President to the PSOE. "They are delicate issues that are approached with some lightness."

In recent days there have been conversations between Sánchez and Díaz, the Secretariat of State of Communication and Garzón, Flat and Garzón briefly after the Council of Ministers ... but the supura wound. "It is important to take care of the coalition, we are very respectful, sometimes there are inadequate comments from ourselves, of all the members of the Government, and things should be done with some care and affection," was another Notice of Díaz, on Tuesday, After the disavownces of the PSOE.

From the United States we can defend Garzón and at the same time discredit Sánchez and the PSOE remember a video from the president of 2019 in which responding to a citizen showed his commitment to "ecological livestock. A lesser-scale livestock, great environmental value, Social, and that, in addition, generates employment. "

Because unlike other shocks within the coalition, on this occasion the purple have not hesitated in the focus directly to Sánchez, accusing him of "disloyalty" by, sprinkling, spreading a "Bulo on the right".

In the socialist sector, the controversy open as a result of the reflections of Garzón causes discomfort because in addition to generating conflict in an area where they confer the authority to flat, they understand that the opposition is given to the opposition - EXIMATE IN AN ELECTORAL CONTEXT IN CASTILLA AND León, where it is an important issue - and the measures and agreements that are promoted from the Council of Ministers are covered: citizens remain in the controversy and does not perceive the action of government.

And that causes anger in the Moncloa. The government's spokesman is explained this Tuesday, Isabel Rodríguez: "We are not going to leave a minute more to this type of controversies that does not benefit this sector. We with the BOE will work in support of the livestock sector."

In the Moncloa they make it clear that one thing is the "noise" and the "controversy" and the other management, the BOE, which corresponds to agriculture in this livestock competition. "The rest does not contribute to the value of the sector".

Updated Date: 11 January 2022, 20:49

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