Psg, more than a club, sports arm of Qatar

When in February of this year he began to talk about Messi could sign up for Paris Saint Germain, most analysts argued that the club could not face a third gala

Psg, more than a club, sports arm of Qatar

When in February of this year he began to talk about Messi could sign up for Paris Saint Germain, most analysts argued that the club could not face a third galactic salary after renewing Neymar ... unless he sold to Mbappé. They did not have the troubles of Can Barça, nor with the money well of Qatar and its immense reserves of gas, nor with the railroad will to use football as an element of promoting an emirate that is worth being a democracy and is besieged by Powerful neighbors who do not appreciate him.

The economist Pierre Rondeau then developed in 'France Football' this hypothesis: "Messi could perceive the minimum wage (3,500 euros / month) of the PSG and be compensated by a Qatari company. It is what they did with Beckham in his terminal year as a player, who paid him via foundations ". That would be a rudeness today (40 million is spoken of a year, separate signing premium). But it gives two good tracks: PSG masters have many ways to pay and are prone to long-term relationships.

You will never know what the EX of the United and Real Madrid charged for that last season but the last business that has joined them. In February 2020, the entire Florida press published that Qatar Airways was going to sponsor the Miami T-Shirt, Beckham Club. In exchange for 180 million pounds, (216 million euros) according to the Londoner The Sun. By the way, what a good place it would be Miami so Messi will definitely hang the boots after his Parisian years. Follow me?

The Qatari airline is also a premium sponsor of the Parisian Club among other Emirate entities that each contribute between 5 and 10 million euros per year according to club sources cited by Le Monde. According to the UEFA Fair Play Standards, the revenues of companies related to the owner of the club must not exceed 30% of the sponsorships ... therefore in the PSG t-shirts an announced All.

All? What is there? It is the Accor loyalty program. Sixth hotel group in the world, its brands go from the luxury of the Raffles to the popular ibis passing through Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure ... In 2018 he beat his profit record (2,230 million euros). The amount of the contract was not revealed but the figure of 50 'kilos' was published. The President of Accor is Sébastien Bazin what at that moment he gave to talk about because Bazin was the European President of Colony Capital, when this fund sold PSG to Qatar Sport Investments (QSI) in May 2011. By the way, Qatar is the first Shareholder of the Accor Group with 10% of the capital.

Bazin is a friend for many years from Nicolas Sarkozy, who after his defeat in the primaries on the right of 2016, allowed himself to be convinced to enter the Board of Directors of the hotel group, his debut in the world of business. Of the authority with which Pisa Sarko in that council gives faith the book 'Les Faux Jetons' of journalist Sophie Coignard. She tells that another member of the council, Qatari, who brought him the opposite she snapped: "You who do you think you are, I'm going to talk to the emir that is my friend".

I was not from lantern. His friendship dates from when Sarkozy was the President of the Republic and offered a controversial lunch at the Elysee. The president, passionate follower of the club, gathered to the Table of Him to the current Emir of Qatar, Tamin Ben Hamad Al Thani and Michel Platini who presided over UEFA. We are on November 23, 2010. Nine days later, in Zurich, Qatar is elected Headquarters of the World Cup of 2022 thanks to the fact that Platini and three other European voters give him his vote instead of supporting the US candidacy as they had announced. French justice suspects that in the food that Sarkozy organized a piglier was announced. That is why the Prosecutor's Office investigates the Son of Platini's son, Laurent, with a subsidiary of QSI.

Seven months after lunch at the Elysee, Qatar Sports Investments, subsidiary of the Sovereign Emirate Fund, advised by Arsène Wenger, buys the PSG. It will also ride a TV chain (Bein), associated with the Spanish MediaPro, with the rights of the Ligue, whose immense FIASCO has had repercussions until last week, on the eve of the first day of the Ligue.

PSG and Bein Media Group shared the same president, Nasser al-Khelaifi, 47 years old. He also heads the Qatari and Asian tennis federations (his sport of him, actually) and is an emirate-free minister. And as a result of the crisis of the superliga to which he had intuition? If he does not join he presides over the European Club Association. With the global controversial of Qatar just around the corner, the pressing calls from Florentino Pérez and Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, did not make a dent in Nak's spirit.

A few months before the president of the PSG and Bein managed to get away from the Swiss justice whose federal criminal court accused him of "Aggravated Invention to Disloymark" for giving a villa on the Italian Island of Sardinia to Jérôme Valcke. This French, former Secretary General of FIFA, accused of disloyal administration, had given Al Jazira and Bein the rights to the Middle East and North Africa of the world of 2026 and 2030, a contract of 480 million dollars ... with The tip for him from the exclusive use of Villa Bianca, purchased via a society filed by five million euros.

Little joke, the Switzerland Prosecutor's Office asked for 28 months in prison for the alleged 'Paganini' and 36 for the number two of FIFA. In his final document, the court affirmed that "despite the criminal verdict of not guilty, both had concluded a corrupt arrangement." But FIFA preferred to withdraw its demand after a friendly agreement with the Khelaifi and the matter closed.

All that power in offices and judges, all that money on signing crosses by Neymar and Mbappé, pierced in the summer of 2017 from Barcelona and Monaco for 222 and 180 million, respectively, has not served to achieve the Champions League, true Obsession of the PSG and its Qataris leaders. With German Thomas Tuchel on the bench they arrived at the end of the Year of the Covid, and lost in front of Bayern. Collect leagues but the only continental trophy in its showcases is the 1996 collected, before the Qatari era.

This year, the campus available to Mauricio Pochettino had already improved with Gianluigi Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos, Achraf Hakimi and Georgio Wijnaldum. And now Messi. Everything for the season to just start is that of the consecration of the PSG. And Qatar.

Date Of Update: 10 August 2021, 20:26

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