Secret Story: The House of Secrets | Direct | Miguel Frigenti expelled and Luca, Gemeliers, Julen and Luis Rollan nominees

Last week the audience saved two contestants with its votes: Luca, whose behavior with Cristina has captivated the spectators, and Sandra. Today's program h

Secret Story: The House of Secrets |
 Direct |
 Miguel Frigenti expelled and Luca, Gemeliers, Julen and Luis Rollan nominees

Last week the audience saved two contestants with its votes: Luca, whose behavior with Cristina has captivated the spectators, and Sandra.

Today's program has been shocking. The duel between Frigenti and Cristina has been left in favor of the journalist, although the percentages have been very tight and changing throughout the night.

As announced the previous week, the contestants have been able to meet with their relatives.

In the final line of the program, Jorge Javier Vázquez has announced that there would be no use nominations and has asked the contestants to choose the couple with whom they would like to reach the final. He then has communicated to each one couples who had to decide who was nominated and who achieved immunity.

The Gemeliers and Luisrollan have decided that the fairer was to leave the decision in the hands of the audience, and Julen and Luca have barely marked their partners and have chosen to be the nominees.

Thus, Sandra and Cristina are the only ones that will have a quiet week. The next gala is presented tense, especially because Cristina has not finished understanding the Italian's decision.

Until next week! The final straight makes everything more shocking ...

Petite night !!! And says Miguel. He thanks Luis for laughter. '' What will the best win, if it can be ...! ''

The nominees are Luca, Gemeliers, Julen and Luis Rollán. An exciting week is presented!

Cristina and Luca.

Cristina proposes that they throw it to luck. Luca has remained thoughtful, and in the absence of 15 seconds he has decided to move to the nominee space: '' If I can save Cristina I do it. ''

Cristina: '' I should be happy but not. I think Luca is going to be the winner ... I'm calmer ... ''

The time of Gemeliers and Luis Rolland arrives

They are deliberating, thinking about possible combinations. Rollán believes that Sandra will be nominated and Jorge Javier reminds them that if they do not agree, the two will be nominated.

Luis: '' We are in the hands of the public. What they decide is fine ... ''

Dani: '' It's a complicated situation. , Luis has never been nominated, perhaps it is time for him to go to the forestra ... '' Jesus: '' The right thing is that we are the three nominees. ''

Broken on the set

Cynthia and Adara get involved until Miguel asks for the word: '' Many things were invented ... '' Miguel tells Cynthia that at the house was a zero left and ends up having a very contemptuous attitude with her ...

Mmuyyyy strong !!!!

Miguel Frigenti enters a set and hugs a friend, Adara and then goes straight to Nuah whom he kisses passionately. Jorge Javier: '' The second time I receive you. ''

Mary, Cristina's mother, believes that she should have enjoyed more of the house and not having criticized so much: '' Your obsession was to take Cristina. '' A Fatima, Miguel seems false: '' I am hallucinated from the damage that You could do ... ''

Sandra y Christmas

The decision is made. Julen decides that Sandra is immune because she wants to amend the mistake of last week. And in Tardo Adara says that Julen is a good boy.

Jorge Javier explains what is going to happen. The first are going to be Julen and Sandra. They have to decide who gains immunity and who happens to be directly nominated. What will happen?

They all return to the house

Now they will see what Cristina is the one who has been saved.

Jorge Javier talks to the survivors of the house. He asks them to make couples with the person with whom they would like to share the final. He gives them a minute to decide. To speak it couples are: Julen and Sandra, Cristina and Luca and the Gemeliers and Luis Rollán, although the first thing that has come to the twins is to choose Julen, who has been decolored.

The old boyfriend of Sandra, Tom, has been excited to hear the words of Sandra's mother. '' Affection is. But I'm afraid that Julen leaves her when leaving her .. '' Jorge is reproaching that makes such a hard statement: '' Julen is a boy who does not have that greed, and those things that also make you lovely. ' '

Suddenly, Julen's mother appears. She tells him again and again how well everything is. '' The grandparents are very good ... we are all with you. You're doing it right. Apóyate in Sandra and at all. I love you. See you soon. '' He also embraces Sandra before the farewell of her.

Julen: '' Jorge, I'm shaking. '' Julen and Sandra hug and kiss and he begins to cry back home.

Juen's turn arrives and Sandra to see his family

Jorge Javier announces that they can see their mothers, but they must make a decision: '' Julen, Sandra: You will only be able to see one of the two. And you have to decide you. '' Julen says that he loves her mother but after the other day's raised he wants Sandra to see his, although she wants you to throw them away.

Appears Sonia, Sandra's mother: '' We are proud of you. Enjoy a lot. I want to see you laugh. Do not be so long lying down. And beware of curse ... The whole family is fine. '' Julen asks him to give a hug to his mother-in-law.

Jorge Javier asks them to say goodbye.

Luca and Cristina are reunited

They have another week of love. Luca goes out into the courtyard and sees Jorge on the screen and shows him the images of Cristina that appears on the other side of the transparent screen. Luca: '' My heart exploits. I was doing c ... ''

Jorge Javier dismisses Miguel's friend ... and asks Fatima if he is happy.

Adara stays very sad. She cries, she wants to send a message to Miguel but she can not: '' Your family awaits you, your friends, your dog ... for me you are a magic person. You have taken the best of me. If I have removed insecurities, it has been thanks to you. You'll always be in my heart. I love you!''

And the expelled with the votes of the public is: Miguel Frigenti. Cristina and Miguel are cited for a future conversation. Jorge Javier asks for an applause for Miguel.

Jorge Javier asks Miguel to take his hand and tell him what is going to be a future of his relationship outside in Model Yurena: '' If we stop listening to voices and we do it to our heart we will have a great friendship. ''

Finally Cristina starts to tell Miguel that what he has seen was real. Frigenti: '' If I leave everything bad I leave here. Outside I do not close anybody and less to a person with whom I have had such an intense relationship. '' Cristina felt her friend, but he is also the person who hurt him more. Jorge Javier proposes a game. '' Imagine that you are in the third reality and is expulsion occurs at that moment '' they get out of hand and they give a hug ... Cristina dries the tears and Jorge Javier tells them that they are condemned to understand each other.

There are 4 minutes left. Cristina was clear that the vote was going to be very tight. However, Miguel believes that there was going to be more difference. He begins the video summary of his friendship of three months ago to the current enmity.

There are 20 minutes left for expulsion.

After laughter, Nuah arrives ... Frigenti confirms that it is the love of his life. Miguel goes to Jorge: '' I'm always talking about my boyfriend. I am clear that Nuah is the love of my life ... '' '' My love I want to be with you the rest of my life .. I love you !! '' (This statement of love in Yurena mode, does anyone give more ?

Miguel believes that Nuah is going to appear, her boyfriend and on the other side appears Yurena. They get to talk. Frigenti imitates him phenomenal ... Momentazo !!! Yurena pronounced the name of the program.

Ask Luca and Cristina who say goodbye

Italian tells Cris: '' High Head, whatever happens. You have gained this contest. If you come back I am the happiest man on this planet, if you do not come back, I will continue fighting for both. ''

Jorge Javier collects: '' It started taking it to laughter, but it has not ended up doing grace. Frigenti has a lot to say ... '

Before Nuah meets with Frigenti, they show him a video in which Miguel says he would like to fall in love with Jesus: '' It's very good. '' And thank you for the couple who had put it in the past week's test . Frigenti acknowledges that she dropped the Baba with Jesus: '' If he was single and he went gay would go to sack. I'm looking great and I love him as a person. '' Nuah believes that he will not spend anything: '' Miguel is in love with me. '' Jorge Javier reminds him that he had not felt anything like. Nuah believes that he is in Guadalix's house. The presenter continues to insist on the subject. Nuah believes that he is for the magic of Guadalix de la Sierra and chooses going to the cube to see Miguel: '' Be sure !! But I do not understand anything ... now you put these images. I'm not going home without talking to him. ''

Luca and Cristina come to their mothers

They join Cristina and Luca and appear on the other side of the plastic screen. His mothers ... The emotion overflows. Mary to her daughter: '' You do not have to be afraid to leave. It's not true that I do not love you anything ... everyone is waiting for you. The nephew of her has told him! Winning Cristina !!! The cole is doing very well. I do not want to see you sad. I know you're giving you a lot of cane ... do not sink, little, if you're wrong I'm wrong. I'm not suffering just for seeing you. Nobody gives me a lesson at all.

Luca: '' I prefer the churrero ''

Now Luca comes out. Jorge Javier says: '' You get very old. '' He asks him to turn around. Cristina's mother appears. '' I want to thank you for the love you give to my daughter, your support, especially in these moments that is happening wrong. She does the same with you ... She needs love, but she also gives it to me. We are at the same level. '' She cares. You're right on what you say: '' Your mother tells me to listen to him. '' Luca tells her that she has the same eyes. María: '' He is handsome close up and far ... '' Luca confirms that he is hot, although he does not know if as much as the ashtray of a bingo, and what about Churrero's stick does not understand ... ' '

Cristina has to go to the white room where she is going to meet her mother politics, the mother of Luca and Gianmarco. When seeing her, she does not take her hands or anything. Cris asks how she has seen Luca ... Jorge Javier asks Carla what Cristina seems to him: '' Very pretty, I have already said '' The presenter tells her that she is also very pretty. Cristina talks about Luca: '' I have known enough. Luca has told me that she is very strong. '' Carla recommends that she is not so intense with Luca because if she is overwhelmed she disappears.

We return to the cube with the nominees waiting for the percentages, but they still do not speak. '' You can beat Record Guiness of silent confrontation ... Before expulsion they will receive very special visits ... ''

The Gemeliers leave the yard. Jorge Javier speaks to them from the screen. "I'd love someone from the family, says Dani. '' Someone we want ... '' '

Jorge Javier begins to tell you: '' take eighty-three days without seeing your loved ones. There are two cubes. In one is Dani's girlfriend and on the other is your mother. You have to choose who you want to see. ''

Choose Jesus, Dani can not help him. Jorge Javier decides for them: '' Come on with Vanessa. "They hugged and Dani cries and says: '' You're beautiful ... '' Vanessa: '' I love you, I want to see you laugh, enjoy. Your parents are fine. '' Dani begs him to tell her her mother who loves her. '' It's the final straight, you have nothing left ... I do not believe it. How beautiful! "Suddenly the cloth falls from the other cube and appears. '' We will be together at Christmas. '' And Jesus is thrown to hug them.

Jorge Javier announces that the Gemeliers will have to choose between the visit of their mother or Vanesa, the couple of Jesus. And while you think about Dani's video in the bucket when he remembers his mother: '' I do not know anything about my family. I miss my mother very much. ''

The conversation in the bucket between the gemeliers

Jesus tells Dani: '' Nobody will understand you better than me, because I am the same as you ... 'Jorge Javier believes that Jesus is pressed too much to Dani.

There will be no nominations and the immunity game changes.

Percentages change: 53.7% and 46.3%

"Today drama is coming," says Jorge Javier, who announces that if Miguel is left, he does not marry. Frigenti has remained on Jesus: '' If I did not have a girlfriend and if I was gay, I would marry him. I have not felt anything like how with him. ''

After the video in which Luis's relationship is seen with the Gemeliers, the collaborator goes to a room in which his friend Irene Rosales will enter.

They tell him to turn around ... and go to Irene. He runs out and hugs her. Luis asks for the parents of him and Irene confirms that the whole family of her is very good. Irene: '' You're doing great. Enjoy what you have left ... The girl is very well ... ''

Jorge Javier tells them that they have to say goodbye. Rollán just ask again if everything is fine and she confirms it again and again.

Luis has suffered a lot from Isabel Pantoja

It is Irene's affirmation. '' He all he did was to mediate. And tell them things as they are, both Isabel and Kiko. I want them to come again with a conversation between adults. I'm not sure Luis when he comes out has a message from Isabel, but a call should have. '' Luis will know when Anabel has been married, that Isabel's mother has died, and many other things.

Luis feels very close with the Pantoja family

In the house he has spoken a lot about them. '' I tried to mediate and listening all the time that Isabel was wrong, she had lost weight ... and she did not feel well the answer I received ... she is isolated by his own decision ... I've left my face for defending it . She is part of my life. I do not think she did anything to harm her ... she has suffered a lot. Do not forget that there are three children and the only reference of grandmother that is left is she. ''

Irene Rosales arrives at the house of Guadalix

The first thing he says is: '' I stay with the three months that my mother has been able to enjoy my daughter ... my life now is quieter ... I have decided to stop a little. ''

Jorge asks by cantora: '' The end of the year will be at my house. I will not go to Cantora ... I'm organizing everything. '' Then talk about Kiko: '' It's fine. ''

Jorge Javier puts the video of Miguel in which he saw how he reached the limit. He then talks to Nuah to comment what he most likes about Miguel.

Jorge Javier announces: '' If Miguel comes out with what has happened in the house, the relationship with Nuah could zoom. ''

Cristina still does not understand Miguel's cruelty with her. '' I can not understand that someone who has suffered hurt. I love and I want Luca. He makes me get into reason ... '' Luca advises him: '' Head Alta, you are not as they paint. '' The nominated says: '' I have had a normal life. My father is electrician and my mother saleswoman. I have never had luxuries, but I have never missed anything. ''

Cristina's mother says that in the family they are from those who fall and get up again: '' I do not understand that any performance is questioned. Everyone has a limit ... ''

Out of the set is the mother of Luca, Nuah, the Groom of Frigenti and María the Mother of Cristina

Luca's mother is really looking forward to seeing him and feels excited. '' You know that he has a girlfriend. '' Ask see <'' And do you know the name of him? Cristina! Answer the Italian. "Luca's girlfriend seems very pretty, she is a very strong woman, sometimes, a little hard with my son ... '' Jorge tells him that the onesini like strong women. She adds: '' But also sweet and friendly. ''

Mary, Cristina's mother, is also going to enter and Jorge reminds them that the voting are in a technical draw.

Jorge Javier tries that Adara and Gianmarco greet each other. Both want the other to do well in life. '' That's a great step ... '', aim the presenter.

How would he feel the expelled one step away from the final?

Cristina: '' I'm glad I got here. " Miguel: '' Thanks to I left this second chance it is great. '' Jorge Javier says: 'who leaves without being thrown out, come back without calling him, "Lolita Dixit.

The images of last week of the confrontation between Miguel and Cristina are reviewed. In the cube are the two nominees without spoken. Jorge Javier asks him the opinion of him for such adjusted percentages. '' I would not give me anger lose against Frigenti. ''

Miguel: '' After talking to the people who attend us here I think I'm a new Miguel. He has been an intensive master's degree in personal growth. ''

The percentages are now at 50.1% and 49.9%. Jorge Javier: '' His story comes to an end. "

Jorge Javier: '' They were friends, today they are enemies. They play everything in a final duel, and very tight. The percentages change constantly. ''

LUFEÑOIZA to be at the point of sight for the nomination after what happened in the house in the last week.

Cristina believes she has not played well during these days. '' She should have been more strategist, "she has commented on her colleagues.

WELCOME! Today we will assist at the exit of Miguel Frigenti or Cristina Porta, who faces its seventh nomination.

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