Snow limits traffic in more than 600 kilometers of 12 provinces

Around 630 kilometers of roads scattered by 12 provinces, the vast majority of the secondary network and in the northern half peninsular, were first in the morn

Snow limits traffic in more than 600 kilometers of 12 provinces

Around 630 kilometers of roads scattered by 12 provinces, the vast majority of the secondary network and in the northern half peninsular, were first in the morning of this Wednesday restrictions on traffic by the accumulation of snow in the road due to the influence From a cold front associated with the Borrasca Barra, which will complicate the return home in some areas during this last day of December Bridge.

Limitations in the circulation of vehicles (black, red and yellow levels) were activated mainly in Asturias and Huesca, but also in Barcelona, Burgos, Cantabria, La Rioja, León, Lleida, Lugo, Navarra, Teruel and Zaragoza.

According to the data of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) on the state of roads, collected by servimedia at 10.00, at that time there were 74 stretches of roads affected by snow or ice, of which 10 were cut to the Transit of vehicles (black level), in 43 the use of chains or carry winter tires (red), in 6 there were restrictions on trucks (yellow) and in 15 snow on the road conditioned traffic (green).

Something more than 50 kilometers from 10 roads were closed to traffic, four of them corresponding to mountain ports: Palombera (CA-280), in Cantabria; Lunada (BU-572), in Burgos; Belagua (Na-137), in Navarra, and Montenegro (LR-333), in La Rioja. The others were the A-135 in Torla and the A-138 in Bielsa (Huesca), the CP-010 in Tarágona (Zaragoza), the CA-643 in San Riomiera (Cantabria) and the NA-2020 and the NA -2012 in Ochagavía (Navarra).

On the other hand, about 480 kilometers scattered on 43 roads had activated the red level, that is, cars can go 30 km / h and winter chains or tires and prohibited the circulation of trucks, buses and articulated vehicles.

In this situation there were 19 mountain ports, three of them from the main network: pajares (N-630), both in the Asturian side and Lions, and Pontoon (N-621) and San Glorio (N-625), in León . The rest belonged to the secondary network. In Asturias there were 12: the holly (AS-12), the stick (AS-14), Cerredo (AS-15), well of the dead women (AS-29), San Isidro (AS-112), TRANA (AS -117), Tormaleo (AS-212), Leitariegos (AS-213), Somiedo (AS-227), Window (AS-228), the Cabertoria (AS-230) and Connio (AS-348). The other four were in La Rioja, with the Pradilla (LR-111), Peña Hincada (LR-232), La Rasa (LR-245), Sancho Leza (LR-250) and Valleroso (LR-286).

The red level also affected three roads of the state network in Huesca: the A-23 in Nueno, the N-330a in Canfranc and the N-330b in Aisea. The others were from the secondary network and were distributed in Huesca (A-136 YS / C-H6 in Sallent de Gállego, A-1603 in Santa Cruz de la Serós, A-1604 in Sabiñánigo, A-176 in Valley, A-2606 in Panticosa and Hu-611, A-1609 in Tella-without, A-2160 in Plan, A-2611 in Bielsa, HU-631 in Fanlo and Hu-V-6104 in Hoz de Jaca), Barcelona (BV -4031 in Castellar de N'Hug), Lleida (C-142B and C-28) and Navarra (NA-2000 in Isaba, NA-2011 in Izalzu, NA-2010 in Ochagavía and NA-7510 in Larraun).

On the other hand, about 100 kilometers from six traces of roads counted with yellow level, that is, prohibition of truck traffic and limit of 60 km / h for cars and buses. They were in Huesca (A-1205 in Jaca, A-136 in Biescas and A-2606 in Panticosa), Teruel (A-2705 in Valdelinares), León (A-6 in Brazuelo) and Lugo (Lu-633 in Pedrafita do Cebreiro ).

The Bridge of the Constitution and the Immaculate is dismissed this Friday with a winter whiplash because 35 provinces distributed by 15 autonomous communities, as well as Melilla, have announcements by snow, strong racks from 70 to 80 km / h, risk of alludes or waves of Up to eight meters in Galicia, seven in the Cantabrian and three in the Mediterranean.

The snow will appear at relatively low levels of 500 meters in the northern peninsular half, where the temperatures will collapse up to 10 degrees with respect to this Tuesday, all accompanied by a growing winter sensation by intense winds. Only the Canary Islands and the Southeast Peninsular will be freed from adverse time.

This is due to the influence of deep borrasca bar, which suffered an explosive cyclogenesis process and that on Wednesday is on the British Isles. A cold front associated with that disturbance began on Tuesday to cross the peninsula from Northwest to Southeast and will end up doing it on Wednesday.

After the passage of this frontal system, a corridor of wet and cold winds from the northwest between the barrazza bar and the anticyclone of the Azores will be created, and that flow will cause a defendant decline in temperatures, especially from the North Peninsular end.

Therefore, the DGT asked citizens last Monday to come from home to enjoy the bridge in the northern peninsular half that will advance their return if they have to circulate by road before the forecast of snowfall for this Wednesday, because the snow could make it difficult for the snow Circulation not only on secondary roads, but also in high capacity roads.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2021, 06:57

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