Spain Sum opens to the social democrat Rosa Díez

Vox rejects the invitation to the act of the PP for the unity of Spain: "it Is propaganda"Mañueco prescription consensus, and stability before a year of econo

Spain Sum opens to the social democrat Rosa Díez
Vox rejects the invitation to the act of the PP for the unity of Spain: "it Is propaganda"Mañueco prescription consensus, and stability before a year of economic "complex,"Valls y Álvarez de Toledo cross praise in the social networks

The PP organized yesterday a day in the Congress that could well be a test to calibrate the convening power of Spain Sum . To the act, entitled "Spaniards in defense of the common good' , invited Citizens and Vox, but these two parties disparaged the initiative. The party of Santiago Abascal what labeled them as "act of propaganda", while the Albert Rivera is limited to send, to a listener, the deputy Roberto Hernández, a spokesman at the Commission for Foreign affairs. The spotlight was focused on Rosa Díez , ex-leader of UPyD and exdirigente socialist, who spoke next to Pablo Married , Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo , Alejandro Fernández , Alvaro Pombo and Ana Losada .

Among the audience sat the leader of UPyD, Christian Brown , and in the first row, Alejo Vidal-Quadras , former president of the PP Catalan, co-founder of Vox and are now without affiliation. He accepted the invitation that had made him the spokesman of the Popular Group, and was reunited with his former party. He acknowledged, though, that the PP of Married likes "more than you had before." And on their possible accession to the platform Spain Sum, remarked that to always be on the side of those who defend the Spain constitutional. Álvarez de Toledo thanked him "very special" his presence.

Married came to the room Ernest Lluch of the Congress to Rosa Díez, to your right, and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo to your left. The chemistry between all was visible, and was confirmed when he started the act. The compliments and winks at the leader of UPyD, and as she recalled herself, "scourge" of the Rajoy Government, were repeated in the work of Álvarez of Toledo and Married.

"Flashed in this House"

"Spain cannot do without Rose," said the spokesman of the PP, who admitted that he'd like to see her in active politics. "That will give rise to speculation, but it gives me the same". Then, in informal chat with the journalists, would recognise that Díez, " a free spirit and a courageous woman shined in this House," it would fit "perfectly"in Spain Sum. When Diaz asked everyone to not give up ever in the defense of the Constitution, Álvarez de Toledo remarked: "we shall never surrender, nor in the effort that you go back to this House."

"We have to try to unite all the constitutionalism Spanish in defense of freedom," warned the spokesman of the PP, one of the most strong advocates of the reunification of the centre-right to beat Sanchez.

Married also opened the doors of the PP to "add" to all constitutionalists. And he recalled that the PP is a party wide, in which four decades have fitted different sensitivities to ideology, from conservative, to christian democratic, liberal "and even social democrats ". Just before, Díez had remembered that it is still a "social democrat", and that misses the political activity.

"The PP is a right-wing party , you are invited to this social-democratic for us to reflect together and freely about what is happening in Spain and what there is to do in defence of what is common," explained Diez, delighted that the party with which such evil was years back the invite now to an event like this.

The old socialist leader, who competed with a Shoemaker by the primaries of the PSOE in 2000, called for courage:"We do not have complexes in cogernos of the hand and go to the streets to defend what unites us, freedom and democracy". The popular were dedicated to him a big round of applause.

But the presence of Díez not liked at all in the PP. In a statement to the Be, Alfonso Alonso , president of the PP basque, called it "a surprising thing" the "proximity" of Diez to their party, because it "swooped down" much against them at the stage of Rajoy. In its judgment, is "a personality very versatile".

Date Of Update: 13 September 2019, 18:00

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