Spain has a love-hate relationship with Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias does not want to be the father of Javier Sánchez "sat on a long leather sofa chocolate brown, speaking with some and with others of any thing;

Spain has a love-hate relationship with Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias does not want to be the father of Javier Sánchez

"sat on a long leather sofa chocolate brown, speaking with some and with others of any thing; your last dinner in the house of the clintons, from their wine cellar a favorite, from when I stepped on the hand of the princess, Grace Kelly , or the time he sat down to sing with Stevie Wonder or Diana Ross". So just remember Oscar García Blesa his first encounter with Julio Iglesias (75 years), "in a particularly humid and hot month of September in 2001 in the studios Criteria in Miami. Blesa was working by then with Alejandro Sanz (now their manager), who was there to rehearse for their performance at a "Unplugged" for MTV, and when it appeared July waving with one of her famous "Hey!", the two were speechless. "She couldn't stop telling stories, you know that your character fascinates, and likes to play with the myth," says Blesa.

Since he did not return to see him in person, but many years later had the idea to sort chronologically the life and work of Churches, in a biography that is published now to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of his career. "The book starts with his birth, and even before, with his father, who was also another very interesting character, with adventures in the Civil War, a season in prison ... From there I moved forward, putting in order many articles and reports that have been published about him, the main motivation of claiming your piece of music over other considerations, something that in Spain we don't usually do. I have sought reviews of their discs, and just there".

The great "latin lover"

This approach has not been an obstacle to addressing your fame as a "latin lover", perhaps because in this case it was impossible. "He was in charge of feeding his role of conqueror, but when a british newspaper said he had been with three thousand women, I knew that was a lie. It was his manager who told him: “don't ever desmentirlo”. July has never been considered a Superman of seduction, but the one holder served to feed the legend."

Julio Iglesias and Isabe along with two of his children - EPH

One of the things that fascinate the author of this biography is "so clear that I had wanted to succeed. When he had an accident that left him bedridden for a year and a half, he was dragged across the hallways of his house to avoid being in that state so young. That's part of how it has forged its legend. Your story has a lot of novelistic: a player that has that much more time in the hospital, when you give him a guitar in an unexpected way, and soon it gets to tear it and decide to become a musician . He never stopped calling to doors to launch his career, never gave up, and when it reached the success is not settled. When he went into the study did not leave until everything was perfect, and now continues in the first line, celebrating with a tour of the half-century that has on the scenery."

The book is not an authorized biography, but July, which meets 76-year-old this coming Monday, known of its existence and has shown no reluctance whatsoever on the publication. "I have very clear that the best biography of Julio Iglesias only you can write it down Julio Iglesias", says García Blesa, who is also "very clear" that in Spain we don't respect our heroes of popular music as much as in other european countries. " The relationship of July with Spain has been only love , but the of Spain, with July has been of love and hate, because we in this country do not accept the success of others. Spain mistreats winner. When a star from another country succeeds, it is large to always. Not in Spain, here if you are not always at the foot of the canyon, the second that you fail you crucify. We have a perfect example with Camilo Sesto. The people are left with the image of the eighties, but no one puts it in value was a major figure in Spanish music".

Second biography

Garcia Blesa has also written a biography of Alejandro Sanz, and became its manager shortly after the break-up of the artist with the agency RLM, which is now litigating in the courts. This week, a judge has sentenced Sanz to pay more than five million euros to these former representatives, but Blesa refuses categorically to discuss anything about the matter. We ended up, therefore, by asking if you have another biography between hands. "It will be a documentary, about Francisco Threshold ".

Date Of Update: 21 September 2019, 07:02

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