Spanish disappointment and disappointment in the Tokyo sauna

It has the Spanish triathlon that Olympic curse, as punished by the gods of a sport who spoke Spanish since he was born, which was not too much. They dominate

Spanish disappointment and disappointment in the Tokyo sauna

It has the Spanish triathlon that Olympic curse, as punished by the gods of a sport who spoke Spanish since he was born, which was not too much. They dominated it so much - echo of the last 13 world titles between Javier Gómez Noya and Mario Mola - that the Kenyans called them. But games, impotence. Again in Tokyo, where nobody could or approach that London silver from the Galician who continues as the only booty. It was imposed, Kristian Blummenfelt, escorted on the podium by Alex Yee and Hayden Wilde, silver and bronze.

From the early time it was found that it was not going to be the day at Odaiba Marina Park, where a false exit was the early morning anecdote. He was Mario Mola, eighth in Rio, the Best National, but neither in the preferred sector he was seen in the fullness of not so much. He finished tenth, going down handful of positions, but far away from everything (1:09 of gold). Fernando Alarza, shortly after, twelfth, also less than more. And Captain Gómez Noya, honoring a sport that is legend, 25º to his 38 years, in his goodbye to the Olympic distance. He awaits him, now, the adventures and the honors in the ironman that he postponed by this last Olympic dance to remove the thorn of the absence of him by falling in Rio.

The sun rose in Tokyo with two arrowheads in the waters of the bay. Olympic rings framing the spectacular stamp. The clouds, which were going and came, relieved the feared heat, by which the test came forward until 6.30 in the morning. But still the temperature of water marked 29.9 degrees, a barbarity. The first buoy broke the symmetry and Jonathan Brownlee, "he appeared with a very fifth place," took the strike next to Chilean Diego Moya. Beyond experts, water, first element, is more place to avoid losing more than to win. Avoid blows and cuts, keep strength safeguarded in the inertia at the feet of a rival.

And the transition to the bicycle, which triathletes mechanize as if they were robots to steal any second. But somewhat rare happens with the three Spaniards who, with that silver monkey so recognizable - thomance the world championship initiatory that Ivan raña conquered in 2002-, Bracean together. And too far behind. Few tend to swim faster than Gómez Noya.

That only has an advantage, together, the trio can cut those 40 seconds lost in a bad water. A sport as individual as the triathlon made brotherhood. And to that they are put, when nine of the favorites sharpen the fang in the head. Among them the powerful Vincent Luis, but also the British with Brownlee and that 23-year-old bullet who is Alex Yee.

The nine samurais do not achieve their purpose. At the fourth round, the platoon commanding the Australians, neutralized. And in the third group, that of the Spaniards, who travel among others with Gustav Iden, cut up until he joined before the fifth, with at least a few minutes to recover his breath. A good suffocon. Was it worth it?

Because the last turns before running on foot are pure adrenaline. Ladies and war for positions, as if it were a sprint of the tour. In each turn it goes a scare that could ruin everything. That's why Mola takes a gel under the sound of the bell, while he advances positions on the floors of 31 embarrassed passengers.

And yet, follow behind. And they continue together. They decided to die by the hand. Too soon, again, the absence of forces in the Spaniards is intuited, in which the Talverano Alarza takes the lead, 20 seconds from the group commanding with Brutal Yee rhythm and the French Connix. Among them, which are becoming less and the Favorite Vicent Luis has been scolded, is the glory in Odaiba.

It was an attack by Yee who decided the metals. But he put him a bull, what contrast of physicists. Blummenfelt, with that forced to run, as if he hit the ground, at the softness of the British. And the Norwegian, with a heartbreaking power, crossed as cheerful as an exhausted the goal. A titanic effort in Odaiba. 1: 45.04 Agony.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2021, 19:56

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