The PP promises "absolute collaboration" the judge of the 'operation ' Kitchen'

internal notes of 'Kitchen': "Barcenas said that you have stolen and ensures that it has been the Government" The PP has been off today, again, the operat

The PP promises

internal notes of 'Kitchen': "Barcenas said that you have stolen and ensures that it has been the Government"

The PP has been off today, again, the operation Kitchen, but has promised "full cooperation" with the Justice. This has been assured by the deputy secretary of Organization of PP, Marta González, after the Board of directors of the popular.

THE WORLD has revealed today that the Police left a written record, in the reports of the operation's Kitchen, that Luis Barcenas had realized that they had stolen sensitive material against the PP. According to the Police, Barcenas said to have suffered at least "two robberies". One of them, "the recording of a private conversation" with senior members of the PP.

"it Is a matter judicializado, the PP always respect the legal processes and their times. Paul Married has announced the absolute collaboration with the Justice on the part of the leadership and the party as a whole", explained the deputy secretary of Communication of the PP. "The president of the PP has been very clear and forceful in this and, obviously, we're going to continue in this same line."

Asked about the appeal that made Barcenas to talk to Rajoy about the theft, when he ruled the PP, and on the alleged use of slush funds to pay for the operation against Barcenas, Gonzalez has reiterated his "full cooperation with any demands that we have in relation to this issue." And he added that the "forcefulness" of the president of the PP, Paul Married, "with respect to the required transparency is more than known."

In another order of things, Gonzalez has announced that Married be unveiled on Sunday who will be the candidate 'popular' to the Mayor of Barcelona, after that the PP refused to join the electoral platform of Manuel Valls, akin to Citizens. In addition, Married will ratify the candidates of Galicia (Friday) and Extremadura (Saturday).

On the negotiation with Citizens to reach an agreement of the government in Andalusia, which begins tomorrow in Seville, González recalled that the PP looks "indispensable" that the president of the Board to be its candidate, Juanma Moreno. "In that first meeting we will talk about measures that need to be put in place urgently, and not of charges," he explained.

Although PP and Cs already take for granted that they will reach an agreement, as it advanced this newspaper last Friday, the first meeting will serve to put in common "needs urgent priority" of Andalusia. The two matches will be two separate documents of priorities, based on their electoral programs.

With regard to the possibility that Vox will add then to the covenant, PP-Cs, popular only put a red line: "absolute Respect for the Constitution; it does not fit do not measure it," said Marta Gonzalez.

finally, the PP returns to claim the application of article 155 in Catalonia, but will not add "for now" to the complaint that has announced Vox against Torra. "We have reached a point in which there is no return possible. The Government should apply the 155 once and for all" and not make further "concessions" to the pro-independence, said Gonzalez, before announcing that his party will be asked to appear for immediate of the Interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to explain the riots that have caused the CDR in the last few days on the streets of Catalonia.

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Date Of Update: 11 December 2018, 08:00

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