The Renaissance is fulfilled in Wembley: Italy wins the Eurocopa

The Renaissance arrives in Wembley, a second Renaissance, now football, for this exemplary Italy, emerged from the ashes of a champion, reconstructed with crite

The Renaissance is fulfilled in Wembley: Italy wins the Eurocopa

The Renaissance arrives in Wembley, a second Renaissance, now football, for this exemplary Italy, emerged from the ashes of a champion, reconstructed with criteria, good forms and ambition. Has taken a step forward in his game without forgetting the best of his DNA, his competitive capacity, his resistance and his faith, exemplified in Chiellini, Veteran of all wars, looking like a splendor character of 'Cinecittà, but also in The young Donnarumma, erect as a cypress of Tuscany, hero, today, from Turin to Sicily. [1-1: narration and statistics]

This Italy that was not in the last world, leaves the purgatory with a title, capable of resisting the best of an emerging Spain, to survive two penalty candles and to silence a Wembley drunk before lifting the cup. The 'Premier' Boris Johnson had announced a festive day if he earned. Soccer recommends being prudent, even after a goal in favor, like the one who found England in his warm boot. From then on, on the other hand, he did not want to be imperial. Italy dreamed it. Forza Azzurra !!

It is a worthy champion for this euro, the second one that raises after 1968, as it could have been England, the two most stable selections, well directed by Roberto Mancini and Gareth Southgate. In the final pulse it was better the first. Up to the changes made by English for penalties, Rashford and Sancho, failed for the 'pros' in the launches. A penalty errred condemned Southgate as a player, at 96. Others as a coach, but this does not prevent assessing him. England is not the past disaster. The feat of the 66, of the Charlton, Moore and Stiles, is far away.

Southgate began with three centrals, something he already did in the Russian World Cup. It has the tools: defenses of the very high level, of huge deployment and rapids in the anticipation, and long laterals and accurate with the foot. They are the lanes, specialists with a special protagonism in this euro. Mancini had lost the best, Spinazzola, once in the final, Southgate affiliated to his, by aligning Trippier on the right and flying Shaw on the left. A risky decision on day D, susceptible to being covered with conservative if something went wrong. Two minutes converted it into bold: the Trippier Center, measured, SHAW hit on the left to beat Donnarumma and put Italy upstairs. The English error was protecting the booty too much. They did not think like corsairs.

Before Mancini could adjust the operation of his team to the maneuver of his counterpart, he was in the most committed situation of the whole tournament, behind the scoreboard. He had never happened to him in the euro. Luis Enrique also surprised the Italian coach, by converting Olmo into a 'nine fake', but Spain failed to mark in the time of bewilderment 'Azzurro'. He got it, on the other hand, the selection that had not embedded more than a goal in the whole tournament. The conjuncture turned a hilarious wembley, become the battlefield of a national cause, in an 'ochomil' for Italians. The way to attack him was exemplary.

The anteroom of the English goal had let it see the activation of a key part. He was Harry Kane, a 'nine' that started outside the area, made that she disconcerted Bonucci and Chiellini. If they were going after Kane, they left the area; If they stayed, the striker found cracks between the lines. Kane connected with Sterling, willing to try everything, or it wasgging towards the bands, where Shaw started unleashed. This side by which the United paid record figures when it was a juvenile has exploded this season in the Premier and with the selection of it.

England had, then, the opportunity to take advantage of an Italy that was out of its coordinates, very long the team of Mancini, with space on the back of Verratti and Jorginho. Instead, he preferred to secure, with the slogan not to give spaces against Italy, one of the selections more than the transitions. Do not run, it was Southgate's mandate, supported by Rice and Phillips, two emerging mediocentrons. It would have been better to send yours to keep running. He was wrong. The price was to give the initiative to the rival of it.

Italy, really, was convinced that the situation could change thanks to Chiesa. It was the necessary spring. To be said clearly, Chiesa sought her life for his account, as he faced Spain, to release the first threat, a satin whiplash. He repeated it in the second part to provoke the best of Pickford and offer goal assistance. The front of the Juve, who did not start as a starter, has been key in the worst moments for which he has traversed his selection: he scored against Austria or Spain, and, yesterday, he taught his teeth when his team looked like a lamb road of the Kgollado. Not finishing the final by an injury was an undeserved punishment. A good chop of this title belongs to him.

The impetus of Chiesa and the Imposto movements made England yielded ground and allow it to evolve to Italy in the three quarters. Mancini did not wait and made decisions, when he took Berraldi and Crector to the field. He was faster than Southgate, slow in the changes. When he did them, wrong.

The vital, however, were not the substitutions, but the intentions, the dynamics, which became totally of the Italians. Sterling and Kane, of protagonists in the first half to unpublished in the second. Southgate called Saka and went to the four line, but there was no way to reverse the trend. Italy came to the area with everything he had, his power plants included. With Chiellini and Bonucci in Pickford's bedroom, the first asked penalty and second found the goal, just with the demonstration of will performed by Mancini's men.

To England, overwhelmed, the extension relieved, which came under an harassment that did not understand. The extra time, on the other hand, was distributed between the two selections. The penalties, no. They only marked Kane and Maguire for the 'Pross'. Donnarumma stopped the fifth to Saka and Wembley was silent, under that rumble of hangover that is only heard inside your head. The outbreak was really already in the Mediterranean. Forza !!

Date Of Update: 12 July 2021, 08:38

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