The best moments of Will Smith in El Hormiguero: From the 'Torito Guapo' al Pablo, you are my brother

Will Smith will have fun again in the anthill in January 2022. It will be his eighth visit to the Pablo Motorcycle program and is expected to be as desterior an

The best moments of Will Smith in El Hormiguero: From the 'Torito Guapo' al Pablo, you are my brother

Will Smith will have fun again in the anthill in January 2022. It will be his eighth visit to the Pablo Motorcycle program and is expected to be as desterior and surprising as in the previous occasions. Because yes, because the unfolding, the spontaneity and the good roll that always drafted the protagonist of the prince of Bel-Air continues to conquering hearts - which ask him for motorcycles - and hearings.

The friendship that the American actor and the Valencian presenter have been carved during the last decade explains the assiduity with which Hollywood superstar looks at the antenna set 3. "We are real friends," has stressed bikes on more than one occasion .

The interpreter enjoyed the beautiful thing during his first appearance in program almost 13 years ago and remained on that frantic format with famous, speaking dolls, crazy experiments, magic, music and dancing by means. Both he liked it, that he undertook a business with Pablo Motos to try to sell the anthill to the United States. That project did not go ahead, but the affection between them still lasts.

The presenter has recognized that Will Smith's first visit changed his life and that of the anthill forever. The actor was the first international guest in attending the program - the handsome Torito de El Fary as a culminating moment - and he alone was in charge of opening the doors to the cast of world celebrities that has later been parading: Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, Harrison Ford, Hugh Jackman, Sylvester Stallone, Justin Bieber, Vin Diesel, Richard Gere, Nicole Kidman ... The list overwhelms.

Will Smith enjoyed his first meeting and the following; He has sung flamenco and rap; He has danced of all possible forms; He has led with the man in black; He has gotten into a giant balloon and in a cabin with 2,500 traps for mice; He has tried to speak Spanish and has told endless anecdotes about his professional and private life. In summary, he has been given in body and soul to the cause.

It all started on January 12, 2009. Will Smith was the guest of El Anthill, when the program was still broadcasting in four. The American appeared to promote the premiere of the movie Seven Souls and the entrance of him to Tardó de Him, embracing Pablo Motos, was a sign of everything that would come later. Also to remember from the first visit of him is that "Paul, I think I love you" that the interpreter told him in Spanish at motorcycles.

However, the algid moment was when the artist finished singing the handsome Torito, the mythical song of El Fary. It was there. That moment. "He changed my life," said the Valencian presenter in Podcast's sense of the sense of Birra. He also assured that the guest and he immediately connected. "We look at each other and I thought: 'This is like me," he said. "I realized that he knew much more than a 'show' that I. I let him direct because it was much smarter to go after him to try to run Will Smith, it's much better than me in everything ... the uncle knows When you have to make a joke or a gag. "

That was the most seen the anthill program to date with 2,725,000 spectators (13.3% of Share).

On his second visit to El Anthillo, Will Smith seemed to feel at home. He came to accompany his son Jaden and actor Jackie Chan, protagonists both of the movie Kárate Kid 2010, and he did it together with him, the actress Jada Pinkett. He rarely had seen Pinkett in an interview with her husband. Obviously, the film was in the background.

The magic brushed again at once and jada charms, creating an atmosphere that ended up spreading by all the set. The audience also fell seduced: 2,442,000 spectators, 19.7% fee.

"I need to practice more, but I want to speak only in Spanish," said Will Smith nothing more to start his third interview in the anthill, this time with the excuse of presenting Men in Black III. He answered gracefully, and in English, to each question that made him motorcycles, tranches and ravines; He faced the presenter in a live rap and got into an extraterrestrial house with the man in black.

Smith's presence in the program returned to work and for the first time the anthill exceeded the barrier of the 3,000,000 viewers (with 17.4% Share).

It was the year 2013, Will Smith was in the middle of the promotion of the film after Earth and his agenda prevented him from approaching Spain. However, Pablo Motos decided that, if Muhammad could not go to the mountain, the anthill was going to Will Smith. So it was. A central hotel in London became the improvised set to receive the actor's visit and that of his son Jaden Smith.

'The Prince of El Hormiguero' returned the effort of the program with a lot of sympathy and a rap who played with his son. In addition, during the interview, Smith had no qualms about striving to speak Spanish and tell the presenter: "Paul, you are my brother."

The logistical challenge was a hit of hearing: the Antena 3 program was an absolute leader of that day, with more than 3 million viewers and 17.9% of Share, scoring the season record. He also obtained the 'minute of gold' of the day with more than 4.1 million viewers (22.9%).

The anthill returned to scroll to London in 2015 to record the program with Smith and Margot Robbie, his partner deal in the film Focus. The program team tried to teach actors to count jokes in Spanish and introduced them into a cabin with 2,500 traps for mice with as many ping-pong balls. The mission? Avoid a butterfly effect.

The fifth step of the American by the program was shot with a new audience record: 3,697,000 spectators and 17.5% of Share. In addition, it was also done with the Golden Minute with 4,993,000 spectators and 23.8% Share.

On May 20, 2019, the anthill 3.0 fulfilled 2,000 programs in antenna and the team held it, how not, with its most special guest. For this, it had to be issued from London, this time since study 1 of the BBC.

Will Smith again became charming Showman, despite being his sixth visit to the program. He was encouraged to sing something like flamenco with the chords of the guitar that Pablo Motos had just given him, although for Gifts he who made him on bikes: Proposing him record the Hindustro show in Los Angeles. The presenter fell once more rendered at his feet. "You are my genius of the lamp," he recognized Requena.

The program was the most watched of the day, razing with 18.6% screen fee and an average of almost 3.3 million viewers.

Already the irruption in Will Smith's set next to Martin Lawrence was a good roll show. The pair of actors went through antena 3 to promote the movie Bad Boys for Life and hallucinated with Brown's experiments and Jandro's magic.

Of course, the interview generated some controversy in social networks because motorcycles seemed to focus all the protagonism to their friend, leaving aside the opportunity to deepen the figure of Martin Lawrence.

The audience does not seem to get tired of Will Smith, since his seventh visit to the anthill was the second most view, gathering 20.4% screen fee (3,493,000 spectators).

Updated Date: 24 November 2021, 15:04

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