The cars are made of glass, high ceilings with panoramic and moons bulletproof

The rarities automotive's Frankfurt show 2019 The Frankfurt show has become a show where the main brands of automotive exposed both their latest creations as

The cars are made of glass, high ceilings with panoramic and moons bulletproof
The rarities automotive's Frankfurt show 2019

The Frankfurt show has become a show where the main brands of automotive exposed both their latest creations as models that may or may not come in a future more or less next . In many of their models and experiment with materials and concepts, among which, in the present edition, have stressed the glass and transparent surfaces.

Among the most striking features seen in the edition of this year's highlights, according to the experts of Carglass, the Audi AI:TRAIL , a "concept car" with the Audi expresses his idea of how should be the ideal vehicle of the future to explore the nature. Why not have big screens in the interior, and, yes, a huge glass area so as not to lose anything of that which surrounds us and “create a strong connection with the environment”, in the words of its designer.

Highlights the way in the angle of the side windows, which has various functions. From the static point of view, trace a line of waist in the body. From a functional perspective, its fold interior gives passengers more space in the shoulders and elbows. In addition, to extend the windows down you can see the floor step on the car, even between the wheels.

The huge front windshield panoramic provides a feeling of “cabin of the helicopter” (as in the Tesla Model X). And the glass area extends to all the techno. Even the front grille has a glass effect.

Another interesting novelty is that this concept is that it is equipped with five drones, which fly by in front of the car illuminating the road and providing images. And when they run out of battery, they land on the roof of the car to be loaded inductively.

Also thinking in the practice of off-road and expeditions outside of the road, Land Rover has unveiled the new Defender , a car with a name that is iconic that keeps a large part of the skills 4X4 of the Defender original, but that takes all of the innnovaciones technological potential. This mnodelo incorporates a sophisticated Head-up Display in the windshield, able to replicate in video which is displayed on the central touch-screen, including graphics that help in driving off-road.

To improve the visibility in this environment, the key to driving off-road, the new Defender has the technology hood invisible ClearSight Ground, and rear vision ClearSight Rear View. The first system displayed in the central screen area that is usually hidden by the hood, directly in front of the front wheels. The system ClearSight Rear View features rear view enhanced: with just the touch of a button, the rear view mirror goes from being a mirror to a digital display that shows the image of a high definition camera that points backward and is installed on the top rear of the vehicle. Thanks to this, the rear pillars and the spare wheel seem to be invisible, and eliminate the dead corners in the rear.

BMW has a long tradition in armored cars and their latest creation is a true battleship. This model assumes a level of ballistic protection VR6, which guarantees resistance to, for example, shots of an assault rifle AK-47. The windshield and the windows are of safety glass multi-layer (with a layer of polycarbonate for additional protection against shrapnel.) of 33 millimeters in thickness.

in Addition, has worked on the shielding of the joints and in the joints between body and glass. And to top it off, The innovative technology and “Post-Blast Protective Technology” for the safety glass ensures protection especially effective against second attacks. All the windows remain on your site even after an explosion, without forming spaces between the crystals and the body. The windshield and side windows are heated, and the opening of the windows in front can be limited to approximately ten centimeters to prevent the entry of objects of large size in the vehicle.

The brand assures that this model can withstand explosions of up to 15 kilograms of TNT at a distance of four metres, and the protection of low offers resistance to hand grenades type DM51 and, optionally, protection against grenades, HG85, of higher power.

Another German firm, Mercedes-Benz , you experience with the model Vision EQ's and his body of glass. This car concept has a two-tone design, with the top of the car creating the impression of being glass. Both areas of color are separated by a band LED light called “Lightbelt”, which emphasizes the contour of the vehicle and gives the design an structure of the two bodies.

the star also has been the new electric car from Volkswagen, which has a windshield with a multitude of functions. is The ID. 3 has a windshield with Head-up Display Augmented Reality (AR) that provides the information to the optical level of the driver from a distance of between three and ten metres in front of the vehicle.

the windshield of The ID.3 also hosts the camera that, among other functions, provides information to the headlights Matrix LED and interactive. This camera is analyses the traffic ahead and in the opposite direction . Based on these data, the beam is switched on automatically at speeds above 60 km/h and remains active without dazzle the vehicles travelling in the opposite direction, which improves the illumination of the road and the edge of the road in the evening and at night.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2019, 12:01

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