The five and 17-year-old brothers who vanished from the room of a hospital

There are few cases as intriguing as that of the Hermanos Isidre and Dolors, who were five and 17 years old when they disappeared from the room of a hospital at

The five and 17-year-old brothers who vanished from the room of a hospital

There are few cases as intriguing as that of the Hermanos Isidre and Dolors, who were five and 17 years old when they disappeared from the room of a hospital at dawn of September 5, 1988.

The San Joan de Dèu de Manresa Health Center (Barcelona) was expanded in 2014 and a huge orange sign chaired today the new part today. The sister of the absent, Mari Carmen Orrit Pires, turns to the right and points to the three ancient buildings that then composed the complex, even operational. "They were in the center, on the second floor, in room 229," she said. She wears a white t-shirt with the images of Isidre and pains on the front and the legend "never forgotten" on her back.

The day of our meeting is still very recent the last judicial reverse. ICIAR IRIODO, the family's lawyer, had tried to reopen the case alleging the appearance of a witness, but only a few hours ago that the Court of Manresa has communicated to the rejection of the petition, noting that the matter was considered prescribed in 2016.

This alleged witness came to light last January. The Living Program The Life of Telecinco dedicated a space to the case and the man called the wording. Mari Carmen is in contact with him by whatsapp. "I already told what he knew, I do not want problems with the judge or the police," he says he in the last message of her, in which he leaves the door open to a meeting with her.

The informant, 46, today, was 13 years old on the day of disappearance and was in the hospital, says Mari Carmen, taking care of a sick brother, as pains with the little isidre. She was heading to the smoking room to take a cigar when she heard screams and when she approached she saw how a person dressed as a doctor took the Brothers orrit in a wheelchair.

He followed them to the basement, where another man expected toilet dressed. The brothers injected something - especially as it transmits from its Mari Carmen story - and covered them with white sheets. There were other bodies covered with green sheets. The boy got scared and ran out of the hospital in search of his mother, leaving him there alone.

"The family decided that they did not say anything because they were afraid, because, as they were doctors, in case they did something to them too, now it is 46 years old, it is a father and he wanted to tell him to be rested," says Mari Carmen. She gives a veracity to the story, among other things because the alleged witness refers that in the basement there was a pool. "Before I was a tuberculose hospital and there were swimming pools for treatments and he did not have to know that," she says. The testimony has not been heard at the headquarters.

All families of the disappeared coexist with the torment of a shared uncertainty: what happened to them? And in his desperation for responding to that question they will be heard of any theory that arises, by a proportion to appear. They are easy prey of seers and unscrupulous detectives.

"Because of believing that in the basement of the hospital was happening all that and nobody discovered it and denounced ..." We found the thesis.

"It is also worth believing that you finish parking, tell you that your child is dead, they teach you one of the freezer, they will be told that they firm a certificate of death and that you are signing an adoption. I know a case like this. It is hard to believe but these things happen, "she replies in allusion to the stolen babies' raster.

As read in the summary of the case, at 17.10 hours on September 2, 1988, the Child Isidre Pires Orrit, 5, entered the emergency department of Sant Joan de Dèu de Manresa. It was diagnosed with foot-and-mouth stomatitis - a disease that causes the appearance of small ulcers in the mouth - and it was arranged to be admitted.

His older sisters took turned to accompany him in the hospital. On the third night, he touched him to pain, 17, which some media awarded at the time "mental retardation". It was not true. The young woman had a serious visual defect that hindered that she could learn to the rhythm of her age and who accentuated her's character and very introverted by her.

Dolors was the sixth of the 15 children who had Alfredo Pires and María Orrit, such a prolific marriage as humble. He worked in a carpentry of Manresa and she took care of the offering that grew practically at the rhythm of a baby per year. At the first-born, Angelina, "María had her before meeting Alfredo," María Rosa was followed (born 1966), Alfred (1967), Mari Carmen (our Interlocutora, 1968), Engracia (1970), the missing pains and his mellizo manel (1971), Jordi (1972), Isabel (1973), Montserrat (1974), Yolanda (1975), Marta (1976), Daniel (1977), Teresa (1978) and finally, Isidre, the other disappeared, Born on November 20, 1983.

If you are fixed on the search cartels you will see what pains are surname orrit pires while Isidre is PIRES ORRIT. The dance dance is because the father, Alfredo, was born in Portugal and although he arrived in Catalonia with little more than a year old he never won Spanish nationality. "Because of the Law of Portugal, the mother's last name had to be put first, and so it was done with the first 10 children. The last ones already let them get up well," Mari Carmen clarifies the loss of surnames.

Of the 15 Brothers orrit Pires / Pires Orrit left 10. The first-born, Angelina, died 17 years of cancer, and Montserrat, at three months by a virus. More tragic was the loss of Manel, the melting of pain, who, seven years after the disappearance of his brothers, was wound by a train. He was 24 years old. Mari Carmen, after finding a charter from the deceased, deck that could be a suicide, since Manel, explains, felt pointed out and pressed by those who believed that she should know something for being the melting of pain. "I give word of honor that when they come out [appear] my brothers and isidro I am going to avenge me of all the people who have put against me and have accused me of the disappearance of my brothers. This is not a threat, just a clarification , Of course, what I am going through does not know anyone else than me, "he said in the letter.

«I think someone from the hospital took them because I wanted to adopt the child," says the sister

His death was very painful and that of the other brothers, says Mari Carmen, but it is even more the two absences. "As my mother says, at least Angelina, Montserrat and Manel, no matter how hard, we know where they are and we are going to bring them flowers. But A Isidre and Dolors no," she says mentioning the Octogenarian María Orrit. The mother continues to live in Manresa, but she declines the invitation to participate in this report.

That September 5, 1988 he was 47 years old and less than two months ago he had sent. He was not accompanying Isidre in the hospital because when a cancer took him to the patriarch he had to be able to clean houses. He gave breakfast to the children before going to work, "they would be about eight thirty in the morning," when they touched the door. The police asked for their children.

"Here are, Mary answered.

-No, no, your children from the hospital.

-Well in the hospital, where are they going to be?

The last person who saw them was the nurse who the night before, when he started his turn at 23.00, he took a tour of the rooms. When she returned at 07.00 the next day for the first round, Isidre and Dolors were no longer.

They were sought without success at the medical center, in the surroundings, in nearby forests ... shows the scarce clues that researchers had what happened to Isidre and Dolors is the range of hypotheses with which Mossos d'Esquadra worked According to a report dated two months after the disappearance. In case of being alive, they pointed out, they could be hidden or helped by third parties, kidnapped for sexual purposes or to give them adoption or have escaped. In case of being dead, they could have fallen by a ravine at the exit of the hospital, having been run over and hidden their corpses, murdered after being sexually assaulted or by organ trafficking, or suicide by family problems.

On July 11, 1989, a year later, the provisional dismissal of the case was decreed. "From everything taken, it emerges that the investigated facts are constitutive of criminal infringement, although there are no sufficient logical reasons to attribute their perpetration to a certain person", it is read in the judicial car.

"What do I think happened to them? I think someone from hospital took them because I wanted to adopt the child knowing that my mother had just been widowed and that she had many children," Elucubra Mari Carmen. "Why do I think that? I do not understand that a child will enter it for some sores in their mouths. To give it past [crushed] and to put iodine with bastries in the mouth, we could do it at home. Then, when they enter it they put it With a child who had the broken off, and on the third day, just that of the disappearance, they change it to a single room. Why? And that night, nurses, as we have done all in our jobs once, took pastitas Because it was the birthday or saint of one and went to the waiting room to make a pike. I think someone knew it and took advantage of the moment, that's why I think it was someone inside, "he shoots his conclusions.

Frequishing Isidre and Dolors, Maria Orrit, the mother, asked for a loan of 50,000 pesetas to hire a detective who picked up the paste and, as the children, evaporated. Later, another private investigator would enter the case that always pointed to the paternal family, the relatives of the deceased Alfredo. He was supported by the testimony of a waitress of the hospital, who, six years later, said he listened to a suspicious conversation in the cafeteria. A man saying that the children were not well taken care of, that the Father had just fallen and that the best for them would be that they would take them.

Mari Carmen Orrit does not give a pábulo to this hypothesis. She explains that both her paternal grandmother and the two brothers of her father have always resided in Catalonia and have never been seen with children. "I do not find any sense, do you risk stealing children and taking them to give them to other people, because with them they have not been?"

«I hope to see you again, even if you are making your life and do not want to know about me»

The sister was 19 years old when Isidre and Dolors disappeared. Today, at 53, she is already a grandmother of a 16-year-old teenager, Gorka. He has recently given him the toys that her brother Isidre gave him on November 15, 1987, ten months before disappearing, as written in the box of Caramelos Ricola in which she gave them.

Mari Carmen was pregnant then and the boy wanted them to be for the baby. She has skipped a generation and has been legacted to her grandson. They are two warriors and a plastic horse just four centimeters high. "The neighbors gave us toy toys that they did not want," she says.

"My illusion is to think that Isidre and pains are alive and find them, that one day we can tell us what happened to us, I hope to see them again, even if they are making their lives and they do not want to know about us; know something though they have died of us; Another thing in these years, "he says as an epilogue.

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