The last temptation. Program 6. Lucia goes to the bonfire of the confrontation and Gonzalo and Cristian are expelled

So far the direct program 6. It has been a night full of turns, and Gonzalo and Cristian have abandoned 'the latest temptation'. In addition, we have solved

The last temptation.
 Program 6. Lucia goes to the bonfire of the confrontation and Gonzalo and Cristian are expelled

So far the direct program 6. It has been a night full of turns, and Gonzalo and Cristian have abandoned 'the latest temptation'. In addition, we have solved the question with which we started this direct. Lucia has come to the 'bonfire of confrontation', but we will have to wait for next week to know the outcome of her relationship with Isaac.

It goes through the path that takes you to the bonfire and the first thing that is about Isaac is that it is "a pork and unfaithful by nature ''.

Isaac wants to give Lucia "the explanations he deserves". He looked sure of her but she has fallen her bandage because he was self-conscious living with her and is what she wants to convey him: '' I have left everything about her for her, but I feel that I need to be free from her ' '. If Lucia does not appear, the two would have to leave 'the latest temptation'. '' I would understand that she did not come, "says Isaac ...

Lester believes that his opponent could be Cristian or Marta. When the fire turns off Lester will have to decide if the opponent of him deserves a second chance. And the Lester opponent is ... Cristian, whom he denies the greeting. The first question to Bocajarro is if he considers himself the friend of him, because he has seen images of Patri crying. Cristian defends himself saying that Patri has stared with him and who tells him what he talks to Lester, the couple of him. Lester affirms that his friendship is over. Cristian leaves with the calm and happy conscience of having zanjado all the accounts of him. At his return to the house he argues with Patricia, who asks for forgiveness if he has understood something that he was not. Patricia just wants to clarify things with Lester.

Cristofer defends his love for Fani before Gonzalo, who does not understand that he has put the horns for the second time. Cristofer: '' The majority of people I know tell me that in relations infidelity has occurred at some point. If I want to be with the person I want I am. The problem is mine, not yours. '' The 'Circle of Fire' is over and Cristofer recognizes that he has not served him at all because he does not understand the position of the opponent of him. Gonzalo has served him to vent and define himself as 'The Voice of the Town'. Cristofer has not hesitated not to give a second chance to Gonzalo that he feels quiet and fortunate for having said what he thought and is very quiet of 'the last temptation' because he has resolved the pending issues of him.

Cristofer believes that his opponent in the 'circle of fire' will be Gonzalo because he is a person who laughs at others. Another possible candidate would be Julian. If he was the latter, he says, it would be very different.

He knows that it can be the end of his participation in the contest, but on this occasion, in front of his participation on the island of temptations 3, now he does not want to leave. He talks with his companions of Villa Luna, who advise him to accept the challenge of

Lucia regrets having hurt Marina and recognizes that she was not honest with her. In addition, being asked by Sandra, she has affirmed that '' Isaac has shown me that he is a great actor. I do not think she has been in love with me. I feel a rejection by Isaac. ''

Sandra has just announced the two people who go to the 'Circle of Fire': Lester and Cristofer.

Sandra Barneda brings together the contestants who are in Villa Luna. Start with Marina and without hesitating him asks about the approach between Bela and Isaac, who confesses that he was not sailing in the same direction that Lucia: "I was burning with her, although I want to ask for forgiveness. '' Isaac asks for a 'bonfire of Confrontation ', although the last word will be Lucia. If it does not appear you will have to leave the program and if she appears to talk and then decide if you deserve one last chance and return to your corresponding villas.

Very excited and cheerful receive the award.

Marina and Isaac talk and he recognizes that the relationship with Lucia was toxic because they were 24 hours together and when he has separated he has realized that what he felt for her was not so intense.

The caresses and laughter are produced between the expiral at the end of the party in Villa Playa. They go together to the room, where they only speak. Manuel, the next morning, is justified before Andrea. He has broken with her?

Lucia talks to Manuel and confesses that he feels ridiculous because all the members of 'the latest temptation' knew what was happening with Isaac, except her. Meanwhile, Andrea and Roberto are a perreo on the round table.

Gonzalo and Mayka dance, and both are honest, separately. Mayka: "I am looking for a serious relationship, I am not interested in a roll of one night. '' Gonzalo recognizes that '' is the most 'powerful' woman with which I have been so far '' and tries to conquer it, although influencer rejects him Because he does not want to endanger his current relationship with Alejandro.

Now yes, the sixth program of 'the latest temptation' begins. What nerves!

He already says the saying: '' where there was fire, there are always embers ''. Will we see if they turn back between Manuel and Lucia, a couple at the 'island of temptations 3'? Gaditano is clear that he does not want anyone to harm his ex-government.

In program 6 of 'The latest temptation' we will see if Lucia goes to the bonfire of the confrontation to talk to Isaac. Christofer and Lester will be the protagonists of the two circles of fire.

We started the direct program 6 of 'The latest temptation' prepared to tell you what happens! The gala is re-emitted at 22:00. After the last events, we will follow minute by minute what happens between the five couples. Everything indicates that there is going to be very hot twists and humans ...

In the fifth program the participants had to face an emergency view for the first time this season. Isaac was at the point of sight, and he had to explain why he had been unfaithful to Lucia.

However, he has been looked at the last to speak, a few hours before the beginning of the program, telling his feelings after knowing the infidelity of Isaac with Bela, although he has refused to see the chapter because he does not want to suffer and he has decided to take refuge in his ex-annum Manuel.

The other protagonists that we will have to be attentive are Mayka and Gonzalo. The latter is convinced that she continues to feel something for him and not to be foolish ... Mayka, for the part of her, affirms that she only thinks of Alejandro, her boyfriend.


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