The message of Xavi for the new Barça: You have to put order and standards

Xavi Hernández is very clear. It will not be hard, but very demanding. Above all, with the players with whom he shared costumes at Barça. From the point o

The message of Xavi for the new Barça: You have to put order and standards

Xavi Hernández is very clear. It will not be hard, but very demanding. Above all, with the players with whom he shared costumes at Barça. From the point of view of him, that is the way forward so that the team recovers the path of success. «You do not have to be hard. It is an order theme and rules. When we have had rules in the dressing room, we have gone well. When not, we have gone wrong. Nothing more. It is not a discipline. It is order, "he stressed the new bluegranate technician at his long layout. "We need order. We have to be more professionals than ever. With order and norms, we have gone well. When it has not been like that, we have not come to compete, "he insisted.

"First, is to put rules. Then, we will talk about values. If we do not have values, we do not have a team. Then, we will address how to play, how to defend, how to attack. First, the rules. Afterwards, the rest, "he stressed a Xavi who knows very well that the comparisons with the brightest time of the club, with the memory of who was the main architect of him, are going to be inevitable. "That is compared to Guardiola is already a success, for everything He has given football and Barça. He was a model as a player and he is being a technical. For me, he is the best coach in the world and may any comparison, at this time, be bad for me. In the end, they will be the results that will say if we do it well or not, "he said.

In your case, take the command of a team where you still have many costumers consider it an advantage. "I have friends inside the squad and precisely they are those who will tighten them anymore. They are very important, they have experience, I know what foot weigh, I know their virtues and their shortcomings. They have to pull the car, but they will be one more, everyone part of scratch, "explained a Xavi for whom the system is the least. "More than the system, it is the idea, the game model. We will try to dominate through the ball and so we will have more options to win. There are different solutions that we will work for the player to understand how we can tacar and how we can defend to harm the rival, "he said.

In its style manual, how not, a transcendental figure for the paradigmatic change of the club is very present. "It's a bit of Cruyff's idea, my first defense is the striker and my first attacker is the doorman. We have to be a block, get everyone to feel well and protected both in defense and in attack. You have to work so that you know what to do at every moment inside the field, "explained the Barça technician, who knows very well what the Barça supposes. «It is the most difficult club in the world. You have to play well and win, you have to convince, it is not enough for 1-0. We have to return to the requirement and, from there, try to return to excellence, "he said. In his plans, renewing dembélé is a priority. He believes that he can be the best in the world in his position. And Lupareta, how not, I take good note, with a somewhat comical reaction that was welcomed with laughter in the press room.

More seriously, on the other hand, the president was put at the time of talking about numbers. He did not want to specify how much he has had to pay Al-Sadd to achieve the signing of Xavi or how the possible collaboration of him will be in the future. And even he was annoying at the strong controls that want to spend from Laliga. "Laliga looks at us with magnifying glass, it will not be anything new. Every day a new thing is invented, such as the audit, they want to make us sign operations that we do not see clear ... if they want to review them, the books are open. And as for the 'Fair Play', we do not have a lot of salary margin, but we have it. We hope that Laliga sees him as us, "said a Joan Laporta who defined Xavi's arrival at the bench as a historic landmark for the club. Of course, with some different conditioners who had Frank Rijkaard or Pep Guardiola himself, the two betting of him to lead the team at his first stage at the head of the entity.

"Xavi arrives at the moment when Barça needs himself. I would have liked to offer you a project that puts you the easiest things, but it has a template with which you can work a lot and must be clear that you will have our trust and support at all times, although things are twined or twined even more », He reiterated the Most Barcelona leader. "We have full confidence in Xavi, because of the way of being, by the personality of Him and for the knowledge of Him. He has to send, direct the group as best he knows, and he will. He has it difficult, it is a complicated situation, with a team that he is about to do. He convinced me a lot when he told me that he can take a lot of performance, that he knows how to play. Rijkaard took a team that he was about to do and Pep, from some foundations, took him to excellence. Now it's different. What he will do will be put into practice the knowledge of him with the Xavi seal, "he said

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 11:07

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