The most outstanding series for this month of October in Netflix, Movistar + and HBO Max

The premiere season in platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Movistar +, among others, takes special protagonism when the Otha campaign arrives. New productions a

The most outstanding series for this month of October in Netflix, Movistar + and HBO Max

The premiere season in platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Movistar +, among others, takes special protagonism when the Otha campaign arrives. New productions are added to the television offer on demand after a scarce veranarous cycle of high quality television stories.

Below we show the best series for the month of October:

Netflix will premiere the third season of You and a new Spanish series, the time I give you. In the film section emphasizable guilty and army of thieves, while among the realities that will be added to the streaming platform is insiders, led by Najwa Nimri.

It was premiered on October 1.

Margaret Qualley (Once upon ... Hollywood) Stars this adaptation of Stephanie Land's autobiography. Fiction relates the story of a single mother that runs away from poverty and an abusive relationship. The young woman will begin to clean houses to try to give her a better life to her daughter. The cast counts on Nick Robinson (with love, Simon), Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls), Andie MacDowell (four weddings and a funeral) and Billy Burke (Twilight Saga).

Premiere: October 15.

The third season of fiction will show the new life of Joe (Penn Badgley). He now he is a married man and family father next to Love (Victoria Pedretti) and her baby. The protagonist fears the impulsivity of the couple of him, especially after meeting Natalie (Michaela McManus), a neighbor who will become the next obsession of him.

Premiere: October 29.

Lina (Nadia de Santiago) is a young woman who tries to start a new life and tries to forget her first love, Nico (Álvaro Cervantes). She every day she tries to reduce the time she passes thinking about him to be able to focus on the present. This fiction, created and starring Nadia de Santiago, is formed by 10 chapters of 11 minutes.

The Streaming Platform from October 1: Seinfeld, one step forward, Oats Studios, Did Gatas, Scissor Seven, On My Block, I remember you and Lala Revenge of the Juanas. On the other hand, the following productions will be released: the code that was worth millions (October 7), Mr. Robot (complete series, October 7), from Yakuza to Master of House (new episodes, October 7), the ingenuity of the Master of house (new episodes, October 7), much more than ready (October 8), Family Business (Season 3, October 8), A red smile like Blood: Tales of the Grimm Brothers (October 8) , Blue Period (October 9), Love is like Chachachá (October 9), the Kangaroo Club (season 2, October 11) and Mighty Express (season 5, October 12).

The fiction list continues with another life (season 2, 14 October), Little Things (season 4, October 15), my name (October 15), the world of Karma (October 15), the fantastic Halloween of Tibucán (October 15), Misfit: The series (October 16), the Gabby Doll House (season 3, October 19), Life is an anomaly, with Julien Bam (October 21), Komi- SAN can not communicate (October 21), TUT TUT COR ERY (October 21, October 21), UltraSecretos (October 22), Locke & Key (season 2, October 22), Dynasty (season 4, October 22 ), The King's affection (October 22), Animated (October 22), beyond sadness: the series (October 22), Maya and the three (October 22), The Office (US) (Series Complete, October 23), Hypnotic (October 27), Tuning (Season 2, October 27) and Luis Miguel: The Series (Season 3, October 28).

Movistar + will be released in October Series Comola icy blood and the bite as great attractions in its autumnal catalog. But he also has a protagonist role from this Mars the Moonshine series. A Gamerra comedy showing with irony that family businesses can be a bad idea. Another option that we must not let out overlook is Alejandro's debut to threaten that the leap to television with fortune, premiered on September 30, therefore it also has for the list of this month.

It premiered on October 5.

Sheri Elwood (Lucifer) is the creator of this Canadian comedy that presents five brothers who fight to take control of the family business. Lidia (Jennifer Finnigan), the greatest of the Finley-Cullen, returns home by the aunt's funeral and discovers that she has inherited part of an old summer resort in Nova Scotia. The decision of it to start remodeling will generate tensions in the environment.

Premiere: October 23.

Robert and Michelle King (The Good Wife) are the creators of this satirical series that mix comedy, terror and zombies. Its six chapters were recorded during the pandemic. Audra McDonald (The Good Fight) and Taylor Schilling (Orange Is the New Black) give life to two very different neighbors of a New Yorker neighborhood in full confinement. When a strange variant of the virus begins to spread, the protagonists will have to fight to survive without leaving home.

Premiere: October 25.

Jack O'Connell (Godless) and Colin Farrell (hidden in Bruges) star in this drama set in the 19th century. The first gives life to a young surgeon, traumatized by the past of him in the army, who is ready as a doctor aboard a whaler. The second embodies a harponer psychopath that will complicate the hard journey to the Arctic. Andrew Haigh (Looking) is the creator, director and scriptwriter of this miniseries that has five episodes. It is an adaptation of Ian McGuire's novel.

Movistar + will also offer new episodes of fictions such as A.P. Bio (season 4, October 7), the young Sheldon (season 5, October 14), The Blacklist (season 9, October 22) and ghosts (season 3, October 31).

On October 26, HBO Max arrives at Spain, which will be the new offer of the US platform in Europe. It maintains the same prices for the current subscribers at 8.99 euros per month, but it will also offer a reduced annual subscription of 67.99 euros. In this new offer we will be counted on Warner Bros, HBO, DC, Cartoon Network and Max Originals products. A catalog that will also include the sequelae of two of its great productions: sex in New York in December and game of thrones (House of the Dragon) in 2022.

Succession focuses on issues such as power, politics and family from the point of view of an aged typical magnate and its four children. Winner of multiple prizes, including several Emmy and Gold Globe. Premiere of the third season on October 18.

When a promising South Los Angeles American football player receives an offer to play at the Beverly Hills High, victories, defeats and difficulties of two very different world families, Crenshaw and Beverly Hills, will collide. Inspired by the life of professional football player Spencer Paysinger. It premiered in 2018, and the fourth season arrives on October 25.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 22:58

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