The reverse of the race of the century: an announcement of bad taste, 'the game of squid' and panic to pianos

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff appeared yesterday at Yas Marina to clarify some pending issues. "It would be totally false to sit here to tell you how much

The reverse of the race of the century: an announcement of bad taste, 'the game of squid' and panic to pianos

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff appeared yesterday at Yas Marina to clarify some pending issues. "It would be totally false to sit here to tell you how much we love each other, because everyone knows that Monday I will not go with you on vacation," said Red Bull's head, shortly after shaking his counterpart in Mercedes . Among them, the FIA had placed the trophy of the World Cup of Builders, which by eighth consecutive year seems very decanted for the German team. Returning 28 points almost a chimera for Red Bull, which will focus its efforts on making Max Verstappen champion. With simple accounts, the race of the century will be resolved, which can decide the eighth title of Lewis Hamilton. In his reverse, however, other factors are hidden.

As soon as he get off the car, after leading the second round of free practice, Hamilton affected the same prognosis of recent weeks. "We still have a lot to know about the rhythm in the long tandars, but I'm sure he will be super close, as he has been happening in the last races," said heptacampeon, much more accustomed to these Lides.

Not in vain, Sir Lewis has taken part in two of the tightest resolutions in history. In 2007 he lost the title against Kimi Raikkonen for a point (97-98), although only one year later he was able to savor the rematch against Ferrari and Felipe Massa (110-109). Only what happened in 1984 between Niki Lauda and Alain Prost makes shade to what awaits in Yas Marina. That unforgettable Battle of Estoril, when he crossed the goal after the teacher, was worth the third and last title of Austrian (72-71,5).

To proclaim the champion, Verstappen needs to finish the race ahead of Hamilton, be it at the Top-10 or out of it. And is that the tiebreaker criteria favor Dutch, who would also raise the first crown of him if he signs the fast lap and just tenth, just behind Hamilton. Again, the Briton will overcome Michael Schumacher's record stratosphere if he crosses the checkered flag ahead of the adversary of him, as long as they both end up in the points area. The last possibility for the Stevenage pilot would be over tenth or better if Mad Max does not score.

In any case, the recent controversies in Interlagos and Jeddah, where Verstappen showed an unusual aggressiveness at the wheel, have raised suspicion. And it is that in the Paddock few discard a hook that would completely clear the way to Mad Max. To heal in health, Michael Masi, career director, stressed in his previous notes on Thursday that he will not tolerate any no unsportive behavior. That is, that he premeditated article 12.2.1 of the International Code of the FIA.

The dramatization of the staging, therefore, must be up to height. At least by Horner. "We have pierced the limits, we have pushed each other and so far we have arrived. This is the time of truth, something like in the squid game," said Red Bull's main Team. If the success of the Korean series, with 111 million followers scattered all over the planet, can be exported to F1, the business will be round for Netflix.

You have to remember that the television platform has been producing Drive to Survive four years, the documentary that tries to unravel the best-kept secrets of F1. Even taking into account its irregular results, it seems clear that any marine yas paddock material will contain high-voltage scenes.

Last minute from Friday, Telegraaf advanced the news by mouth from a Red Bull spokesman. "We feel extremely disappointed with that they have used those images, where someone ends up in a hospital, it is very badly taste and we hope that they will retire them soon," said the Dutch newspaper. Helmut Marko's team was not going to allow the Christmas announcement of Sky News.

And I was not going to do it because British television had been picked up with a spot where he congratulated the parties at the rhythm of Verstappen's accident in Silverstone. It should not be mentioned that the applicant for the title, pushed the gravel by Hamilton, suffered an impact of 51g against the protections and had to spend the night entered into a medical center.

Just three weeks ago, Valtteri Bottas, Lando Norris, George Russell and Nicholas Latifi suffered punctures of different consideration during the Qatar GP, where Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll reached the goal on almost demolished tires. Pirelli, unique supplier of the World Cup, announced an investigation to clarify the problem, although always pointing to the extreme hardness of the curbs. As it is usually norm, all the noise of Losail was dissolving with the progress of the days.

Until Friday, about the removing Yas Marina circuit, Mario Isola threw the alarm voice again. "The pianos are worrisome," he warned Pirelli's strong man, especially restless, so it happened in curves 5 and 9. "They are tall and sharp, so we are in contact with the FIA to avoid any unforeseen," added the Italian. . In this F1, where the engines stand out for their great reliability, a bullen of the gums can be decisive for the fate of the championship.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2021, 19:25

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