The secesionismo Catalan pushes the King out of Girona in full affront

NEWSPAPER: So were the awards in 2018 A road shielded by Security Forces, who monitor the COR that is manifested against the King. A dirt road that can barely

The secesionismo Catalan pushes the King out of Girona in full affront

NEWSPAPER: So were the awards in 2018

A road shielded by Security Forces, who monitor the COR that is manifested against the King. A dirt road that can barely turn a bus and enough away as to not hear the protests... The Awards Princess of Girona were held this 2018 in a sort of underground, and thanks to the shelter provided by well-known chefs Roca brothers before the campaign of harassment of independentistas to the Crown.

Now, to 2019, when the Prizes are in 10 years, the Foundation has decided to celebrate this anniversary with a series of events scheduled over two days at the end of November, chaired by the Kings. This time it will be directly in Barcelona, which means that it leaves the province of Gerona.

So what was approved yesterday by the Board of trustees during its regular meeting with the Kings in the Royal Palace of Madrid. The decision to respond formally to a search for better logistics. Last June, the event center of the Celler de Can Roca attracted between 500 and 600 people, a figure that in 2019 is expected to far exceed, so that this space remained small. The Awards will include the coming year, in addition to the awards ceremony, the meeting Rescuers of talent and an act with the winners of these 10 years. From the Foundation explains that Girona did not provide a space for the features that suit the occasion.

Exile in Can Roca

however, what is certain is that the decision to abandon Gerona occurs in the midst of the campaign of harassment against the Monarchy in Catalonia, both on the street and in institutions. The province is one of the main foci of the pro-independence and the own city Council of the capital refused this year to lease its auditorium as in previous years, and appointed to the King's person non grata. This circumstance has already forced the banishment to the space ceded by the Rock. The ceremony, for the first time, it was obliged to be held outside the city of Gerona.

The town Hall was not the only outburst. The Chamber of Commerce of Girona, one of the founding institutions of the Foundation, decided to leave the board and two award-winning in 2011 and 2015, resigned to the awards.

So, since the Foundation has opted to take a decision that avoid the problems of 2018. The image is moved a certain helplessness of both of the Awards as of the Monarch was inevitable and the family of cooks who did host suffered harassment on the part of the separatism. The purpose in 2019, according to the sources consulted, "gaining visibility and convening capacity". The Awards look more and more prominence.

Boycott institutional of the government

In June of this year, Felipe VI spoke his words before the outburst of the Catalan government and the Catalan institutions. Did not attend no charge. Neither of the Government nor of Gerona. The highest authority in Catalonia was the delegate of the Government, Teresa Cunillera. Also went to Pedro Duque, minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, by be few awards of his field. But there was no representative of the Government. Neither are any political parties, constitutional experts of Catalonia (Citizens, PP, and PSC). Consulted by this newspaper, these noted that since the Foundation Princess of Girona is not them he studied the invitation.

From his speech on October 3, 2017, 48 hours after the referendum illegal, the secesionismo has put the spotlight on Felipe VI, personalizing his attack and harassment to the rule of Law. "The King is not welcome", advocated the councils of Vilablareix and Caldes de Malavella, localities where took place the acts of the Prizes, Princess of Girona, this 2018. Ties yellow in the roads, signs prohibited with the photo of the Monarch, masks elephant to ridicule to the institution and to the burning of a photo of him was the reception to the Kings and their guests.

In the ceremony, Felipe VI reaffirmed its "commitment to a Catalonia of all and for all", in addition to emphasizing the desire "to stay" Foundation in Girona. From this institution explained to leave of Gerona is only a decision for the 10th anniversary and that does not imply that they do not return in 2020.

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