This is what you can learn from the Spanish selection of basketball for that triumph of your business

Sean Fitzpatrick: "A leader does not have to like it employees, you must earn their respect,"companies see the recruitment of talent is their biggest challeng

This is what you can learn from the Spanish selection of basketball for that triumph of your business
Sean Fitzpatrick: "A leader does not have to like it employees, you must earn their respect,"companies see the recruitment of talent is their biggest challenge

Nor were the favorite, nor the most talented nor the their physical best. However, it is made with the highest accolade they could get. The Spanish selection of basketball has not been the champion of the world, nor by luck, nor by chance nor by an accumulation of circumstances. It is an example of a job well done on all planes that you can think of: team spirit, effort, sacrifice, empathy, responsibility, commitment, honesty, companionship... Are many values that have made gala these twelve players and their technical team during the World cup in China.

sports and lessons equipment as authentic, it can inspire many companies to grow and shine. In fact, some are already doing it, and they get athletes that convey all the strengths of good healthy sport. "The talks of these coaching are highly valued by organizations," says Carlos Martinez president of MFI Business School. The swimmer paralympic Teresa Perales, the Spanish swimmer David Mecca and the mountain Edurne Pasaban are some who are devoted to it. "There are already companies in the Ibex that work with these values because they mark a distinction. And there are business schools that offer training programs in those valorespara get the economic values," adds Ceferí Soler, professor, department of People management and Organisation at Esade.

In what is now tap, several experts to analyse key factors that have given the victory to the Spanish selection of basketball and they could well move to many companies:

Scariolo "is a strong leader, charismatic, and the players believe in him,"

The leader is key. And coach Scariolo the mirror in which you could look at a lot of positions of responsibility who manage teams of people in organizations. "In the business are missing leaders with that capacity of magnet that has a Scariolo, leaders who are generous with your team, build a good work environment, working in a team. In many organizations, a premium on individualism, the hang medals... And that makes the projects do not grow. It is shown that the bad environment has a great impact on productivity," says Carlos Martinez.

No one doubts the technical ability of the coach, their preparation and career. "The coach has a leadership recognized. There are many companies which are badly managed because there is a command structure well prepared. A doctor does not have to be a good manager of the hospital," says professor Soler.

The gift that are all attributed to Scariolo is good to do and that has been able to take advantage of the diversity. "The coach has unified people who come from very different places and have very different commitments. Has aligned with a common goal," explains Soler. That transferred to the company means knowing how to get the best out of each employee. "Assign tasks, and reallocate tasks according to the professional profile of each one, that is a good manager", it stands for Santiago Álvarez de Mon, professor in the department of managing People in Organizations at IESE.

Your credibility is another facet that recognizes a man who has put the whole country in his pocket: "Is a strong leader, charismatic, and the players believe in him. That is the key to getting ahead. Also in the company all part of a strong leadership and credible, by being honest with the workers, to dominate the matter where you are. And that personal credibility is gained in the day-to-day," says Carlos Martinez.

All rowing in the same direction. Is vital. "The harmony of a team is that all identify with a common goal," says the professor Soler. It is as simple as that. But in organizations, egos ruin the road. "People play for their own belly button and has a narcissistic vision of the goals," he says Of Mon. "The egos —continuous— destroy the equipment. What you need to do is to promote the best version of a worker or an athlete for that everyone, from individual responsibility, to multiply. is In the management of teams in companies need people independent, capable, mature adult. the selection has not been any childish behavior or self-centered, some have played more minutes and others less, and not have become angry. In the companies are producing fights for children's issues (for example, by having or not having an office or because the office is a meter smaller than that of the companion), and behaviors self-centered as the people that when they make a presentation speak only for themselves".

Deploy a good strategy and a great tactical ability. "The coach has been able to read very well for the game. Has been shown to instinct and smell to go beyond. Has been able to see who does what, who is the pivot, who the winger, who the base is and who is a bodyguard; he's been redistributing the roles in function of the time; it has exploited well the qualities... And that is what you have to do a manager: observe the world, the strengths and weaknesses of your company trying to remedy the latter and exploit the former, you have to analyse, plan and act; to project outward, recognize the keys of a changing world and centarse in the present which is the only thing that can change", recommended by the professor Of Mon.

"luck is a miss that occurs when you have made the homework"

"Have a good strategy, getting to know the opponent, their movement is fundamental in sport. However, in companies there are many examples that this is not done. There are business that visit a company and not studied previously. If we are going to provide a service we will need to know who and know their strengths and weaknesses," adds Carlos Martinez.

work, Work... and effort. "luck is a miss that occurs when you've done your homework," says the professor Of Mon. That is to say, that nothing gets given away. The constant work, the ability of self-improvement, the tenacity, sacrifice, concentration.... have risen to this great selection to the top. "The talent is worth what it is worth. In the professional world by a lot of talent and good product that keep our company, if we do not work to the fullest we're not going to get fruit," admits Martinez.

internalized Values. The team work, the camaraderie, the ambition of overcoming the healthy way, commitment, responsibility... these are values that have been seen in the selection. "The players will have acquired in the family, in the cole... But there is one that stands out among all: consistency.Each one has to be consistent with what he says and does.And that is in sport, in business and in life", says the professor Soler.

communication is another critical piece. "to Transmit the message clear, simple and understood," says Mon. But good communication also requires a good dose of empathy, "to accompany the player destroyed", to know how to talk about mistakes, what is wrong or what bothers you or not...

Date Of Update: 25 September 2019, 18:02

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