Common Car Accident Injuries And When to Involve an Attorney

Most passengers take several preventive measures to avoid car accidents, but they still happen anyway.

Common Car Accident Injuries And When to Involve an Attorney

Most passengers take several preventive measures to avoid car accidents, but they still happen anyway. Car accidents are something you don’t want to get involved in, and their effects can have adverse health effects. Car accidents can result in various types of injuries that can change your life completely. After a car accident, it’s imperative to seek prompt medical help and contact a car accident attorney.

Check out the different types of car accident injuries:

1. Head injuries

Head injuries are prevalent during car accidents. In most cases, head injuries are overlooked or undetected by accident victims. These may include skull fractures, nerve damage, and concussions. Traumatic brain injuries are also common and result from an external force that traumatizes the brain.

This can impair brain function leading to memory loss and constant head pain. Such injuries can be costly to treat, but a Boca Raton car accident attorney can help you get the right compensation that you can use to cater to hefty medical bills.

2. Neck injuries

Neck injuries are also prevalent in car accidents. They range from disk injuries to whiplash, which happens mostly in rear-end accidents. In most cases, the parts affected are the soft tissues, neck muscles, ligaments, and nerves. You are also likely to suffer severe neck pain comprising minimal neck and jaw movement, which may be temporary or permanent.

3. Cuts and scrapes

When a car hits another during a crash, you can get cuts and scrapes on different parts of your body due to the impact. Some devices in the vehicle like mobile phones, jewelry, and umbrellas can hit you, resulting in cuts and scratches. Cuts are painful and can cause infections if left unattended. Other common injuries include; internal bleeding, broken bones, herniated discs, and knee trauma.

 4. Fractured ribs

You may incur several fractured ribs from the impact of the accident. They occur when a bone in your rib cage cracks. In some cases, you may not realize that you have a broken rib, but you’ll experience pain when you touch the spot. Your chest will also be very painful when you take deep breaths.

Is it wise to involve a car accident attorney?

If you or your loved one is involved in a car accident, they may be eligible for compensation for the damages. To get the rightful compensation, you’ll require help from a professional car accident attorney with vast experience handling car accident cases. The expert will help you get financial compensation for:

· Medical bills

· Pain and suffering

· Lost wages

· Wrongful death

What will the attorney do?

A car accident attorney plays a critical role after a car accident. They will examine your case to determine whether you’re eligible to file a lawsuit. An attorney will aid in gathering the right evidence to present a strong court case.

A professional knows the process of filing a legal lawsuit and will do this with ease. They will also represent you in court and follow all the court proceedings allowing you enough time to heal from the injuries.

When it comes to compensation, an attorney will argue with the insurance firm in court and fight for the most suitable settlement for your damages. Depending on the type of injuries incurred, a car accident attorney knows how to estimate the compensation amount, making it easier for you to get a favorable outcome.

The bottom line

Car accidents can cause various types of injuries. Some may be simple, while others may require specialized treatment leading to high medical bills. If you incur injuries from car accidents, seek prompt medical help and immediately contact a car accident attorney. They will come in handy and help you get compensated for your damages.

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