Florida Army vet of Afghanistan gunned down daughter's 4th birthdayreports

Florida Army vet of Afghanistan gunned down daughter's 4th birthdayreports

The 34-year-old father of three had not yet given his daughter her present, a report stated

A suspect was detained in Florida this week at the alleged murdering of a U.S. Army veteran of Afghanistan on his daughter's fourth birthday, Orlando authorities said.

Joseph Torres, 34, was shot three times, allegedly by Shaun Engram Jr., 25, early Sunday morning while Torres and a buddy were walking about downtown Orlando and receiving food about 2:30 a.m. ET, based on FOX 35 at Orlando.

Engram allegedly stood facing Torres and advised him he could not pass along with Torres was taken following a fight broke out.

"This entire thing came off at a matter of moments," Orlando police Detective Teresa Sprague said in a news conference Wednesday, based on WKMG-TV at Orlando.
"A military veteran and also a childhood within their prime have been influenced by violence this weekend. Enough is enough," Rolón mentioned during the news conference, based on FOX 35.

Engram is a former Marine, based on WKMG.
Torres' buddy Eric Garcia was appalled to hear that the defendant was also a veteran.

"He was presumed to get respect and honor for only people' span, and for it to occur, it is only unfortunate that the next veteran does this to a different veteran," Garcia explained. "You do not have a pass for murdering somebody senselessly. That did not need to occur in any way."

There was not any sign that Torres and Engram understood each other.

Torres had purchased his daughter a dress for a birthday gift but was not able to give it to her before he had been murdered, WKMG reported.

Torres allegedly had two additional kids also.

"He only wanted to enjoy his life, love his loved ones, his kids. He wished to be there for his children."

Engram faces a fee of murder that is senile, based on WFTV-TV in Orlando.

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