Georgia man arrested after allegedly drilling Pit at U-Haul truck to steal Gas, Authorities State

Authorities identified Jesse Smith since the defendant after receiving advice from residents, authorities said

Georgia man arrested after allegedly drilling Pit at U-Haul truck to steal Gas, Authorities State

A Georgia guy was arrested after he drilled holes in the tank with a parked U-Haul truck to sneak gas throughout the continuing fuel shortage, authorities said Thursday.

The defendant, Jesse Smith, 25, was able to amass only five gallons of petrol, and his activities caused a huge gas drop in Griffin, Georgia, authorities said.

Authorities said that it had been due to damage to the gas tank, which was intentionally punctured.

"While we know that there's a deficit on gasoline, we also wish to remind all to work out security, patience, and common sense," Griffin authorities wrote on Facebook. "The deficit is temporary and we expect the gas channels returning to complete operations shortly. Meanwhile, stay calm and do not do anything to endanger others and yourself."

Authorities also introduced grainy pictures of the defendant walking near a U-Haul having a clear gas can in hand.

"So as you are developing a hazardous substance spill, for 5 gallons of gas and induce firefighters to need to work from the rain, we all value you parking the truck supporting the KFC at which we could receive a photograph of your escape vehicle," police wrote in another Facebook post. "Moreover, the shots of you walking round the U-Haul trucks really are useful."

Authorities identified Smith as the defendant after getting advice from local citizens, authorities stated.

Approximately 35 to 45 gallons of gasoline had been spilled, reports stated.

The theft happened as the Colonial Pipeline has been hit a week by Russian ransomware group DarkSide, resulting in panic buying and gas shortages across the East Coast.

On Thursday, Colonial published a statement, stating it's continued to create"substantial advancement in restarting restarting our pipeline system."

"We are now able to report that we've declared our whole pipeline system and this merchandise delivery has started to all markets we serve," the announcement added.

Griffin is approximately 40 miles north of Atlanta.

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