iPhone 13, new airpods ... everything we know about the Apple event

The month of September is, for years, the month in which Apple launches the new models of its star product: the iPhone. The appointment is different every yea

iPhone 13, new airpods ... everything we know about the Apple event

The month of September is, for years, the month in which Apple launches the new models of its star product: the iPhone. The appointment is different every year, but it is considered the most important for the company, next to the WWDC, for the relevance of the phone.

This 2021 Apple will return to bet on a 100% virtual event that can be seen from any web browser or appletv, both on YouTube and on the Apple page. The appointment is this next Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., European Central Schedule.

The protagonist of the event will be the one that is possibly known as iPhone 13. The phone will be very similar in exterior appearance to current models, but with a "notch" or "eyebrow" at the top of the screen something more compact.

In the interior there will be several changes. It is expected that these are the first iPhone, at least in Pro models, with 120 Hz refresh screens. This feature, which allows you to show softer transitions and animations, is common on many and medium-end android phones, but the iPhone had not yet received it (it has some iPad models). Part of the screen could also be always on, showing the time and some notifications.

The screens with a higher refresh rate consume more battery, so Apple probably also adds one of greater capacity. The telephones, in consequences, could be a bit thicker and heavy but also will have 10% more autonomy, depending on the rumors that circulate for weeks through the network.

The new A15 Bionic processor will also contribute to the greatest autonomy, which will be the first manufactured with the 5NM + process of the company TSMC. Using a smaller manufacturing process will allow the phone to have more power with a lower consumption in a chip of the same size as the current A13 Bionic of the iPhone 12.

If rumors are correct, there will also be several advances in the camera. The configurations will be very similar to those of the current iPhone 12, but the sensors will be brighter, allowing better

Photos in low light conditions. The Night mode will improve significantly and the Ultra Wide Angle Chamber, which is now the worst in terms of quality and luminosity, will have important improvements, including an autofocus system.

Apple could also premiere a function to record video with "portrait effect", in which the background of the scenes is blurred to imitate the image that would be obtained with a larger camera and lenses. This improvement also would also be accompanied by improvements in video compression algorithms, including new formats oriented to professionals. Apple will also include a new iPhone model with 1 storage TB.

Finally, one of the rumors who have surprised the most (and that, of course, is not confirmed) is that the iPhone could integrate a satellite communication function. It would be at first limited in cases of emergency but will allow users to make an emergency call or send a message in areas where there is no mobile coverage by connecting with satellite constellations in low orbit.

The pandemic is complicating the logistics of all types of products and the iPhone is no exception. This means that there is possibly very limited delays or availability at first, although phones are expected to go on sale this same September.

Next to the iPhone, the other product that seems safe is the new version of Apple Watch, which will come with a new most square-looking design. You will have two new box sizes, 41mm and 45mm and that also means that the straps of the old iPhone, which have worked on the previous seven generations, may not be compatible with this model or require an adapter.

The new watches could also come with new sensors, although little has been filtered from the production chain. According to several analysts, Apple has been working for years in a sensor capable of measuring blood sugar, although it might not be ready for this model. It has also rushed the possibility that Apple includes new smart straps with complementary sensors that would accurately measure blood pressure.

The new watch will have a greater battery and a 30% more powerful processor. Like the iPhone, the logistics problems caused by the pandemic possibly delay the launch of the first units or limit availability.

Although the iPhone and Apple Watch are taken for granted, the third announcement of the day could be a new version of the Airpods, the company's wireless headphones.

The new Airpods would copy the design language of the Airpods Pro, with a larger load case and a design with a shorter cane but a somewhat greater body. Thanks to this change in design, the airpods will have greater autonomy and better acoustic insulation, although it is not clear whether they will include, such as the pro, active cancellation of ambient noise.

Apple could also take advantage of the event to present new iPad and iPad mini models with the same visual language as the current iPad Pro and iPad Air, without start button and with the fingerprint reader on the power button. The iPad Mini would have the same A15 processor of the iPhone 13 and the new entry iPad, larger but of lower price and power, would remain with the A13, the processor that uses the iPhone 11.

Apple could save the advertisement of the iPads, however, for a later event in autumn in which it is also expected to present new Mac computers equipped with the second generation of its MX processors. The company has already updated the Macbbok Air, the IMAC, the Mac Mini and a MacBook Pro model, but still need to show what your strategy will be on the teams destined to the professional market, which still depend on Intel's processors.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 23:44

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