Macron at the Agricultural Show, Donald Trump still victorious... Five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main information for Saturday February 24 and Sunday February 25

Macron at the Agricultural Show, Donald Trump still victorious... Five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main information for Saturday February 24 and Sunday February 25.

The Agricultural Show opened several hours late on Saturday, early in the afternoon in Paris, after the arrival of hundreds of people led by members of the National Federation of Farmers' Unions (FNSEA), Young Farmers (JA) and Rural Coordination when Emmanuel Macron came to inaugurate the event. Clashes with the police led to six arrests and eight injuries among the police.

Emmanuel Macron then improvised a press briefing during which he called on the demonstrators to calm down, then a meeting with representatives of the sector. In particular, he announced his intention to put in place a floor price “sector by sector”, as well as the creation of an “emergency cash flow plan” from this week to relieve farmers.

Two years to the day after the Russian army invaded Ukraine, thousands of people showed their support for kyiv on Saturday in many cities across Europe. There were several thousand of them in Paris marching to cries of “Putin assassin! ”, as well as in Berlin or London.

The same day, the G7 promised, during a virtual summit, to continue “raising the cost of war [for Russia], lowering its sources of income and impeding its efforts to build its war machine ”, as well as “taking action against third-party actors who materially support Russia’s war.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged his allies to deliver military aid “on time” to his weakened country heading into a third year of war.

“Common ground” was found during recent negotiations in Paris aimed at securing a truce in Gaza and a new release of hostages, Jake Sullivan, adviser to US President Joe Biden, said on Sunday. Discussions are still taking place between representatives of Israel, the United States, Egypt and Qatar. The latter two will then have to have indirect discussions with Hamas so that it agrees to the release of the hostages, Mr. Sullivan said.

On the ground, clashes between the Israeli army and Hamas fighters continue in Beit Lahya and Zeitoun (North), as well as in Khan Younes (South). The Israeli military said Sunday that a special unit “eliminated dozens of terrorists and located weapons” in the town in the southern Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, hundreds of people driven by hunger have fled the north of the enclave, where some 300,000 people are at risk of starvation, according to the UN, in an attempt to reach the center.

Despite his legal troubles, the former president on Saturday inflicted a major defeat on his last Republican rival, Nikki Haley, during the South Carolina primary. Donald Trump won just under 60% of the vote.

The setback is all the more cruel for the fifty-year-old, embodying a more moderate wing of the Republican Party, as it takes place in the state of which she was governor for six years. However, she refused to throw in the towel.

The film Anatomy of a Fall, by Justine Triet, was the big winner of the 49th Césars ceremony, which was held on Friday evening. The director became the second woman to win the award for best director, after Tonie Marshall in 2000. The feature film also won the César for best film, best actress (Sandra Hüller), and best supporting actor. (Swann Arlaud), for best original screenplay and best editing.

Two weeks after Le Monde's investigation into the controlling relationship exercised by director Benoît Jacquot over Judith Godrèche, then aged 14, the actress gave a short speech during the ceremony. “For some time now, words have been loosened, the image of our idealized peers has been tarnished, power seems almost to be swaying,” she declared in particular, before continuing: Would it be possible that we could look at the truth in face? Taking responsibility? To be the actors, the actresses of a universe that questions itself? For some time now, I have been talking, I have been talking, but I can't hear you, or barely. Where are you ? What do you say ? »

And also :

Russia. The body of Alexeï Navalny was handed over to his mother, eight days after the death of the opponent of Vladimir Putin.

Niger. The majority of sanctions imposed by the Economic Community of West African States against Niamey will be lifted, ECOWAS decided on Saturday.

Justice. The filing of complaints by video will be generalized throughout France from Monday, decrees a decree published in the Official Journal on Sunday.

Eiffel Tower. The monument reopened on Sunday after five days of strike.

Table tennis. Finalists of the world championships for the first time since 1997, the French did not manage, on Sunday, to beat the Chinese, masters of the discipline for twelve years in a row.

Soccer. Alberth Elis, Girondins de Bordeaux player, was placed in an artificial coma after a head impact.