Pennsylvania man is charged with the murder of an Uber driver. He begged for his life.

Authorities said that a dash camera inside Christina Spicuzza’s car captured the last moments of her life. It was "critical" in the investigation.

Pennsylvania man is charged with the murder of an Uber driver. He begged for his life.

An accused from Pennsylvania is charged with the murder of an Uber driver who disappeared last week in what authorities called a fatal robbery.

Calvin Crew, 22, was arrested for criminal homicide and robbery in the murder of Christina Spicuzza (38), Allegheny County criminal court documents show.


A criminal complaint was obtained by WPXI, NBC affiliate. Crew allegedly pointed a gun at Spicuzza's neck while she was driving and said to him: "I'm begging, I have four children."

Christopher Kearns, Allegheny County Police Chief, told reporters Friday that Spicuzza vanished Feb. 10, after she drove for Uber.

He said that she died from one gunshot wound. Crew tried to access Spicuzza’s banking apps to transfer money his girlfriend's way, WPXI reported.

Authorities stated Friday that they are currently in consultation with prosecutors regarding possible charges against the girlfriend.

Monroeville Police Chief Doug Cole said that an Amazon driver saw Spicuzza's body in a wooded area about 40 feet from a suburban Pittsburgh road. Her Nissan Sentra was found in Pitcairn, 2 miles away.

Victor Joseph, Allegheny County Assistant Superintendent of Police, told reporters Crew allegedly turned off the dashcam and threw it out Spicuzza’s car.

Joseph stated that a detective found the camera near where the Uber ride ended. Joseph said that although investigators had accumulated a lot of evidence before finding the camera, it was crucial to the case.

Crew was taken into custody on Thursday. He was denied bond at his initial court appearance. Crew was taken into custody Thursday and denied bond during his initial court appearance.

Brandon Marto, Spicuzza's fiancée, stated that other Uber drivers had reached him to express concern about the safety of Uber.

He stated that he had not received condolences from Uber and that "In the very critical hours of my wife’s disappearance, every second mattered," he said.

He said, "I don’t want to see this happen for someone else’s sister, daughter, or wife." "Uber must protect its drivers better and it begins here with Christi."

Uber spokesmen said that no family should suffer such a devastating loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with Christi's loved one during this difficult time. We have been in touch with law enforcement and we are grateful for all they've done.

A spokesperson also pointed out comments made by Joseph at Friday's news conference, in which he praised Uber and said that the company had been "extremely useful" and provided "invaluable" information to authorities.

Uber launched an pilot project for emergency calls in 2018. This allows users to share their location with dispatchers and other details within the app.

The company stated that the project started in Denver and grew to 60 US counties and cities the next year. According to a spokesperson, the feature is now available in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

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