Philly cop charged with DUI after car goes airborne, crashes into house, injuring Two: report

A female victim was rushed to a nearby area hospital and was listed in critical illness

Philly cop charged with DUI after car goes airborne, crashes into house, injuring Two: report

A Philadelphia cop has been detained and charged with drunk driving and other crimes after allegedly plowing into a home on Saturday, injuring two of the occupants, and killing their dog, according to reports.

A homeowner, 53, who was inside at the time of the crash, was knocked unconscious and had been trapped beneath Campbell's car, police said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. She had been taken to a hospital and was listed in critical condition, as of Sunday.

A male resident of the house, 45, sustained injuries, including street rash into his back. He was hospitalized in stable condition, according to police. The couple's dog was killed in the wreck, and also their other puppy was in the care of a vet, the paper reported.

"The consequences of choosing to drive while under the influence are enormous, and too frequently, life-changing," Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw stated in a statement. "A family must always feel secure in their house, and yet the actions of this individual shattered that reality."

"The fact that the offender, in this case, is that a Philadelphia police officer is dreadful. Police officers have to be held to a higher standard -- although off-duty -- and I guarantee the sufferers and the public that a complete and thorough investigation will happen. My prayers stay with this family," Outlaw continued.

Campbell, delegated to the department's 14th district, was taken to the hospital and treated for a head cut following the incident, police said.

He had been charged with aggravated assault, DUI, and other related crimes, the Inquirer reported.

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